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Mirror Phone Screen with Audio to PC in Real-time

To watch your content on a bigger screen, TV is not the only option, and PC can be a good substitute. Take AnyMP4 Phone Mirror, and you can share your phone screen, including iOS and Android, to your laptop with a more prominent display. You can magnify and watch the real-time screen operations from the phone on PC, and play a video with audio with an awesome experience. When you are playing a game or launching a video call, you can share screen immediately on windows 10/8/7.

Mirror Phone With Audio Wirelessly
Mirror Phone1
Mirror Phone to PC With Pin

Cast Phone via WiFi/QR Code/PIN Code to PC Optionally

Traditionally, you need to read long instructions and follow screen mirroring phone to TV. However, here, you can cast your screen from Android or iPhone to PC with simple steps. You can use AirPlay to mirror iPhone to PC via WiFi for iPhone or iPad devices. As for Android phones, you are given more methods. You can screen mirror Android to PC via entering PIN code. Moreover, you can share Android screen on PC by scanning QR code directly. With the app, you can enjoy a big screen in seconds.

Share Screen from iPhone and Android Expediently

AnyMP4 Phone Mirror is the mirror app for almost all popular phones in the market. It lets you share screen from iPhone 15, iPhone 14, iPhone 13, iPhone 12, iPhone 11, iPhone XS/X/XR, iPhone 8/7/6, iPad Pro/Air/mini, and more iOS devices to PC. Besides, this screen mirroring software also lets you mirror the screen from Android devices like Samsung, Sony, HTC, LG, HUAWEI, ZTE, Acer, TCL, OnePlus, Oppo, Vivo, Google Phone, and more. No matter which devices you are using, you can mirror phone to PC for a bigger screen.

Mirror Various Phones to Screen
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Screen Mirror Recorder

Record Phone Screen on PC Without Lag

Sometimes, it is not convenient to record phone screen due to various reasons. However, with AnyMP4 Phone Mirror, you can record any screen from your phone on a computer. Whether you are watching a movie or sending or receiving some time-limited photos or videos, you can capture any screen with audio shown on your PC display and save it forever. The recording is real-time with no lag so you can grasp the recording without hassle.

Control the Phone Screen from PC

With AnyMP4 Phone Mirror in hand, you can feel relieved with enough authority on screen controlling from your PC. After easy access to your PC, you can activate the control phone function and easily achieve the remote control with fewer limitations. Hotkeys are provided to help you change the phone settings and promote on-screen activities quickly and effectively. Mobile interaction is available with pressed buttons and clicks. A bigger screen with a much easier procedure will bring you great gains as you can expect.

Control Phone on Your Computer

More Practical Functions to Enrich Intelligent Life


Screenshot and QuickSteps to Mirror Phone

Step 1. Click Android Mirror & Control or iOS Mirror & Control screen mirror mode according to your device. Then, choose Wireless Mirror or USB Mirror method you need to cast.

Step 2. Connect the Android phone and computer with the same Wi-Fi or USB cable.

Step 3. After connection successfully, you can mirror your phone screen to the computer.

Choose iOS Mirror Connect Audio Mirroring Detect Connection

What Our Users Say

  • This is an excellent mirroring software I've used for 2 months without much issue. Compared with screen mirroring to TV, it is easier to cast my Samsung screen to my PC.Danny Edwards
  • Before, I used Chromecast to share my Android screen, but the connection was not stable. Now, I switch to this app and connect with my computer without interruption. Thanks.Robin Rivas
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