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Full Guide to Using AnyMP4 Android Data Recovery for Mac


AnyMP4 Android Data Recovery for Mac is an Android data recovering software. You can recover deleted or lost data from Android phones and tablets with its help. You can not only find back contacts, messages, videos, photos and audio, but also recover WhatsApp data, documents and gallery.

Apart from recovering function, AnyMP4 Android Data Recovery for Mac also can help you backup your lost files including music video photos, WhatsApp, and documents and refresh the system and manage your phone and data. By the way, with the updated version, we add the individual information protection function to this software. AnyMP4 Android Data Recovery for Mac can help you recover any data you need on the base of the personal information security.


Install and Register


Step 1: To install AnyMP4 Android Data Recovery for Mac, you need to download it on your Mac. Here is the download link:

Step 2: Open the downloaded file. Then it will install AnyMP4 Android Data Recovery for Mac.



When you first launch this software, the register window will pop up for you. Input your e-mail address and the registration code you received.


You also can click the key icon on the top right corner of the interface to open the register window.

It is the same to click Help list to find "Register" option.


Email Address: The email address is the email you used when you bought the program.

Registration Code: Copy and paste the registration code you received after the successful purchase in your email inbox.

Note: After you purchased it successfully, the registration code will be sent to your email address that you filled in the order form.

Set Output and Backup Path

For recovering your data, we need a set path for our recovered files. So you need set the save path for your files.

Click "Preferences" by clicking "AnyMP4 Android Data Recovery for Mac" on the top left corner of screen.


You will see the preferences window. In this window, you can set the path the output path and the backup path.


Recover Android Data

Step 1: Connect Devices

Double click the software icon to launch it. After the start, choose "Android Data Recovery" part. Then you need to connect your Android devices to Mac via USB.


After you connect device, you need to tap OK on your phone.


Step 2. Select and Scan Data

After connecting successfully, AnyMP4 Android Data Recovery will show a list listing all the data types. Choose the data type you want to recover and click "Next".


It will check you Android device information and scan your data on your Android device.

Check information

Then it will pop up a window for you to authorize FoneGo App. (FoneGo is just a 100% safe app, which allows the program access the data on your phone.)

For Android 8.0 below, you only need to tap Allow on your Android phone.

But for Android 8.0 above, it will pop up a window on your devices for asking you whether allow it to access your information. There are four parts on it, contacts, call log, messages and storage. If you are sure, you need click "Allow" on your device for every part you need to scan.


If there is no authorization window pop up on your phone, you can click the link above the buttons. Then your phone interface will jump to App Permissions page, and you can authorize FoneGo App on your phone by hand for those parts.


If it shows you "Authorization failed", click "Retry" in blue to authorize again.

Retry Authorization

After it shows "Successful Authorization" for the parts you want to scan, click "Scan authorized files".

Scan authorized files

Then it will pop up a window for you to make sure the data to scan. If they are right, click "Continue to scan authorized files" to start scanning the data of the authorized parts for you. If not, you can click "Go back for permission" to go back to the authorization window.

Continue to scan authorizes files

Because the first scanning is the Standard Scan, there would be not all deleted or lost data on your device. So if you can’t find the data you want, you can click "Deep Scan" on the bottom right corner to deep scan the data again.

Deep Scan

Step 3. Recover Data

Select the data type on the left bar. If you want to recovery all data of one type, you can tap the type on the left bar. If you only want to recovery some files, just click the file on the right table.

Or you also can click "OFF" to recover deleted files.

Recover Data

After you have decided the data you want to recovery, click "Recover" button on the right down corner to start. In few seconds, it will be done. And it will pop up the target folder you have set.