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Top 8 MP3 Compressor to Shrink MP3 File Size Online and Offline

Are you looking for MP3 compressor to reduce MP3 file size without losing quality? Here is a list of top 8 best MP3 size reducer for Windows, Mac and online.

Ted Klarso03.08.2022 | Updated by Ted Klarso

Top 3 Methods to Convert MP3 to Audio CD Format Easily

Converting MP3 to audio CD allows compatibility with players do not support MP3 files. Here we share great ways to make an audio CD with your favorite songs.

Ted Klarso20.04.2022 | Updated by Ted Klarso

AIFC to MP3 – 4 Ways to Convert AIFC to MP3 on Mac/Online/Windows

Want to play AIFC on non-QuickTime player? Read this post to find 4 efficient ways to convert AIFC to MP3 on Mac, online, and Windows computer.

Ted Klarso24.06.2021 | Updated by Ted Klarso

OPUS to MP3 Converter – How to Convert OPUS to MP3 Format

When you get the OPUS format, you should learn more about the OPUS and how to convert OPUS to MP3? Here is the detailed information you can take for reference.

Riley Mitchell17.05.2021 | Updated by Riley Mitchell

MP3 to Text Converter – 4 Best Methods to Convert MP3 to Text

Want to extract the contents from the MP3 files? You can learn more about the 4 methods to convert MP3 to text into different languages from the articles.

Riley Mitchell14.05.2021 | Updated by Riley Mitchell

Top 4 Methods to Quickly Convert WebM to MP3 on Desktop or Online

How to convert WebM to MP3? This article shares four ways to convert WebM videos to MP3 format for listening to in any media player or portable device anytime.

Riley Mitchell14.05.2021 | Updated by Riley Mitchell

Step-by-step Guide to Add MP3 to iPhone with or without iTunes

If you want a to listen to or use a song on your iPhone, learn how to put MP3 to iPhone with iTunes manually or automatically achieve it without iTunes.

Riley Mitchell14.05.2021 | Updated by Riley Mitchell

Top 10 Ways to Convert between WAV and MP3 on Computer and Mobile

To convert a particular WAV file into the MP3 format, you need a WAV to MP3 converter application. Here are top 10 best methods to convert between WAV and MP3.

Riley Mitchell14.05.2021 | Updated by Riley Mitchell

MP3 to BPM – Extract The Beats Per Minute from MP3 Files with Ease

When you want to know the tempo of your MP3, you should learn more details about Beats Per Minute and find how to turn an MP3 to BPM in your creative projects from the article.

Riley Mitchell13.05.2021 | Updated by Riley Mitchell

2 Verified Methods to Convert MP3 Files to MOV Format

There are two ways to convert your MP3 files to MOV format, only change file format or create a video with music file. This article shares a complete guide.

Riley Mitchell07.02.2021 | Posted by Riley Mitchell

Top 6 AVI to MP3 Converter Applications Available to Windows and Mac

The best AVI to MP3 converters are simple to use, and can turn AVI videos into MP3 format without losing much quality. Here we identify and share a top list.

Riley Mitchell22.01.2021 | Updated by Riley Mitchell

How to Efficiently Convert MP4 WMV to MP3 with Windows Media Player

This article gives a step-by-step tutorial on how to convert MP4 to MP3 using Windows Media Player as well as more professional media converting software.

Riley Mitchell13.10.2020 | Updated by Riley Mitchell

Top 5 Best Methods to Convert AMR to MP3 Online and Offline

What should you do to convert AMR to MP3? Go through the tutorial below to gain 5 best AMR to MP3 converter to solve the problem with ease.

Ted Klarso08.07.2020 | Posted by Ted Klarso

AAC to MP3 – Convert Audio Files from AAC to MP3 Format in Batch

This article collects top 10 AAC to MP3 converters on multiplatform. Thus, you can convert AAC file to MP3 online and offline based on your need freely.

Ted Klarso21.10.2019 | Posted by Ted Klarso

Top 3 CD to MP3 Converter You Should Know

Don't know how to convert CD to MP3? You can resort to converter tools. But which one is good? We've listed the top 3 converters to help you convert CD to MP3.

Ted Klarso16.10.2019 | Posted by Ted Klarso

Which MP3 Ringtone Maker to Use? Here're Your Complete Answers

All you need is a good MP3 ringtone maker. Later, you can turn all sounds from background music, songs, audio effects as free ringtones for iPhone or Android.

Ted Klarso16.10.2019 | Posted by Ted Klarso

How to Convert Text to Speech and Download as MP3

Want to listen to the text content instead of reading? In the post, we are going to introduce 4 methods to convert text to speed and save them to MP3.

Riley Mitchell20.09.2019 | Posted by Riley Mitchell

Top 5 Audiobook Player Apps for Android Phone or Tablet and iPhone

Here are the best audiobook apps for Android and iOS available to everyone to discover and listen to favorite MP3 and M4B audiobooks on smartphone or tablet.

Riley Mitchell17.09.2019 | Posted by Riley Mitchell

5 Efficient Ways to Convert MOV to MP3 on Your Desktop or Online

This article teaches you how to convert a MOV video file to an MP3 audio file, and save a copy of the converted file to your computer for listening to anywhere.

Riley Mitchell11.09.2019 | Posted by Riley Mitchell