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Repair Videos No Matter Why They Are Unplayable

No matter how your videos are unplayable, AnyMP4 Video Repair can repair the header and data of the videos to make it smooth for playing on your device.

Video choppy or glitch

Video Choppy Glitch

Restore the video to a seamless playback by fixing a particular frame stuck and removing the video playback jerky or flickering.

Video playback error

Video Playback Error

Remove the video playback error like errors 4, 5, 150, 151, 3553, 5004, 7131, 22403, 232011, and play the video error-free.

Video cannot be played

Video Can not Play

Repair videos that cannot be played or loaded in a player or device and access a smooth playback safely with effort.

Video corruption or damages

Video Corruption

Fix video file corruptions or degradation caused by virus attack, conversion/transfer failure, system crash, or unexpected interruption.

No Sound or Black

Video Sound Unsync

Fix the videos with no sound; video and audio are out of sync, even if the video is black; ensure sound and visuals synchronization.

Fix Videos From Any Devices and Cameras

AnyMP4 Video Repair is a complete MP4/MOV/3GP video repair solution for computer users. It repairs corrupted or unplayable videos from any cameras, phones, Internet websites, and more. No matter where you get the videos, this video fixer software can fix the video in a high success rate.

Drone Videos

Drone Videos

Repair corrupted or broken videos recorder by almost all drones from DJI, Holy Stone, Ruko, Potensic, DEERC, TENSSENX, etc.

Camcorder videos

Camcorder videos

Fix unplayable videos from recorders by camcorders or cameras from Sony, Panasonic, Canon, Nikon, Vivitar, GoPro, etc.

Dashcam videos

Dashcam videos

Mend and recover corrupted video footage recorded on the dashcam in an SD card after an accident, crash, etc.

Third-party videos

Third-party videos

Repair the video playback failure you get from the Internet or transferred/shared by others via third-party platforms.

Storage device videos

Storage device videos

Fix videos that do not play you get from Android, iPhone, hard drive, SD card, USB drive, PC, laptop, or other storage devices.

CCTV camera videos

CCTV camera videos

Fix corrupted or unplayable MP4/MOV/3GP videos recorded by CCTV cameras and security cameras, and view them hassle-free.

3 Steps to Repair a Video

Step 1. Run this video repair tool on your computer. Click the big plus button to add your unplayable video.

Step 2. Load the sample video that has the same information as the unplayable video file. Click the Repair button to start fixing it.

Step 3. After the repair process is done, preview or save this repaired video.

Import Videos Begin Fix Video Preview Video

What Our Users Say

  • Danielle Danielle

    When I try to play a video from TikTok, it cannot play this video error. I download this software and try it, and it does work. The free trial option is a great opportunity for those like me who need to check if the video repair programs work.

  • Lauren Lauren

    In just 3 clicks, this video repair utility can help me fix the unplayable MP4 video from my iPhone recorder. There are multiple plans available, and the pricing is actually affordable, which is really nice. Thumb up!

  • Vijay Vijay

    This software is exactly what I want. Upload the MP4 video, add a video sample, then it will start repairing. And the repairing process is quick. Twenty minutes’ video can be repaired in 5 minutes. But it could support more formats like WMV, MKV, AVI, etc.


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