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10 Best VOB File Player for Windows 11/10/8/7 and Mac 2024

10 Best VOB File Player for Windows 11/10/8/7 and Mac 2024

VOB is the video container on DVDs that packs digital video, audio, subtitles, DVD menus and more. More importantly, VOB files are usually encrypted by region code, copyright protection and more. Plus, VOB files are formatted as MPEG-2 system streams.

It means that most standard media players, such as Windows Media Player and QuickTime, cannot decode VOB videos. That may be why people asked how to play VOB files on Windows 10 and other operating systems. This article will identify and share top 10 best VOB player software for Windows 11/10/8/7 and Mac and above users to enjoy VOB videos with the best quality.

VOB Players

Part 1: Top 5 professional VOB players for Windows and Mac

Top 1: AnyMP4 Blu-ray Player

AnyMP4 Blu-ray Player is the best way to play VOB files on Windows Windows 11/10/8/7 and Mac OS X/11/12/13.


  • Support a wide range of video file formats, including VOB, AVI, MOV, MKV, MTS, etc.
  • Play optical discs, ISO image files and Blu-ray disc folders smoothly.
  • Use advanced algorithm to decrypt video files on Blu-ray discs and DVDs.
  • mport and play 4K and 1080p HD videos without losing quality.
  • Utilize hardware and software acceleration technologies to offer the best audiovisual experiences.

We use a Windows 10 as the example to show you the procedure.

1.Import an VOB file into the best VOB player

Get the top VOB player install on your computer and launch it from your desktop. Click the Open File button and load the VOB file in the open file dialog.

Free Download For Windows

Secure Download

Free Download For macOS

Secure Download

Tip: If you put a disc into your optical drive, press the Load Disc button, and the VOB player will recognize the video files automatically.


2.Control the playback of VOB video

When you are presented the menu window, select your favorite audio and subtitle tracks. Once press the Play icon at the bottom, the VOB video will start. All quick control options can be found at the bottom area, such as Pause, Stop, Snapshot, Volume, and more. To adjust the custom options related to video and audio, click the Video or Audio menu on the top ribbon.


Top 2: Aurora Blu-ray Media Player


Aurora Blu-ray Media Player is another VOB player software for Windows and Mac. Compatible almost video formats like VOB, AVCHD, MKV, FLV, MPEG-4 or MOV, you can directly open the VOB files on your computer.


  • Decode VOB, MPEG, ASF, SWF, WMV, MOV, MP4 and other popular video formats.
  • Support Blu-ray and DVD playback in English, French, German and Japanese.
  • Add external subtitles to your VOB videos based on your need.
  • Compatible with bot Windows 10/8/7 and Mac OS X/11/12.
  • Offer multiple license plans to meet different demands.

Top 3: Tipard Blu-ray Player

Tipard Blu-ray Player

Tipard Blu-ray Player is similar to AnyMP4 BLu-ray Player, which can open VOB files from a DVD disc, folder or ISO file. Support over 300 formats, it can play almost all video and audio files.


  • Play VOB files on any DVDs and Blu-ray discs without limitations.
  • Support 4K UHD/4K and full 1080p HD videos.
  • In addition to VOB, also compatible with popular video and audio formats.
  • Pack a friendly interface to let you navigate quickly and easily.
  • Rely on hardware to improve the performance of VOB playback.

Top 4: Flip Player Pro

Flip Player Pro

Flip Player Pro from Telestream is an upgrade from the free Flip4Mac Player. It contains all the features of Flip4Mac Player and expand them. Surely, it lets you play VOB videos and convert Windows Media video and audio files on your Mac.


  • Playback VOB on Mac OS X and above without any lagging or interruption.
  • Get full control of VOB playback on your computer with hotkeys.
  • Pack a concise interface and fit first-timers as well as experienced users.
  • Offer bonus functionalities, such as loop playback and instant replay.
  • Quickly start VOB playback with the Recent Media list.

Top 5: Elmedia Player Pro


Elmedia Player is a Mac VOB video player that offers advanced playback and streaming options. Apart from playing the loca VOB files, it can also stream local video files to Chromecast, AirPlay, Roku and DLNA devices.


