Part 1: How to Create DVD

1. Insert a blank DVD to the DVD drive. Download, Install and launch AnyMP4 DVD Creator on your computer. Select DVD Disc option first.


2. Check the video file and click "Audio" bar or "Subtitle" bar on the right, you come to the "Edit Audio/Subtitle" window. Here you can hit the "Add Audio" or “Add Subtitle” to insert an external audio track or subtitle, and adjust just setting by dragging the progress bar.

Adjust language, position, transparency and delay in Subtitle option.

Adjust language, volume and delay in Audio option.

Audio Track

3. Back to the main interface, check the video and click "Power Tools". Here are two tool on the right.

The first part is Video tools. Click the “Video Edit” icon and you can see six option on the right list. They are Rotate, Clip, Crop, Effect, Adjust and Watermark. As you see, here are also the way to the "Edit Audio/Subtitle" window.

The second part is chapter tools. Here you can merge or split chapter and make some thumbnail settings.

Power Tools

4. After you make sure the editing settings, you need to choose the disc type, aspect ratio and video quality on the bottom bar. Then click “Next”.

5. In the following window, you can select menu template for your disc. If you do not want to add menu, just click “No Menu” on the bottom right corner. Furthermore, you also can add background music and opening film and change background. After doing these, click “Burn”.


6. In the final window, you need set the save path for the video and other settings in the below picture. Then click “Start”.

Save path

7. In the converting window, you can select the thing you want to do after done in the bottom left bar.


Part 2: How to Create Blu-ray

1. Insert a blank Blu-ray to the Blu-ray drive. Download and install AnyMP4 DVD Creator on your computer. Double click to launch it and choose Blu-ray Disc option.


2. If you want to set settings for videos and edit them, the details are the same as the steps in creating DVD. You can see them in the above.

Menu Blu-ray

3. After you make sure the editing settings and other settings, click "Next". Then it will pop up an interface to set path and other converting settings for you. Click "Start" and it will create Blu-ray for you.

Create Blu-ray