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Transfer Data from iPhone/iPad/iPod to Mac/iTunes

AnyMP4 Mac iPhone Transfer Pro is the best iOS data-transferring software for all iPhone users. This iPhone Transfer Pro for Mac can easily transfer all kinds of iOS data from iPhone, iPod, and iPad to Mac and iTunes. As the professional iPhone data transferring software, it is able to transfer files between your iPhone/iPad/iPod and Mac without iTunes. Multiple file types are supported, such as Music, Photos, Videos, Voice Memos, notes, Camera Shot, Movies, TV Shows, Podcasts, iTunes U, Ringtones, Audio Books, Playlists, Albums, ePub, PDF, etc. It can also view and copy photos, videos, ringtones, voice memos, and more from the iOS device like iPhone/iPad/iPod to the iTunes library at a fast speed.

Transfer iPhone Data to Mac
Transfer Data From Mac to iPhone
Transfer iOS Data from Mac/iTunes to iPhone/iPad/iPod

The Mac iPhone Transfer Pro helps you transfer iOS files like videos, music, and audiobooks from Mac or iTunes to your iPhone, iPad, or iPod without iTunes. With this powerful iPhone data transfer software, you can copy many types of data like contacts, messages (Messages, WhatsApp, Kik, Line, Viber, Messenger, WeChat, and QQ), playlists, ebooks, etc. from Mac to iPhone/iPad/iPod with ease. The transferred videos and audio will be automatically converted to a suitable format for your iOS device. You don't need to worry about the unsupported formats. After copying, you can handily enjoy movies and music on your device.

Sync iOS Data Among iPhone, iPad and iPod

What if you have two iOS devices (e.g., iPhone X, and iPhone 14) and want to transfer files from one to another? At this time, AnyMP4 iPhone Transfer Pro for Mac can be your best choice. The program can sync videos, music, pictures, ringtones, contacts, playlists, etc. between any two iOS devices. You will find it a straightforward thing to operate with this fantastic program. You can transfer all the data between two iOS devices with just a few clicks. For instance, if you connect your iPhone and iPad to your MacBook, you can easily transfer your photos from iPhone to iPad.

Sync Data Among iOS Devices

One-click to Manage iOS Data on Mac

With a concise user interface, you can manage iPhone data on Mac easily and quickly.

  • Manage Data With Software
  • Manage Data With Software
  • Manage Data With Software
  • Manage Data With Software
  • Manage Data With Software
  • Manage Data With Software
  • Organize iPhone Contacts

    Remove multiple iPhone contacts quickly from iOS devices.

    Create a new contact by filling in the info conveniently.

    Merge the contacts to get rid of duplicates intelligently.

    Edit the contact info for number, name, profile, etc.

    Manage the group contacts for family, and friends.

  • Manage iPhone Photos

    Create new albums to collect your moments.

    Remove old pictures from iPhone.

    Move photos between albums on iPhone.

    View the photo metadata info like date, format, size, etc.

    Convert iPhone HEIC to PNG and view easily.

  • Handle Music Files for iPhone

    Edit ID3 tag for songs on iOS devices.

    Convert music to be compatible with iPhone.

    Create a music playlist to listen to music easily.

    Delete song and playlist from iPhone.

    Create ringtones from iPhone music.

  • Keep Messages Safe

    Check and export iPhone text messages and attachments.

    Backup iPhone iMessages to computer.

    Export app messages from Kik, Viber, WhatsApp, etc.

  • Sync Videos for iPhone

    Copy movies between iOS devices and computers.

    Share iPhone movies with another iPhone.

    Movie videos between iTunes and iOS devices.

  • Cope With Other Data

    Export documents like Safari, calendars, notes, etc.

    Delete eBooks, notes, calendars, etc., on iOS devices.

All-in-one Solution for iOS Device

This versatile transferring tool provides a simple way to protect your treasured data from getting lost. Besides, its toolbox lets you handle ePub, PDF, music, movie, TV Show, music videos, podcasts, iTunes U, ringtones, audio books, voice memos, photos, camera shot, playlists, albums) on your iPhone.

Phone to Phone Transfer

iPhone to Phone Sync

When switching to a new iPhone, you can synchronize your data from old iPhone/iPad/iPod to new iOS device without hassle.

Phone to Mac

iPhone to Mac Transfer

Get massive data on iPhone? Try this iOS data backup software to back up all the data from iOS device to Mac in one click safely.

One Click Contact Backup Restore

Contacts Backup & Restore

Without iTunes or iCloud, you can use this software is capable of backing up all the contacts to Mac from iOS device and restore them to the device in one click.

Sync iTunes Library

Sync With iTunes Library

Share iTunes library (Music, Movies, TV Shows, Audiobooks, Podcasts, Playlist, and Home Videos) between iTunes and iOS device without erasing any existing data.

iPhone Ringtones Maker

iPhone Ringtone Maker

When you want to customize your favorite ringtone for iPhone, this software is capable of creating M4R ringtones for iPhone, iPad, and iPod.

Convert HEIC Images

HEIC Converter

When you want to share HEIC images on non-Apple device, the HEIC converter will convert HEIC to PNG automatically to do you a great favor.

How to Use iPhone Transfer Pro

  • Step 1. Connect iPhone to your Mac with the lightning cable. Select your iOS device as the source one.

  • Step 2. Check and pick up the data from the left side pane that you want to move.

  • Step 3. At the top menu options, choose Export to Device, Export to Mac, or Export to iTunes to start transferring the files.

Run iPhone Transfer Select Items on iOS Device Export Data to PC
  • Step 1. Get your iPhone connect with this Mac computer with the USB cable.

  • Step 2. From the left side pane, locate the item that you want to manage.

  • Step 3. Find the management options at the top menu to sync, add, delete or edit the item.

Run iPhone Transfer Transfer Video Add Photo
  • Step 1. Connect iPhone to your Mac with the USB cable.

  • Step 2. Click Toolbox from the left pane, and choose the tools at the right pane.

  • Step 3. Then you can make iPhone data copy, contacts backup, convert HEIC images, and make ringtones.

Run iPhone Transfer Toolbox Convert HEIC File

What Our Users Say

  • Linda

    Best iTunes alternative. I purchase this iPhone transfer tool mainly for backing up some important messages and contacts to Mac, it works just as I expected!

  • Terry

    I have used this program in the past. It worked very well. It's a program you use often, especially when you want to make data sync. It is easier than iTunes. So thank you AnyMP4!

  • Paul

    This what I need at my skill. I store my important data on my old iPhone 7, and now I get a new iPhone 14. I can already access all my messages and photographs in my new phone without iCloud.


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