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Best 6 HD Video Player – Play and Enjoy Full 1080P HD Movies

Best 6 HD Video Player – Play and Enjoy Full 1080P HD Movies

"Which video player is best to run 1080P HD videos for laptops? I cannot play 1080P HD video smoothly, which usually become freeze and impossible to watch. Are there minimal requirements to play 1080P HD videos? I just want to enjoy the movies in full resolution."

When you download some 1080P movie online or get 1080P movies from Amazon, you might wonder what is the best HD video player to watch 1080P HD video. In order to enjoy 1080P videos on your computer, what should be the minimal requirements for your Windows or Mac? Besides the answers to these questions, you can also find the best 6 full 1080P HD video player as well as the methods. Just find the detailed solutions from the article now.

HD Video Player

HD Video Player

Part 1. Detailed Information about 1080P HD Video

What is 1080P HD Video

HD (High-definition) or full HD video is any video system of higher resolution than standard-definition (SD) video, and most commonly involves display resolutions of 1280×720 pixels (720P) or 1920×1080 pixels (1080I or 1080P). High-definition image sources include terrestrial broadcast, direct broadcast satellite, digital cable, high definition disc (BD), digital cameras, internet downloads and the latest generation of video game consoles. Due to heavy compression, the image details produced by these formats are far below that of broadcast HD, and even inferior to DVD-Video (3-9 Mbit/s MP2) upscale to the same image size.

If you want to watch an ultra HD video, then 4K and 8K will be your choice.

Requirements for 1080P HD Videos

"Can I play 1080P video on my PC with 1.6Ghz Dual core and Internal Extreme Graphics to play 1080P movies?"

When you want to play 1080P HD video, you should learn more detailed minimal requirement for Graphic card first.

Here is the minimal requirement for running 1080P movies on PC. Of course, if you are using Mac, you can find the similar graphics in order to get the content with excellent quality.

Processor: 2.4Ghz (dual core) or 3.5Ghz (single Core) processor.

Graphics: Nvidia/ATi having bare minimum 256MB Video RAM and core clock 600Mhz.

Actually, it does not mean you can enjoy full 1080P videos without jerky if you meet the requirements for the graphic. In order to have a nice viewing experience, it is recommended to have a better graphic card and a processor.

More and more users are looking for methods to play 1080P movies on iPad or Android tablets. Actually the latest version of iPad only supports 720P or lower resolution like 480P as the maximum supported resolution. (Check it here to downscale 1080P to 480P.)

But when your Galaxy has the similar graphics, you can playback 1080P HD movies without problem. There is a major drawback to access the full content of the movies, your iPad or Android phone might be a battery killer when you need the full resolution of 1080P HD movie.

Part 2: Watch Full 1080P HD Video with 6 Best Video Players

And now the article will introduce some best video players for the 1080P HD videos. When you need some excellent video players for 1080P HD videos, you can learn more about the programs from the article now.

Top 1: AnyMP4 HD 1080P Video Player

In order to make 1080P HD video get the perfect effect when playing, we should have professional Media Player software. AnyMP4 Blu-ray Player is also the Best 1080p HD Video Player, which has the powerful playing function to help you play any Blu-ray movie with ease, and even the 1080p high-definition video. With the versatile Media Player, you can full enjoy the 1080p HD video in fluent image and true high quality video. The unbelievable audiovisual effect brings you much more feeling of home theater and vivid life.


  • Play almost all resolution video files like 480P, 720P, 1080P, and 4K movies.
  • Support various 1080P formats like MP4, MOV, MKV, AVI, WMV, WebM, M4V, MXF, ASF, MPEG, OGV, etc.
  • Feasible playback settings for screen size, audio track, playlist, history, and more.
  • Playback 1080p Blu-ray, and HD DVD disc, folder and ISO file.
  • Compatible with Windows 11/10/8/7 and Mac OS X 10.9 or above (macOS Ventura included).

1Launch and open the program

Here you can free download AnyMP4 HD 1080P Video Player and install it on your PC or Mac.

Free Download For Windows

Secure Download

Free Download For macOS

Secure Download

After installing AnyMP4 1080p Player for windows, you can start to launch it and open the main interface as below. What is more, you can also enjoy the Blu-ray 1080P HD video on your computer without problem.


2 Add HD video to the program

Click Open File button and select the HD video to open it in the program or you can click File drop-down list at the top left of the main interface and select "Open File" to open the 1080P HD video.

Add HD

3Play the 1080p HD video

After opening the HD video, this program would play it automatically. Here you can enjoy the high-definition image and perfect audiovisual effect. When your computer meets the requirement, you can enjoy the 1080P HD movies with ease.

Play Video

Top 2: QuickTime Player

QuickTime Player

QuickTime Player is the default media player for Mac and iOS devices, which supports 1080P HD videos. What is more important, QuickTime Player supports most of the audio and video formats. As for the case, you can play video files directly without installing extra programs in order to play movies in a different video format. You can also check the excellent features of QuickTime Player as below. (QuickTime Player not playing video files?)


