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Better than expected
Clarence | 2018-01-03 10:05:05
You simply insert the Blu-Ray disc of choice and choose the output quality settings and click the start button. The Blu-ray Copy is pretty good and the created blu-ray also looked good on our BD Player. So far I am satisfied.

Worth Buying
Bard | 2017-12-07 14:45:40
Awsome product, great performance, excellent quality. The soundtrack alone makes the software worth buying. Two thumbs way up!

They provide Warm and Considerate Tech Support
Aaron | 2017-08-08 09:35:25
I am a technician. Throughout my research and testing, I've come to realize that surprisingly most manufacturers of Blu-ray software don't records technical support. But I can contact this company via email for specific technical issues and receive timely reply. This is really a very user-friendly experience.

Give me very good video quality
Ada | 2016-07-18 09:20:35
This Blu-ray Copy offers high caliber video output. Loss of quality is extremely minimal and we didn't notice any skips within the audio or video.

Easy of Use!
Irene | 2015-05-27 18:25:56
I was surprised when using this easy software. It can meet my need of copying Blu-ray. But the function is simple. Hopefully they will either update this converter or use a better one in the future.

The final output quality is awesome!
Eliss | 2014-02-18 13:25:57
AnyMP4 Blu-ray Copy Platinum worked relatively well for me. It's a piece of cake to backup my Blu-ray disk with this powerful Blu-ray copy software. BTW, the speed and output quality is awesome.

Worth to use
Gates | 2014-01-14 15:32:13
I have lots of favorite movies on Blu-ray disks. I copy them with AnyMP4 Blu-ray copy platinum and put the original away and watch the copies. That's because my five years' old son would often damaged the disks. It's worth to buy and use. No more worries at my kids. And it's convenience to use.

The copy is almost same as the original one.
Ann | 2013-11-28 09:46:06
I have used it to copy my blu-ray disc and the quality of output file is good. The copy is almost same as the original one. And the burning speed is fast. It just took few minutes to finish all the progress. I like it!

Don't need to worry about losing my BD collections again!
Deby | 2013-9-12 11:34:29
Since I have had this magic software, I have never worried about losing my BD collections again! I can use it to copy my blu-ray discs and preserve all my favorite blu-ray videos.

My real friend to bring me much enjoyment!
Lucas | 2013-7-16 14:15:56
Before it comes into my life, I haven't seen such fantastic software which can bring me the fast copying speed and high image quality. With it, I can enjoy the films and preserve the BD collections for treasure. I love it indeed.

Both miraculous and practical software
Paul | 2013-6-22 09:12:38
I know this software by chance and at first I'm not sure about it, but I was surprised after I used it to copy my blu-ray discs to ISO image files. Especially I'm satisfied with the intuitive interface and the function that I can choose my favorite audio and subtitle stream. It's so convenient and friendly program.

Best software to copy Blu-ray disc!
Karl | 2013-5-09 11:23:56
Last a few days I wanted to backup my precious Blu-ray movies on a new blank Blu-ray disc, my friends recommend me AnyMP4 Blu-ray Copy software. I tried and found it very easy to use. The copying speed and quality make me like it so much. Wonderful!

It is worth trying!
Tinrrey | 2013-3-08 15:06:17
Last week I bought AnyMP4 Blu-ray Copy Platinum and had a try, my family are all like it so much, because I choose the "Main movie" copy mode to just copy the main movie, it has a very good picture effect, and the copy speed is very fast. The four copy modes can really meet our needs. Besides, I like its neat interface, only a few clicks can I finish the whole burning process.

Such wonderful Blu-ray Copier!
Jane | 2013-2-26 09:03:43
I have backuped my favorite Blu-ray disc to my hard drive with your Blu-ray Copier software, the backuped Blu-ray folder is great and have no video image quality loss. I like this software very much!

Great software to back up Blu-ray discs!
Gloria | 2013-2-20 11:08:05
I have many Blu-ray discs, and I'm afraid they may get lost or corrupted. Now I don't need to worry about that because I've got AnyMP4 Blu-ray Copy Platinum, which makes perfect 1:1 ratio clone. I love this software.

The Blu-ray Copy software I really want.
Sannly | 2013-2-22 10:12:07
I have purchased AnyMP4 Blu-ray Copy Platinum for few months, and found it is the ideal software I really want. I don't like the software that owns ornate appearance, which seems very special, but have no other practical use; I'm just a Blu-ray zealot and need some Blu-ray Copy software to handle my numbers of Blu-ray discs. To my surprise, your software is very fit to my requirements.
I have downloaded and installed it, very easy to complete the installation; the pop up main interface is intuitive. I like the simple and clear design, which brings me relief and much more entertainment. Four copy modes I can choose flexibly: Full Copy, Main movie, Copy write, and Clone. I always use the main movie mode to copy the longest movie of the Blu-ray disc to a blank Blu-ray disc, as it allows me to choose the audio track and subtitle and helps me save a large volume when I choose compression burning. Of course, the effect of target Blu-ray movie is the same with original one, at least I find it have no difference with the original when play target Blu-ray movie on my BD player device.
Well, the specific feature is the little preview window, I have found other multiple Blu-ray Copies but have no this function. But I recommend AnyMP4 team could make a larger preview window and I can enjoy my Blu-ray movie directly with your software on my computer and don't need to install other BD player software. Er…maybe my advice is just a little bit word but perhaps the idea of many other users, hoping your software be much better than ever and owns many more fans.
In one word, I really like your software! By the way, the copy speed is ideal to me, so fast, so nice. Such simple, easy-to-use, and user-friendly Blu-ray Copier, I really want!

I love this versatile Blu-ray Copy Platinum.
Diana | 2013-2-15 9:08:31
Wonderful software! I can choose Main Movie copy mode to copy the longest movie, which greatly saves my time. Also, it's very user-friendly.

Four copy modes and easy to operate.
Bennett | 2013-2-6 16:21:17
This software owns four copy modes for me to choose. It totally meets my different copy needs. Also, this software is very easy to operate with concise and user-friendly design.

Best Blu-ray Copy software ever!
Albert | 2013-1-27 13:41:43
As for the Blu-ray Copy software, there's no better one than AnyMP4 Blu-ray Copy Platinum. It's very easy to operate, and the burning speed is lightening.

Burn best-quality Blu-ray disc very fast!
Terry | 2012-12-31 11:08:05
This AnyMP4 Blu-ray Copy Platinum can burn the Blu-ray disc with Blu-ray folder and Blu-ray iOS image file. The quality is incredible and the burning speed is very fast. I strongly recommend this software to you.

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