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What is a GIF | Definition, Advantage, & Disadvantage

This post will focus on what a GIF is. We will discuss its key characteristics. Also, we will present tools that you can use to play and convert these files.

Angelica Liwanag04.03.2024 | Posted by Angelica Liwanag
How to Make an Animated GIF in Photoshop: Beginner Guide

There are several ways to make a GIF, and one of those is by creating GIFs in Photoshop. If you want to learn about it, just keep on reading this article.

Angelica Liwanag16.10.2023 | Posted by Angelica Liwanag
WebM to GIF Conversion: Turn Videos into GIF Animations

Learn how to convert WebM videos to animated GIFs easily. Follow our instructional guide to convert WebM to GIF and create shareable animations quickly.

Riley Mitchell19.09.2023 | Updated by Riley Mitchell
Colorize GIF Image: Turning Black & White to Vibrant Colors

Discover how to colorize GIF images and breathe new life into black-and-white animations. Learn techniques to add vibrant colors using popular editing tools.

Angelica Liwanag11.09.2023 | Posted by Angelica Liwanag
Add Background to GIF: Unleash Your Artistry

This post will outline various ways to add background to GIF in simple steps. Enhance your GIFs with captivating backgrounds and create visually appealing GIFs.

Angelica Liwanag08.08.2023 | Posted by Angelica Liwanag
5 Methods to Change Animated GIF Speed to Slow/Speed up

This post will outline five simple yet effective ways to change GIF speed. Learn how to modify GIF speed using offline and online tools effortlessly here.

Angelica Liwanag02.08.2023 | Posted by Angelica Liwanag
Top 10 GIF Makers Online and Offline

Do you want to make GIFs but don’t know which tool to use? If yes, find out the ten GIF tools we have listed here.

Angelica Liwanag17.05.2023 | Posted by Angelica Liwanag
4 Best Methods to Cut and Trim an Animated GIF

How to cut an animated GIF and remove unwanted frames? You will find what you want in this single tutorial without requirement of technical skill.

Riley Mitchell17.05.2023 | Updated by Riley Mitchell
9+ GIF Cropper for All Platforms

Are you looking for a program to crop GIFs? If yes, you're in the right place! Check here the list of the programs you can utilize to resize your GIF.

Angelica Liwanag23.04.2023 | Posted by Angelica Liwanag
11 Best GIF Editors to Edit GIF Files on Windows/Mac/Mobile

To edit GIF images on your devices, you will get 11 GIF editors. And you can learn how to process animated GIFs and ordinary GIF files here.

Riley Mitchell17.04.2023 | Posted by Riley Mitchell
8 Easy Ways to Add Text on an Image

When making your posts more interesting by adding Text to your images. For that, here are the amazing editing tools we can use. Please see here as your guide.

Angelica Liwanag29.03.2023 | Posted by Angelica Liwanag
5 Ways to Add Text to GIF and Meme [Quick and Easy]

Are you looking for a text editor you can use to add text to your Meme and GIF? If yes, you are certainly in the right place! Check them out here.

Angelica Liwanag21.03.2023 | Posted by Angelica Liwanag
How to Send GIFs on an iPhone (SMS, Snapchat, and Whatsapp)

Let us create a light vibe when chatting by sending GIFs using your iPhone. This article offers steps to send animated images on iPhone via messaging apps.

John Malcolm01.03.2023 | Posted by John Malcolm
GIF Resizer - Top 5 Tools to Resize Animated GIF Free/Online

What is the best GIF resizer? How to resize a GIF? How to make GIF dimension resize? Get 5 best GIF resizers including free online ones to resize animated GIF.

Riley Mitchell24.09.2021 | Posted by Riley Mitchell
2 Efficient Methods to Convert WMV to Animated GIF You Should Know

Whether you need to convert WMV to animated GIF online, or customize the GIF files, you can learn more about the 2 efficient methods from the article.

Riley Mitchell20.05.2021 | Posted by Riley Mitchell
GIF to WMV – Top 5 GIF to WMV File Converters Online/Offline

Read and get your best GIF to WMV converter. You can convert animated GIF to WMV files on Windows, Mac, iPhone, iPad, and Android with any GIF converter here.

Riley Mitchell07.04.2021 | Posted by Riley Mitchell
5 Easiest Methods to Turn GIF Format into MP4 File

The article explains the top 5 methods, which enables you to easily and quickly turn GIF into MP4 anytime anywhere you want.

Ted Klarso25.12.2020 | Updated by Ted Klarso
7 Best GIF to MOV Converters to Change Animated GIF to MOV Files

How to change animated GIF to MOV? When you need to further edit the GIF, or turn animated GIF into video on MacBook, you can learn more details about 7 recommended methods from the article.

Riley Mitchell17.12.2020 | Posted by Riley Mitchell
MOV to GIF – 6 Best Methods to Convert MOV to Animated GIF Files

How to turn MOV into a GIF file? Want to add an animated GIF to your website that plays automatically? Learn more about the 6 best methods from the article.

Riley Mitchell17.12.2020 | Posted by Riley Mitchell