How to copy Blu-ray disc/folder/ISO file

1. After downloading this software to your computer, install and launch it as the main interface.


2. Insert the Blu-ray disc with video to your computer with a Blu-ray player for copying Blu-ray disc to Blu-ray disc/folder/ISO file.

3. Select copying mode from "Full Disc" , "Main Movie", "Clone" and "Write Data". Here The "Main Movie" mode means that this Blu-ray Copy Program can copy the main content of the Blu-ray movie. And the advertising, preliminary and ending credits etc. are not included. In "Cloning" mode, you can clone Blu-ray disc to a 1: 1 Blu-ray disc and create Blu-Ray ISO file from Blu-Ray Disc. "Write Data" means that this Blu-ray Copy Software can copy Blu-ray Disc to Blu-ray ISO file.

Select Mode

4. If you want to copy Blu-ray folder/ISO file to Blu-ray disc, just insert a blank Blu-ray disc, and select "ISO file" or Blu-ray folder in "target" option.

5. Click "Start" to make Blu-ray copy.