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Download the AnyMP4 MP4 Converter .exe file from the official page, follow the on-screen instructions to install it on your computer.

This software is compatible with Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP (SP2 or later), and you can use it on your Windows PC easily.


The free trial version of AnyMP4 MP4 Converter has limited features, and you are recommended to enjoy the full features.

Click the Register icon (A lock image) in the top menu, or click the Menu option at the top corner and select Register from the drop-down option.

Register Icon Anymp4 MP4 Converter

For registering this software, you should enter your Email address and registration code in the bar, and click Register to activate it.

Register MP4 Converter

Email Address: The email address that you used to purchase this software.

Registration Code: A string of characters marked as Activation key, license code, or KEYCODE(S) in the order confirmation letter you received after the successful order.


AnyMP4 MP4 Converter always keeps updating to fix some bugs and bring new features.

To update AnyMP4 MP4 Converter, you are given 2 ways to update this program:

Manually update AnyMP4 MP4 Converter

Run MP4 Converter, and click the Menu option at the top-right corner, then select Check Update…

Then this software will start checking and updating if there is a new version.

Update Manually

Method 2: Choose Preference under the menu.

Update Manually

Automatically update AnyMP4 MP4 Converter

If you want to catch every update of this program, then you can enable automatic updates in MP4 Converter.

Click the Menu option at the top-right corner and select Preferences. Then you will go to the General tab by default. Here, you should tick the box of Check for Updates Auto automatically.

Update Software automatically


Before starting using MP4 Converter, you can make your preferences to enable hardware acceleration, choose the output folder, and more.

Select Preferences from the drop-down list of the top Menu option.

Then you can switch the different tab to select the location to save the output folder, snapshot format, CPU acceleration, DVD loading settings, and so on.

MP4 Converter Preferences

Convert Video/Audio

AnyMP4 MP4 Converter can convert MP4 and other video/audio formats over 500. Follow the simple steps below to start converting MP4 videos.

Step 1 Add video files

Click the Add File button or Load Disc button to add one or more video/audio files or DVD movies.

Add Video Audio File

Step 2 Edit video or audio optionally

If you want to edit a video file, just select one video file, and click the Edit button to start editing it.

Edit Video Effects

Step 3 Select the output format

After editing the video file, return to the main interface of this software, select the output format from the drop-down option of Profile.

Select Profile Format

If you want to change the output file parameters, just click the Settings option next to Profile, and change the video encoder, video resolution, video aspect ratio, video frame rate, video bitrate, audio encoder, audio sample rate, audio channel, and more.

Output Video Profile Settings

Also, confirm or click the Browse option at the bottom to select the location to store the converted file.

Browse to Choose Location

Step 4 Convert video or audio

After all the settings are made well, just find and click the Convert button in the main interface to start conversion.

Convert MP4 Video

Edit Video Effects

AnyMP4 MP4 Converter offers you various editing features to refine your videos.

Trim & Split Video/Audio

Step 1 Select one video or audio file

After adding the video or audio files into this software, just click one file to select it.

Then click the Trim option at the top menu.

Select Cut Option

Step 2 Split or trim video or audio

Then, you will go to the Trim window. Here, you can move the play progress bar to set the starting and ending point.

Besides, you can adjust the time from the Start and End option.

Then use the New Clip or Split option to create a new clip or split one file into 2 clips.

Split Video Audio

Then click OK to start splitting or trimming a video or audio file.

Convert 3D Video

Step 1 Select one video file

After adding a video file to this software, select it and click the 3D option.

Select 3D Option

Step 2 Convert 3D video

Then you can start 3D video editing.

Enable the option of Enable 3D Settings, and choose the 3D mode from Anaglyph or Split Screen.

According to your need, and choose the 3D mode you want. Finally, click Apply.

The Restore All option lets you get rid of all the editing effects you applied and get an original video file.

Convert 3D Videos

Rotate & Flip Video

Step 1 Select a video file

Select one video file after you add video files to this program, and click the Edit icon at the top toolbar.

Select Edit Icon

Step 2 Rotate and flip a video

Then you will go to the Edit window, where you should make sure you are in the Rotate tab.

The 4 options at the top-right side let you rotate a video in 90 clockwise or 90 counterclockwise, or flip a video vertically or horizontally.

Rotate Flip Video

Crop Video

Step 1 Select a video file

Select one video file after you add video files to this program, and click the Edit icon at the top toolbar.

Select Edit Icon

Step 2 Crop video

Switch to the Crop tab, where you can move the yellow frame from the left preview window to adjust the crop area. Alternatively, you can set the crop value by choosing from the right options to confirm the cropping area and position.

Crop Video

Effect Video

Step 1 Select a video file

Select one video file after you add video files to this program, and click the Edit icon at the top toolbar.

Select Edit Icon

Step 2 Adjust video effects

Here, you should navigate to the Effect tab.

Then move the threshold slider to adjust the brightness, contrast, saturation, and hue.

Besides, the video audio volume is also available for you to choose.

Adjust Video Effects

Watermark Video

Step 1 Select a video file

Select one video file after you add video files to this program, and click the Edit icon at the top toolbar.

Select Edit Icon

Step 2 Watermark video

Go to the Watermark tab, and checkmark the option of Enable Watermark.

Then select Text or Picture to input the text watermark or add an image as your video logo.

You can adjust the text style, size, font, color, and move the watermark area to any place in this video.

Watermark Video