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Record Streaming Audio with VLC – How to Capture Audio with VLC

When you want to get the audio files from a DVD movie, online streaming video, or even a microphone, learn more about how to record audio with VLC from the article.

Riley Mitchell30.06.2020 | Posted by Riley Mitchell

Record Audio on iPhone (Music, Call, Voice, Live Stream, Meeting…)

This is the complete tutorial to record audio on iPhone from all sources, including app, browser, microphone and more. You can secretly record internal and external audio on iPhone with ease.

Ted Klarso09.06.2020 | Posted by Ted Klarso

100% Working Methods to Record Discord Audio on Windows and Mac

Though there is no built-in recording option in Discord service, you can get multiple methods to do the job from this article as well as step-by-step guide.

Riley Mitchell28.05.2020 | Updated by Riley Mitchell

Everything You Should Know about Audacity Recording Software

If you're looking to get started in podcasting or recording music with Audacity, you are at the right place since this article will share a complete guide for this recording application.

Ted Klarso26.05.2020 | Posted by Ted Klarso