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Top Video to AMV Converter Software for Windows and Mac

Top Video to AMV Converter Software for Windows and Mac

When talk about video formats, the first term emerging in your mind may be MP4. It is true that MP4 is the most commonly used video format, but it seems that MP4 is not as powerful as you think. Sometimes, you need to convert MP4 to other video formats, such as AMV. MP4 codec issues when playing MP4 videos in your media player, for example, force people to convert it to AMV or other more proper video formats. Plus, if you want to share videos on anime websites, an AMV converter is necessary too.Considering many people are not very familiar with AMV, we are going to share the knowledge you need to know about this video format in the post below.

AMV Converter

Part 1: What is AMV format

AMV, standing for Anime Music Video, is a proprietary video format available to MP4 players as well as S1 MP3 players with video playback. As a compressed video format, AMV was designed for portable devices. The video files are compressed with low resolution in order to fit onto the small screen of the media device.

Part 2: Best Video Converter Ultimate to convert AMV File

AnyMP4 Video Converter Ultimate is one of the best MP4 to AMV converters including extensive pro-level features, such as:

Apparently, Video Converter Ultimate is an efficient AMV video converter you can find.

How to convert MP4 to AWV without quality loss

Step 1: Add MP4 files into the best AWV converter

There are two versions of Video Converter Ultimate, one for Windows PCs and the other for Mac computers. Download the right one and install it on your computer. Launch the application, and click Add Files to add the files you want to convert. Then those files waiting for conversion will show up on the main interface.

Add File

Step 2: Convert video to AWV in one click

Locate to the top right of the interface, click and unfold the Custom Profile dropdown menu, scroll down and find AMV. If you want to customize other options, hit the Settings button to adjust the general settings. Then choose a specified folder to save the results in the Destination box. Then click the Convert All button to let the AMV converter do its job.


Note: Before converting, you can even trim and adjust the video size with the video resizer. Or if you want to edit the AWV video, just press the Edit icon next to the image.

Part 3: Other Top 4 AMV converters of 2022

In this part, we will list more AMV converter options to help you produce AMV from your video files simply.

Top 1: AMV Converter

Amv converter 1

AMV Converter is a highly popular AMV video converter application.



Top 2: Tanbee Video to AMV Converter


Tanbee Video to AMV Converter is a professional AMV video converter.



Top 3: Convert Files’s video to AMV converter


This is a web-based MP4 to AMV converter application available to Windows and Mac OS, which downloads animes to MP4, MP3, and more



Top 4: AMV Converter Studio

Amv converter studio

AMV Converter Studio is another option of AMV converter.




There are oceans of multimedia formats on market now. And we focused on AMV, a compressed video format for anime, in the article above. Now, you should understand what AMV is and how to play AMV videos smoothly. If you want to make AMV videos, the best AMV converters we introduced could meet you demands. AnyMP4 Video Converter Ultimate, for example, is able to convert any video files to AMV without damaging the original quality. Another advantage is that you can use it on a wide range of platforms.

Part 4: FAQs of AMV Converter

1. What is the best AMV Converter?

AnyMP4 Video Converter Ultimate is a powerful video converting tool. It is designed to deal with various video and audio conversions. Whether you want to convert AMV to other formats you need, or convert MP4/AVI/M4V/MP3 to AMV, Video Converter Ultimate is your best choice.

2. How to convert MP4 to AMV format?

For converting MP4 to AMV, you need a video converting tool, like AnyMP4 Video Converter Ultimate to help you. After downloading and installing this video converter on your computer, you just need to add your MP4 files to this program, and select the AMV format as your output format. Then you can start the conversion by clicking the Convert button.

3. Is there a free online tool to convert AMV?

Zamzar is a free online AMV converting tool which can help you convert AMV to MP4, MP3 and other video/audio formats. You just need to load AMV file and choose a suitable output format.

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