5 Free Ways to Reduce Animated GIF Files Size with GIF Compressor Online

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5 Free Ways to Reduce Animated GIF Files Size with GIF Compressor Online

When you need to upload animated GIF files to Twitter, you should find the restriction that the maximum 15MB size from the web, or 5MB from the mobile phone. How to compress a GIF without losing original quality? Nowadays, GIF files have become a necessary tool on the Internet because of their special animation and fast transmission. However, when you turn a video into an animated GIF, you should find the GIF files large. Just learn more about the 5 best methods to compress GIF size from the article.

Compress GIF

Part 1: 5 Best GIF Compressors to Reduce GIF Size for Free

Top 1: Compress GIF File with AnyMP4 Image Compressor Online

AnyMP4 Image Compressor Online is a GIF compressor that reduces the size of GIFs without losing the original quality. It enables to reduce some large animated GIF files to 15MB or less for free. Moreover, you can always adopt smart algorithms to combine the best optimization and lossy compression to reduce photos size into smaller.

  • 1. Compress GIF, JPG/JPEG, PNG, SVG, and other formats to a smaller size.
  • 2. Process up to 40 GIF files at the same time with a batch process.
  • 3. Maintain the original quality of the GIF for the image compression.
  • 4. All the compressed GIF files will be deleted immediately after download.

1. Go to the online image compressor and click the Add Images button to upload one or more GIF files. Make sure the maximum number of GIF files is 40, and the maximum size of each GIF file is 5MB.

2. Once GIF files are uploaded, this website will compress your GIF files automatically. When it finishes compressing, just click the Download All button to download your compressed GIF files.

AnyMP4 Image Compressor Online

This freeware can reduce GIF file size smaller from MBs to KBs. However, if you want to shrink animated GIF file size for over 100MB and bulk compression, then you can upgrade to the pro version of this software, AnyMP4 Video Converter Ultiamte.

Video Converter Ultimate

AnyMP4 Video Converter Ultimate

All-in-one video compressor, converter, editor and enhancer to handle over 1000 formats. 60X faster, and over 20 utilities under toolbox to poblish your videos efficiently.

Top 2: Reduce GIF Size with EZGIF

EZGIF is a popular GIF editor to compress GIF size. It not only supports GIF, but also JPG, PNG, BMP, and WebP. The maximum file size is 35MB. It also provides the coalesce option that removes all optimizations from frames. But compared to the other GIF compressors, it takes much longer to shrink the size of a GIF file.

1. Head to EZGIF with any web browser and click the Select Files button to upload GIF files from your computer or paste URLs of your GIF file. Then click the Upload! button and you will go to the detailed page.

2. Then you can reduce GIF file size by setting width and height, or even enter a percentage. Moreover, you can choose to resize the desired GIF file size. After that, click the Resize Image! button to start finishing.

3. Once you have completed the compression, the compressed GIF files will appear within the program. Just right-click the GIF file to save them to your computer or share with social media websites.


Top 3: Downsize GIF File in Compressor

Compressor.io is a frequently used online GIF compressor that optimizes JPEG, PNG, SVG, GIF, and WEBP. It has three compression types, lossy, lossless, and custom. Moreover, you can also tweak the video size, width, height, constrain, and other parameters.

1. When you enter the online image compressor, you can click the Select files button to upload GIF files. You should know that the maximum file size is 10MB.

2. If you need to tweak the different settings, you can also choose the CUSTOM option. Then you can enter the percentage for the output, check the Keep EXIF data, and more settings.

3. It will compress the GIF files automatically. Just check the differences with the Before and After option by clicking the Compare button or click the Download button to get the file to your computer.


Top 4: Reduce GIF Size with PICASION

Picasion is more than a GIF online compressor, but also an animated GIF maker. It enables you to shrink GIF files, photos, and pictures online for free. Moreover, you can send compressed GIF files to your friends by email directly within the program.

1. Go to the online GIF maker and compressor with any web browser, you can choose the Resize Image option and click the Upload pictures button to upload your large GIF files.

2. You can choose the size and quality for the GIF file you want to upload, such as 350px wide. There are other parameters, effects, and rotation options to reduce the size of GIF.

3. It will start compressing the GIF files automatically. To save the file, you can click the Save this animation button to download the compressed GIF file.


Top 5: Make GIF Smaller via ILOVEIMG

ILOVEIMG is another online versatile toolkit, which can compress GIF files with the best quality and compression. It has a batch process that converts multiple photos at the same time and an optimization method for the GIF with pixel-perfect accuracy.

1. Select the Compress IMAGE button and click the Select images button to upload GIF files from your computer. Click the Plus button to upload more files from your computer, Google Drive or Dropbox.

2. Click the Compress Images button to compress a GIF file. The compression and download processes are automatic. Then you can upload the GIF to social media sites accordingly.

This tool also empowers other image tools to resize images, crop photos, convert to JPG and more.


Part 2: FAQs about Compressing a GIF File

Is it possible to upload animated GIFs to Facebook directly?

No. You cannot upload animated GIFs to Facebook directly, but you can upload the compressed GIFs to Giphy, Screencast.com, or even your website. After that, paste the URL into your Facebook post and make sure the extension of the URL ends with GIF.

How to get a smaller GIF from a video?

Instead of compressing GIF files, you can tweak the video parameters, bitrate, resolution, and more other settings before converting WebM video to GIF files with the professional video converter, such as AnyMP4 Video Converter Ultimate. It will generate a GIF in a smaller size.

Can you shorten an animation GIF file?

Yes. Different from the GIF compressor, you only need to choose a GIF editor, or convert the GIF to video for further editing. After that, you can remove the beginning or end of the GIF, or cut out the middle part.


Here are the 5 best methods to compress GIF files for free. When you need to reduce the animated GIF file size for Twitter, you can simply upload the files online and download a compressed file. AnyMP4 Image Compressor Online is one of the best choices that enable you to compress the GIF files with the original quality.

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