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Auto/Self-defining Remove Background from Image Free

You take a selfie, but you are not satisfied with the background behind you. In this case, you can use AnyMP4 Free Background Remover Online to delete the background from your selfie photo. And the background removal process is very easy, you upload your images, and the background will be erased automatically. If you want to keep something else, you can define the range as you like with the brushing tool. Besides, this online tool supports removing background from PNG and JPG images.

Auto Remove Background From Image

You Can Use AnyMP4 Background Remover When You

AnyMP4 Free Background Remover Online can be used in many situations in your daily life, like changing the image background of your identity photo for the passport, white background product photography, replacing various backgrounds or erasing backgrounds for pets photos, etc.

Identification Photo

Change Passport Photo Background

When you are in a hurry to submit your identity photo for the passport, you can use this tool to change the background color.

Product Photo

Change Product Display Background

Taking photos for your commodities, you can use this tool to change the product photo background to white or other colors.

Pets Photo

Replace Background for Pets Photos

You took photos of your cute pets and want to share them on Instagram but do not want to show the actual background.

Scenery Photo

Make Background Become Scenery

You can use this tool to change the background when you want your pictures to have different scenic backgrounds.

Change Photo Background to Black

Change Photo Background to Black or Other Colors

Except for removing background from images, you also can use AnyMP4 Free Background Remover to change the style and color of the image background. This tool supports changing the background color to white, black, blue, and other common-used colors. Besides, you can upload your other pictures to replace the original background for the image you want to change the background. Moreover, you can use this tool to make the image background transparent.

Why Choose Free Background Remover Online

As a convenient background removing tool, it can not only enable you to remove and change the image background but also enable you to crop, rotate, and flip your images.


Image Cropping

Crop the size of the image freely or at various ratios after removing the background from your image.


Rotating & Flipping

If you want to change the orientation of your images, you can use this tool to rotate or flip them freely.

Easy to Use

Easy Removal Process

With its simple and straightforward interface, using AnyMP4 Background Remover is easy and fast to remove the image background.


Secure Guarantee

All images you upload and edit will be deleted from the tool after downloading them and won't be revealed.

How to Use AnyMP4 Free Background Remover Online

Click Upload ImagesCrop ImagesRemove Background
  • Step 1. Add Image

    Click the Upload Images button to add the photo you want to erase or edit the background.

  • Step 2. Remove Image Background

    Your image will be processed for a while and have a transparent background automatically. You also can adjust your image with its cropping, rotating, and flipping features.

  • Step 3. Save Image

    Finally, click the Download button to save the image without background to your computer.

User Reviews

  • AnyMP4 Background Remover is as good or better than most background remover programs I have tried - surprisingly good! All necessary functions are available.

  • It's fast at removing the background and seems to get it right each time.

  • This background removing tool did an excellent job of removing the background from people and objects. Reasonably intuitive to use. Worth keeping.

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