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10 Best GIF Players for PC, Mac, iPhone and Android 2021

10 Best GIF Players for PC, Mac, iPhone and Android 2021

"I use Windows 10 and I need a good GIF player software that starts up quickly and runs very well, the default Photos viewer does not open GIF files as animated images." GIF, standing for Graphics Interchange Format, has been one of the most exciting ways of sharing animated contents. The support and portability for the picture format lead to the popularity.

However, the recent versions of the operating system do not support GIF files on the pre-installed picture viewer despite supporting the GIF from the Windows XP. Therefore, we will identify and share top 10 GIF players for Windows, Mac OS X, iPhone and Android device.

GIF Players

GIF Players

Part 1: Top 3 GIF players for PC

Top 1: FileViewer Plus

Key features:

FileViewer Plus

Top 2: FastStone Image Viewer

Key features:


Top 3: Irfan Viewer

Key features:

Irfan Viewer

Part 2: Top 3 GIF players for Mac

Top 1: Preview

Key features:


Top 2: Sequential

Key features:


Top 3: DropGallery

Key features:


Part 3: 2 Best GIF players for iPhone

Top 1: Giflay

Key features:


Top 2: Gif Viewer & Player

Key features:

Gif Viewer & Player

Part 4: 2 Best GIF players for Android

Top 1: Gif Player

Key features:

Gif Player

Top 2: Animated GIF Viewer

Key features:

Animated GIF Viewer

Recommend: AnyMP4 Video Converter Ultimate

After getting the best GIF player for your device, you may need a GIF maker as well. AnyMP4 Video to GIF Converter is a good choice.


Part 5: FAQs of GIF Player

How do I play a GIF in Chrome?

For playing GIF in Chrome, you need to drag and drop the GIF into your Chrome browser, and then it will play the GIF automatically.

Where can I get a GIF image?

You can download the GIF images online. Moreover, you can also create the GIF images from videos via the third-party GIF maker software.

How long is a GIF video?

Actually, GIF is not limit in time length. For uploading the GIF images to online platforms, the length is limited by those platforms. However, 2-6 seconds are the best option. If the GIF is longer, then you may need to watch a video, instead of GIF. Once the GIF is shorter, you may regard it as a still image.


Now, you should understand how to watch GIF images and enjoy the animated contents on various devices with the best GIF players. Unlike standard photo viewer, a GIF player is able to play GIF images frame by frame. We wish that our sharing and recommendations are helpful to you.

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