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3 Available Settings for Video Compression

This free file size reducer offers three ways of settings to make a video file compression.
Adjust to the target video size: Set the file size value or a percentage of the original video size. In this way, you can directly shrink the video from MBs to KBs.
Change video output format: Codec encoding is important in minimizing a video. H.264 in MP4 will deliver the best quality with the smallest file size. Select the best output format for your file compression.
Resize video: Video dimension or resolution can affect the file size directly. This freeware offers HD compression for 1080p, 720p, and other SD resolutions to resize and get a smaller video size.

Video Compression Settings 3 Ways
Compress Video Automatically

Compress Video Size Automatically for Apps

This tool can reduce video file size automatically after uploading the file in 3 steps. Whether you want to share the video on online platforms like YouTube, Facebook, TikTok, Twitter, Discord, WhatsApp or make the file size smaller for sending via Email, you can use it freely. No technical skills are required, and you can complete the compression without effort.

Compress Any Video Anywhere and Anytime

AnyMP4 Video Compressor is the any video size converter. Whether you want to reduce a video size for email, or compress the video size, it can meet your demands easily. Moreover, this video compressor shrinks the video size without watermark, so that you can use it freely.

Format Supported

Compress Any Video

Compress any video format without limitation for MP4, MOV, WMV, M4V, MKV, 3GP, AVI, FLV, RMVB, ASF, MOD, MXF, WebM, TS, MOD, DAT, and more.

No Size Limits

Compress Any Size

Without size limit, this video compressor can reduce any file size video. It can compress video from GBs, MBs, and KBs for email, etc.

4K Support

Compress Any Resolution

Whether the video resolution is 4K UHD, or 1080p HD, even the SD, this video compressor can reduce video size for any resolution to play on any device.

Easy to Use

Compress Anytime and Anywhere

This video compressor is easy to use. Without downloading any software, you just need a PC or Mac to compress the video conveniently.

Feasible Control over Video Size Compression

Free Version Vs Pro Version

Features Video Compressor Online Logged-in Account Pro Version
Compress video Yes Yes Yes
Compress audio No No Yes
File number 2 files/24 hours 10 files/24 hours No limit
File size <50 MB <100 MB No limit up to GBs
File expiration dates -- 7 days No limit
Supported formats 12 for output 12 for output 1000+
Resolution options Up to 1080p Up to 1080p 8K, 5K, 4K, 1080p, 720p, and SD
Enhance video quality No No Yes
Edit video No No Trim, crop, and over 20 tools
Ultrafast speed No No Yes
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Tutorial and Screenshots of Video Compressor Online

Click Upload File Button Tweak Settings Download File
  • Step 1. Add video files

    Click Add File button to select the video file that you want to compress from the open-source window.

  • Step 2. Customize the output video

    Add video file, and adjust the video size, format, and resolution from the drop-down option or moving the slide ball.

  • Step 3. Download compressed file

    Click Compress to select the destination to save the compressed file, and then the video compressor will reduce the file size automatically.


FAQs of AnyMP4 Video Compressor Online

  • How to compress a video on iPhone?

    To minimize a video on iPhone, there are two ways:
    1.Make the camera settings before recording a video by opening Settings, going to Camera, and selecting Record Video. Tap Auto FPS between 30 and 60 fps. The lower the fps, the smaller the video recording size.
    2.Use a video compressor for iPhone. AnyMP4 Video Compressor Online also works on iPhones, and you can compress the file size directly by opening this tool on your browser.

  • Does compressing a video reduce resolution?

    Compressing a video file will decrease the video size and affect its video quality. Resolution is one of the elements of outputting the video quality, and surely the video resolution will also be changed by reducing a video file size. For example, when you compress a video file, the original resolution is 1920x1080, then the video resolution will be lower when you choose to reduce the file size. However, some video compressor tools, e.g., AnyP4 Video Compressor Online, will allow you to keep or change the video resolution in the output.

  • Is KB smaller than MB?

    Yes. A megabyte (MB) is 1024 kilobytes, and A Kilobyte (KB) is 1024 bytes. When you use KB and MB to tell the video, audio, or document file size, KB is smaller than MB undoubtedly.

  • How to make the video smaller for Email?

    Generally speaking, when you want to send a video via Email as an attachment, the limited file size is from 10MB to 25MB. To reduce the file size for Email, you can:
    1.Zip the video file (shrink 2% to 5%).
    2.Split a long and large video into clips, and send them one by one in Email.
    3.Compress the video into the size for Email in some third-party tools (High up to 90%).

  • Does AnyMP4 Video Compressor Online work on Windows or Mac?

    Yes. This free video compression software is a web file compressor. It works only if you have a browser. So, you can use it to reduce video size on Windows 11/10/8/7 and Mac.

User Reviews

  • Thank you a lot. I have a video over 200 MB, and I want to send it via my Email, but the size limit is 25 MB. I tried your software, and it helps me compress the video below 25 MB. Thanks.

  • This video compressor is very easy. I just decreased my video over 500 MB into below 200 MB. Besides, the compressed quality is also good. More powerful than others.

  • This video compressor is my favorite one. It lets me adjust the video size and select the output quality. More friendly than other video compressors.

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