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Top 5 Ways to Remove Watermark from Video Online & Offline

Top 5 Ways to Remove Watermark from Video Online & Offline

When converting videos from optical discs or downloaded videos from websites, you may find some watermarks on the video images. Companies and creators usually use watermarks as their trademarks like logo, dates, stickers, objects, and more to protect their ownership of the products. It is also a marketing strategy to get more customers. Sometimes, people need to remove watermark from video. The watermark that overlays the important content on video may influence the visual experiences. And if you want to use a video clip in your homemade movies, the watermark is also a big problem too. Therefore, we are going to tell you how to remove watermark in video online and offline without any hassle on Windows and Mac in this article.

Remove watermark from video

Part 1: Top 5 Ways to Remove Watermark from Videos Offline Safely

Method 1: Remove watermark from video directly

Being loved by most people, AnyMP4 Video Converter Ultimate would be most recommended tool to remove watermark from videos. It can remove watermark from a video file without blur by cropping, replacing and erasing it directly. It is safe to erase your video watermark on Windows and Mac computer without any data disclosure.

  • 1. Remove video watermarks direclty powered by advanced AI technology.
  • 2. Wipe the watermak by cropping and covering it with a new one.
  • 3. Include extensive video editing tools like rotate, crop, watermark, flip, filters, etc.
  • 4. Handle over 200 formats for video, audio, and DVD like MP4, MOV, M4V, WMV, AVI, etc.
  • 5. Toolbox can compress video size, edit video metadata info, create GIFs, speed up videos, reverse video playback, and more.
  • 6. 30X faster to process video editing with GPU support.

1Select Video watermark Remover

Install Video Converter Ultimate on your computer and run it. Navigate the "Toolbox" tab and find to pick up "Video watermark Remover".

2Add video file

Click the central plus sign to add a video to for remving watermark from video.

Add Video File

3Select watermark area

After importing the video, click the "Add watermark removing area" button to select the watermark area you want to erase from your video.

Edit wateramrk region

4Remove watermark from video

You can adjust the watermark region by moving your mouse or setting the region size value at the bottom. Besides, you can adjust video length to make the watermark removed at the time you want.

Finally, click the "Export" button to save the video without watermark.

Convert All

Method 2: Remove watermark from video by cropping the video

1Import the video that needs to remove watermark

Install Video Converter Ultimate on your computer and run it.

The "Add Files" button will import videos from local hard drives.

Add file

2Remove the watermark area

After importing the video, click the "Edit" icon under the selected video file to go to the built-in video editor window.


Head to the "Crop" tab on the top. On the Original Preview panel, drag and move the control points on the border to enclose all areas you want to keep, and make sure not to include the watermark area. Look at the output preview panel, and click the "OK" button if you are satisfied with the result.

Rotate Crop

3Output the video in one click

When everything is prepared, click the "Convert All" button in the main interface on the bottom-right side, wait a few minutes, then you can get the converted video.

Convert All

By the way, you also can change the output format of the video in the "Convert All to" drop-down option in the upper-right side to change MP4 to AVI, MKV to MP4, FLV to MP4, WMV to MP4, and more. For the full guide to cropping a video, you can refer to this post.

Method 3: Remove watermark from video by replacing it

Sometimes, cropping the watermark area may destroy the video images. So, to protect our videos quality, replacing watermark with your logo is the alternative solution to remove watermark from video.

1Add the video into watermark editor

Launch Video Converter Ultimate and add the video clips that you want to deal with into the media library area.

Select the video, click the "Edit" icon under the selected video file again, and go to the “Watermark” tab. Then the video will show up on the output preview panel.


2Remove watermark from video simply

Select "Text" and write down some characters in the box. Then reset the font, size, color, and other parameters. If you want to add a picture as watermark, select "Image" instead and drop your picture by hitting the three-dot button. Next, put your logo in the proper position by dragging the control points or changing the parameters of Watermark area.

Then reset the "Opacity" to cover the original watermark completely. Finally, click on the "OK" button to confirm it.