  • QuickTime trailer that enables iTunes movies at 480P, 720P or 1080P. But since May 22th, 2013, Apple phases out the QuickTime trailer download option.
  • Record QuickTime screen, iPhone and other iOS devices. When you play HD movies, you can also record the screen of your Mac.
  • Preview QuickTime movies in full screen. It will provide a better viewing experience when you play 1080P HD videos in full screen.
  • Display the subtitles and text tracks of the QuickTime movies, you can add SRT subtitle for MP4 files and load whatever AVI subtitles.

Top 3: VLC Media Player

VLC Media Player

When you want to play 1080P HD movies on Windows/Mac/Linux/TV, VLC should be the HD video player you should take into consideration. VLC Media Player is compatible with most of the media formats, you do not have to download extra codec. What is more, you can also sync HD movies cross platforms, such as Mac, Windows, Linux, iOS, Android devices and keep the experience consistent.


  • VLC Media Player is able to play 1080P HD video files, discs, webcams, devices and more for most of the video formats.
  • Full control over the complete feature set over the video, such as the subtitle synchronization, video, audio filters and more.
  • Not only compatible with Windows, Mac and Linux, but also available on TV (VLC for tvOS) and web browsers (VLC Web plug-in).
  • Even if you get the 1080P HD movies in DVD, VLC Media Player has variety of streaming protocols to playback the files.

Top 4: 5KPlayer for HD Videos


If you just want to enjoy 1080P HD video or 4K/8K FUHD, 5KPlayer for HD Videos should be another option. It supports VP8/VP9/H264/H265 codec files with DXVA2, QSV, NVIDIA hardware acceleration technology. You can use the program for Windows 10, Mac EI Capitan and even the iOS devices and Android tablets. It should be an easy solution to full play 1080P videos in different aspects.


  • The program provides free download UHD HD videos 1080P from more than 300 more video and movie resources online.
  • Supports HD 3D movies, 4K VR movies as well as converts to 1080P HD video for play back on iPhone, iPad, Android tablets and more other devices.
  • Adds subtitles for the movies, de-interlace 1080P HD videos, Internet radio stations tuning in and more other features are available within the 5KPlayer.
  • Stream 4K/8K HD 1080P videos to HDTV screen or even 8K TV with superb equalizers one can get the ultimate visual experience.

Top 5: Plex for HD Videos


Plex is more than a media player for 1080P HD videos, but also record media, live TV, online news and podcast. It is featured to bring your favorite movies together with different video and audio format. Just in simple, Plex is a versatile video and audio manager for Windows, Mac, Android phone, Windows phone, Roku, Apple TV, NVIDIA Shield, Android TV, SP3, Xbox 360 and more other devices with cloud service.


  • Stream your collection of movies, TV, music and photos anywhere on all different devices into one place, which you can play 1080P HD video anywhere you want.
  • Cut the cord on the air Live TV and record your favorite in HD videos, which enables you watch, time shift and record videos.
  • Manage your music, video files, TV shows, photos, has parental control support in the premium version, file sharing support and other features.
  • Plex also have partnership with most reputable and trustworthy new sources, which enables to create your own channels.

Top 6: Smplayer


Smplayer is a smart and intelligent 1080P HD video player for Windows and Linux with built-in codecs that virtually plays all video and audio formats. Just as the other 1080P HD video players, you do not need to download external codec, which is already available to play all the video and audio formats. Here are more other interesting features of free media player with built-in codecs.


  • Search and download subtitles from for your 1080P HD videos.
  • Advanced features like video and audio filters, change of the playback speed, adjustment of audio and subtitles delay, video equalizer and many more.
  • Available in more than 30 languages, several skins and icon themes, which enables you to customize the look of the player according to your requirement.

FAQs of Enjoying 1080p HD Videos

Can I watch UHD on 1080p PC?

Yes, you can. While you watch the 4K videos on a 1080p screen on a PC. If the player can downscale the 3840 × 2160-resolution video to a 1080p, then you will see a shaper vision on the 1080p PC.

Why does 1080p video lag?

The high-resolution video lag is mainly due to the poor read speed from the HDD. As a result, a 1080p HD video may lag compared with the 720p HD videos.

What happens if you play a 4K video on 1080p screen?

If the player or screen can downscale the 4K files into the 1080p files, then it may look like sharper on the 1080p screen. Otherwise, the 4K videos will lag while playing it on the 1080p screen.

Can VLC play 1080p?

Yes, VLC can play 1080p videos, but the playback is not smooth on your computer. You can get AnyMP4 Blu-ray Player to enjoy 1080p HD and 4K UHD videos on your screen smoothly.


What should you do to enjoy the full 1080P HD videos for different devices? It is recommended to have a brief view of the 1080P video first. Of course, you can also check whether the graphic card and other settings are suitable for HD videos. The article introduces 5 best HD video players that help enjoy the 1080P HD videos. Even if you have 1080P HD video on Chrome or Safari, you can also use browsers to enjoy the movie. It should be the ultimate guide to play 1080P HD videos. More questions about the topic, you can share more detailed information in the comments of the article.

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