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Clear Storage on iPhone Selectively

iPhone running slow, and space is not enough? AnyMP4 iOS Cleaner can help you free up more space to speed up iPhone intelligently. This iPhone cleaner software can clean various data like App cache, documents, apps, junk files, memory, emails, system files, virus, media files, etc., to get more space for iPhone, iPad, and iPod. Selectively choose the unwanted data types and get rid of the unwanted files handily.

Clear Storage on iPhone Selectively
iOS Cleaner

Erase Junk Files

Take this iPhone cleaning tool to wipe such junk files as image cache, iTunes cache, invalid files, downloaded temporary data, crash log files, and more.

Erase Junk Files

Uninstall Applications

Take in all the applications in a glance and sweep those unwanted apps, even those virus apps, old apps, manufactured apps, and more on iPhone and iPad.

Uninstall Applications

Delete Large Data

Set a minimum file size for your large files and let this space cleaner scan and delete those large document and media data (videos, movies, etc.) in one click.

Delete Large Data

Clean up Pictures

After loading the whole picture on iOS devices, this iOS cleaner tool can select and delete multiple pictures at one time on iPhone to save your time greatly.

Clean up Pictures
iOS Cleaner
Delete all Data From iPhone Permanently

Delete All Data from iPhone Permanently

iPhone stores the vast majority of personal information like photos, messages, contacts, emails, credit payment, Safari search history or caches, and more. Before you sell or give away an iPhone or iPad, wiping those private data on iPhone is the top priority. AnyMP4 iOS Cleaner is an excellent assistant tool to clear all data permanently. One-click will prompt the wiping process to empty app caches from Facebook, Safari, etc., documents, emails, junk files, memory, system files including Other, photos, videos, videos, messages, and other files in no time.

Note: The Erase All Data feature will not erase data in the Files app, all passwords in Settings, Wi-Fi password, device passcode, Voice Mail, etc.






Call History










Voice Memos

System Settings








iTunes Store

App Store


Erase Private Data From iPhone

Remove Private Data From iPhone Thoroughly

AnyMP4 iOS Cleaner can let you erase all your private data from your iOS devices everlastingly, conveniently, and easily. When you change a new iPhone and want to throw the old one, you do not need to worry about your private information on the old iPhone any more. Because you can use this software to clean up messages, message attachments, contacts, call history, notes, notes attachments, calendar, voice memos, Safari bookmark, Safari history, WhatsAPP, WhatsAPP attachments, and more on your old iPhone. Besides, you can select to preview and select data to be erased or erase all APP content in one click.

Wipe All the Data on iPhone Safely with 3 Erasing Levels

iPhone gets stuck and you want to set it as a new one to fix the problem? Or you want to sell or donate your iPad device? No matter what your reasons are, this iOS cleaner application can remove all data and settings thoroughly without recovery. It offers three erasing levels to save your personal data from such disclose troubles.

  • Low erasing level
  • Middle erasing level
  • High erasing level
  • Erase All iOS data quickly

    The low erasing level enables you to quickly erase all the data on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod, which is twice as fast as other security levels. If your iPhone runs slowly; iPhone storage is not enough; iPhone gets stuck, etc., you can try this erasing level.

  • Erase deleted iOS files without recovery

    The middle security level will overwrite the deleted data permanently to make sure the data cannot be recovered. Even if you use a sophisticated data recovery export, you cannot recover those wiped data with AnyMP4 iOS Cleaner on iPhone.

  • Erase any private data unrecoverably

    The high security level adopts DoD 5220.22-M wiping standard that can help you remove private data like password files and bank records. It shreds the data thoroughly to make sure the privacy and system files clean and no one can track them.

iOS Cleaner

Backup, Compress and Export iPhone Photos Handily

Photos carry more impressive moments in life. If you are not willing to delete those precious pictures on iPhone directly, just backup them to a computer to free up space on iPhone. What’s more, AnyMP4 iOS Cleaner can compress those photos backup to save computer space.

Clean iOS Devices in 3 Steps

  • Step 1. Run this iPhone cleaner software on your computer. Connect iPhone to this computer. Select the erasing types from the drop-down list of Free up Space in the left sidebar.

  • Step 2.Click the Qucik Scan button, and hen this tool will start scanning iPhone data, junk files, applications, or photos.

  • Step 3. When displaying the scan result, click Erase to start free up space on iPhone.

Connect iPhone Quick Scan Free up iPhone
  • Step 1. Launch this iOS cleaning tool on your computer, and plug your iPhone into this computer. Click Erase All Data from the left sidebar.

  • Step 2. Select the security level from Low, Middle, and High based on your needs.

  • Step 3. Enter 0000 to confirm the erasing, and click Erase to start wiping all content and settings on iPhone.

Connect iPhone erasing Level Erase All Data
  • Step 1. Choose the Video Recorder option from the main interface.

  • Step 2. To record the webcam, turn on the Webcam option. You can use your computer’s built-in webcam or use the external camera to capture a video or image from webcam. When the webcam recording is over, you can preview the videos and then save it to your computer.

Video Recorder Turn on Webcam
  • Step 1. Choose the Screen Capture option on the main interface.

  • Step 2. Drag and release the mouse to select the area you want to screenshot. After taking a screenshot, you can add callouts, lines, arrows, or other shapes to edit the image.

  • Step 3. Next, you can copy the screenshot to other places or save it to your computer directly.

Select Screen Capture Capture Shape Capture Save

What Our Users Say

  • Chris Orr Chris Orr

    Though my iPhone can do a photo clean-up, this tool does a pretty decent job of erasing my selected photos on my iPhone quickly. What’s important, it can compress and backup my iPhone pictures to computer for a copy.

  • Dane Joyce Dane Joyce

    The Other system file take up a massive capacity on my iPhone, but I have no clue of it. With this iOS cleaning wizard, I can remove that storage from Other, and some system junk files. Bravo.

  • Sammy Blanchard Sammy Blanchard

    The download and installation work perfectly for me. I got it from a giveaway offer for free. It wipes all the content and settings on my iPhone in simple clicks and now I can put it on eBay for a sale safely. Sincerely, thank you!


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