Add Image Watermark

Method 4: Erase the video watermak by blurring it

To delete the video watermark from the video, one of the solution is to blur the video watermak and make it hard to read. VSDC Video Editor is intended for editing video files and creating videos of any complexity involving various visual and audio effects. The program offers rich functionality and yet has a simple and intuitive interface, allowing you to create videos with a bare minimum of efforts. Here is how to use it to blur the watermark.


1Add the video with unwanted watermark into the video editor and drag and drop it on the timeline.

2Locate to the right side, select Yes next to Stretch Video.

3Go to Video Effects-> Filters-> Pixelize and adjust the pixelization level to get the needed effect.

4Double click on the Pixelize layer on the time line. Then use the solid ellipse tool to select the watermark area.

5Go to the Composition tab and select Yes next to Invert Mask. Finally, export the video to your favorite format.

Congratulations! The unwanted watermark is removed from the video.

Method 5: Removing video watermark by covering it

To erase the original video watermark, you can also try to add a new watermark to cover and replace the original one. There is a Delogo filter in VirtualDub, one of the popular open-source video editors. And it is another way to remove watermark from video free by coverting the watermark. Let's go straight to the steps to feel it.


1 Install both VirtualDub and the Delogo filter on your computer, run VirtualDub, import the video that you want to deal with, head to Video-> Filters-> Add and select Delogo to add it into the video editor.

2 Then the Delogo filter setup screen will show up. Launch the Filter Preview window by hitting the Show Preview button at the bottom.

3 Move to a frame of the video where the unwanted watermark is most clear. Then go back to the main Delogo window, click the Save Frame button to export the frame as a BMP file.

4 Open the BMP file in your picture editor and paint the logo with red color.

5 Switch to VirtualDub's DeLogo window and load the BMP file in the Repair section. Next, hit the Show Preview button again; you will find the watermark disappear on your video.

Part 2: Top 2 Ways to Erase Watermark in Videos Online Directly

In some cases, you may want to delete watermark from video so that you can experiencewatching videos with better visual effects. But for some beginners of video editing and people with urgent needs, their needs are simple. Video editor are too more for them. Luckily, there are some useful online free tools which can help you solve your problem.

Top 1: Remove watermark by Apowersoft Online Watermark Remover

Apowersoft Online Watermark Remover (https://www.apowersoft.com/online-watermark-remover) is a completely free online tool that can remove watermark from video. With an intuitive user interface and self-explanatory features, people with any level of skills are able to get hold of it in a very short term.

Apowersoft Online Watermark Remover

1Open website of Apowersoft Online Watermark Remover in your browser. And click the blue area to add video.

2When the video is fully loaded, click the "Add Box(es)" button to select the watermark on the video. You can select as many watermarks as you want.

3Finally, click the "Erase" button and the online tool will start processing your video. When it completes, you can download it to your computer directly.

Top 2: Remove watermark by Video Watermark Remover Online

Video Watermark Remover Online (http://www.videowatermarkremoveronline.com/) is the new and fully automated video watermark remover which can make life easier. It is really simple click on "Remove Watermark" to choose video and wait until the video is completed.

Video Watermark Remover Online

1Open Video Watermark Remover Online, and click "Add file" to import the video you want to remove its watermark.

2Then click "Remove Watermark" at right in red background.

3After it is completed, click "Download" to get your video back. And you will find the watermark is gone.

Part 3: FAQs of removing watermark from video

1. Is it illegal to remove a watermark from a video?

It is not legal to remove the watermark from a video or photo so that it can disguise the infringement when used.

2. Is a watermark a copyright?

Yes. A watermark is a graphic that is added to an image or video to assert the copyright or ownership.

3. What happens if you remove a watermark?

If you remove a watermark from a video for a better personal watching experience, nothing will happen.
If you remove a watermark from a video and use the video for your commercial use, you may cost an infringer up to $25,000.


Editing videos is not a fresh topic as more and more people use visual contents to record their lives. In this tutorial, we focus on how to remove watermark from video. Once the watermark layer is merged with the video content, you cannot separate them. Does that mean you cannot remove video watermarks? The answer is no, and we have shared 8 best ways to remove watermark from video. As above, they are cropping the video, replacing the original watermark with a new one, blurring the watermark and covering the watermark. You can pick up your favorite method and follow our guides to get your desired effect. And here is some useful information about editing video without watermark you should need. Have a good day!

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