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Grasp Music from YouTube,Spotify,Pandora

Free Online Audio Recorder is the music capture software, which can record all the music played on your computer. Whether you are watching a music video on YouTube, or listening to the music on Spotify, or Pandora, even listening to the Internet radio in iHeartRadio, this music recorder can capture all the music and save them on your computer for offline playback. Without spending any money on buying those songs, you can build a massive library of songs.

Record Music Online
Record Audio Call Online

Save All Audio Call and Conference

It is very common to launch an audio call with your families, partners, or even your customers. For keeping all the points in the audio call, audio recording is an efficient way. Free Online Audio Recorder can record all the sound on your computer. Once you pick up the audio call via computer, you can record all the voice notes from the conferences, and audio calls from Skype, Yahoo Voice, Google Talk, Viber, Line, etc., using the VoIP phone calls.

Record Your Sound for Notes/Speech

Not only recording the computer audio, this freeware can also capture the voices spoken via your microphone. If you want to add the narration for a video you made, it lets you record the sound from microphone to keep all what you said. If you have some plans, but cannot add it in calendar, just recording your voice notes to remind what you will do. Even if you want to upload your own music creation into the music streaming sites, you can easily make it by enabling microphone to start the music recording.

Record Your Sound Online

More Extensional Features for Audio Recording

Discover Differences Between Pro and Free Version

Recording Features Free Online Audio Recorder Screen Recorder
Record system audio Icon Icon
Record microphone audio Icon Icon
Record video -- Icon
Timer recording -- Icon
Recording customization -- Icon
Hotkeys support -- Icon
Edit while recording -- Icon
Recording frame rate options -- Icon
Clip recording -- Icon
Recording output formats MP3 WMV, MP4, MOV, F4V, AVI, TS, MP3, WMA, AAC, M4A
Adjust recording quality -- Icon
Mouse highlight -- Icon
Real-time preview Icon Icon
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Guide and Screenshots of Free Online Screen Recorder

Download AnyMP4 Audio Recorder Launcher Record Online Audio Stop Save Online Audio Recording
  • Step 1. Download launcher

    Click Launch Free Recorder to download the recording launcher on your computer. Run it after the successful installation.

  • Step 2. Start recording

    Enable System Audio or/both Microphone to select the audio recording source, and click the REC button to start recording.

  • Step 3. Save recording as MP3

    Click the stop button and it will discontinue the audio recording and download it automatically on your computer as MP3.

User Reviews

  • It is very easy to use. Only download the launcher and then choose the audio source, then it will start the audio recording immediately. I love the easy tool.

  • Wow, the recording quality is excellent. I use it to save the music from YouTube, and it can do it. It saves the music directly as MP3 on my computer.

  • Compared with other audio recording software online, this one is better. Without sign-up, just open the audio recorder, start recording, and finally stop and download the recording files automatically.

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