  • Play encrypted VOB videos on Windows 10/8/7 and Mac OS X/11/12.
  • Support almost all commonly used video formats, like AVI, FLV, MP4, RMVB, etc.
  • Watch videos in full screen, small screen and customized screen.
  • Adjust video quality, audio equalization, and playback speed.
  • Create bookmarks on the favorite parts of a video or audio.

Part 2: Top 5 free VOB players for Windows and Mac

Top 1: VLC Media Player


VLC Media Player is a free VOB file player on Mac, Windows, Linux, iOS and Android. It works cross-platform to support over 100 video and audio formats, so that you can open the media files portably.


  • Compatible with almost all video and audio formats, including VOB, AVI, MKV, etc.
  • Work with libdvdcss to read encrypted VOB video files.
  • Adjust audio tracks and subtitles in VOB videos.
  • Convert VOB videos to other popular formats and mobile devices.
  • Pack bonus functionalities in this free VOB player.

Top 2: Media Player Classic

Media Player Classic

Media Player Classic (MPC-HC), is a light-weight, and free VOB media player for Windows. With its wide array of options, Media Player Classic can be customized to meet almost your needs.


  • Free of charge and available to most Windows operating systems.
  • Support almost all multimedia formats compatible with Windows.
  • Control the video playback with both buttons and hotkeys.
  • Include an intuitive interface and easy to master by beginners.
  • Built-in the codecs for MPEG-2 video and VOB files for free.

Top 3: KMPlayer


KMPlayer is a free VOB player for Android, iOS, and Windows. It offers all the absic playback settings like Screen Setting, Speed control, Equalizer, Section Repeat, Background Play, Section Repeat, and more.


  • Play a large number of formats covering MPEG-1/2/4, MKV, AVI, Ogg, etc.
  • Let you watch VOB files on Windows 10/8/7 without any trouble.
  • Fully control the video playback with both internal and external filters.
  • Allow you to set and modify audio and video effects, playback speed, and more.
  • Expandable and flexible with plugins.

Top 4: Apple DVD VOB Player

Apple DVD VOB Player

Can QuickTime play VOB files? No

Apple DVD VOB Player is the free built-in DVD VOB player on Mac computer. Unlick QuickTime does not play DVD VOB files, the Mac DVD player can open the VOB files directly on Mac.


  • Supports all VOB video files on the standard DVDs.
  • Let you choose your favorite audio and subtitle tracks when playback.
  • Decide to play all VOB files on a DVD or certain VOB videos.
  • Contain the Touch Bar support in the latest update.
  • Free to use and update without any limitations.

Top 5: SMPlayer


SMPlayer is the last one free VOB file player in the list. It works for Windows and Linux with built-in codecs that can encode and open virtually all video and audio formats.


  • Built-in codecs that contains oceans of video formats, including VOB.
  • Remember your preferences and start from the interrupted point automatically.
  • Search and download subtitles from the internet.
  • Provide advanced settings for free.

Part 3: FAQs of VOB player

What is a VOB file and how do I play it?

VOB is the container format in DVD-video media. It can hold video, audio, subtitle, DVD menu and navigation contents. Files in VOB may be encrypted. A player of generic MPEG-2 can play the unencrypted VOB files. Besides, VLC, AnyMP4 Blu-ray Player, KMPlayer, GOM Player, etc., can also open the VOB files.

Can VOB play Windows Media Player?

Yes, Windows Media Player, as the default player on Windows computer can playback the VOB files directly.

Can VLC play VOB?

Yes, VLC can play the VOB files. After you copied the DVD, you can click the folder and choose VLC to play the VOB files.


This post has shared top 10 best VOB player software for everyone to enjoy VOB video files on Windows 10/8/7 and Mac OS X/11/12. Unlike other video formats, VOB is designed for DVDs. Therefore, it uses special codec to encode video contents and is encrypted. The VOB players we shared in this post are able to decode VOB videos and offer great audiovisual experiences. Now, you can pick your favorite player and enjoy your videos.

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