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Change iPhone GPS Location Easily on Windows/Mac

When surfing the Internet, you might be annoyed about your privacy disclosure, especially your location. In this case, AnyMP4 iPhone GPS Spoofer can be your solution. Just connect your iPhone to the software by the USB cable, then you can change your current location to a vertical location for your iPhone with one click on the map, which is easy, quick, and convenient. Besides, AnyMP4 iPhone GPS Spoofer is compatible with Windows and mac OS.

Change iPhone Location
Move Along With Fake Route

Make iPhone's GPS Location Move Along with Fake Route

Apart from changing your current GPS location on your iPhone, AnyMP4 iPhone GPS Spoofer can also let your iPhone move along with a fake route. You can select the map's starting, passing, and ending sites to set up a route for your iPhone to move based on your needs. Besides, you can adjust your iPhone’s moving speed by changing the duration of the route. You can also determine the number of times your iPhone moves along with the virtual route.

One-stop Mode

This mode enables you to draw a straight line for your iPhone to move by selecting the starting site and the ending site on the map in the iPhone GPS Spoofer.

One Stop Mode

Multi-stop Mode

If you want to set up a more accurate and detailed movement route for your iPhone, you can use this mode to select multiple sites for as long as you need.

Multi Stop Mode

Joystick Mode

To let your iPhone’s virtual GPS location move without an exact route, you can use shortcut keys or a mouse to control the location with this mode.

Joystick Mode

When Do You Need iPhone GPS Spoofer

  • Play Pokemon go Play Pokémon GO

    When you want to play Pokémon GO but do not want to move or go out, you can use AnyMP4 iPhone GPS Spoofer.

    Install Unsupported Apps Install Unsupported Apps

    Some apps may not be installed on your iPhone because of the location; you can use this location changer to get these apps.

  • Share Fake Location Share Fake Locations

    When you need to share locations on social media but do not want, you can use this tool to spoof locations on your iPhone.

    Enjoy Latest Music Enjoy Latest Films/Music

    Many up-to-date films, TV dramas and music have district limitations, and then you can enjoy them on your iPhone freely with the GPS spoofer.

Play Pokemon go Install Unsupported Apps Share Fake Location Enjoy Latest Music

More Features from iPhone GPS Spoofer

How to Change iPhone Location Quickly

Step 1. Install and run AnyMP4 iPhone GPS Spoofer on your computer and click Start to build the connection between your iPhone and this software.

Step 2. Click the Modify Location button and select the fake location for your iPhone by clicking the site on the map.

Step 3. Click the Move to button to finish changing your iPhone GPS location.

Click Start Button Select Mode Change Location

What Our Users Say

  • I can easily spoof my iPhone location using AnyMP4 iPhone GPS Spoofer because it has a direct button setting and a straightforward interface.

  • With AnyMP4 iPhone GPS Spoofer, I can conveniently hide my current location when surfing the Internet.

  • I like using this iPhone location changer to simulate the moving route for my iPhone because it enables me to control the speed based on my needs.

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