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AnyMP4 TransMate is the one-stop data management tool for iOS devices (iPhone, iPad and iPod) and Android phone on PC. It transfers photos, contacts, music, and videos among iOS devices without iTunes. Besides, getting rid of Move to iOS app, you can easily sync data from old Android phone to iPhone without Wi-Fi, but the USB cable quickly and safely. Besides, not only videos, music, or videos, it also copies contacts from Android phone to another Android phone without SD card. For mobile phone with small storage, it can easily backup data from phone to computer to free up space.

What's more, its toolbox lets you create ringtones for iPhone and Android directly, and convert iPhone HEIC images to JPEG or PNG for opening on Windows compute or Android phone conveniently. Massive contacts can be also backed up in one click and restored to the original phone with this magic software.


Install and Register

Install Software

Step 1 Free download AnyMP4 TransMate from the official website.

Step 2 Double click the downloaded .exe file. Then it will pop up the install window. Select the language first, and follow the onscreen instructions to read the License Agreement carefully and click "Next".


Step 3 Then you need to select the path where you install the software. Click "Next" to tick the box before shortcuts and users optionally and "Next" and "Install" to start installing this program. After the process of completing the installation, you can click "Finish" to run this software on your computer.


Register Software

Every time you run the free trial version of this software; the register window will pop up for you. Click "Register" to input your e-mail address and the registration code in the bar to register it.

Do not see the register window? Just click the key icon on the top right corner of the interface to open the register window.


Email Address: The email address is the email you used when you bought the program.

Registration Code: Copy and paste the registration code you received after the successful purchase in your email inbox.


1. After you purchased it successfully, the registration code (A string of characters marked as Activation key) will be sent to your email address.

2. The free trial is only valid for 30 days.

Preferences Settings

Click the menu in three-dash in the top-right corner to select "Preferences" to customize your favourite settings, where you can set General, Photos, Music, Videos and Others.

General settings

Navigate the "General" settings, and you can set the common, log, temporary files and close program. You can tick the box to check for updates automatically, open the folder after transferring to computer, customize the temporary file location, etc.

General settings

Photos settings

Switch to "Photos" tab, and you will see the HEIC format and photo information settings. You should check them carefully because it will affect the photos after exporting HEIC images viewing on your computer.

Photos settings

Music settings

Change to "Music" tab, and you will see the ringtone and music settings. You are optionally open the ringtone maker or convert to ringtones while adding songs to Ringtones tab. Besides, while exporting music files, you are able to use the original date or modified/exported date.

Music settings

Video settings

Go to "Video" tab, you can set Video Quality and Video Information. Under Video Quality, you can choose to get High, Normal or Low Quality when you import videos to iOS device with unsupported formats. Under Video Information, you can choose to keep the original date information or use the modified date after you export videos from iOS devices.

Video settings

Others settings

"Other" tab is designed for helping user experience after your authorization.

Others settings

Update & Uninstall

Check for Update

Apart from updating the software automatically via the settings in "Preferences" (mentioned above), you are also allowed to upgrade this software manually.

Click the menu in the three-dash at the top-right corner to select "Check Update…", and then a latest version will be detected automatically. You just need to follow the onscreen instructions to download and install the latest version of this software.

Check for Update

Uninstall Software

There are two ways available to uninstall AnyMP4 TransMate from your computer:

Way 1: Click Windows Start menu, go to "All Programs", find "AnyMP4 TransMate", and select "Uninstall".

Way 2: Click Windows Start menu, go to "Settings" and select "Control Panel" to open Windows Control Panel. Then double click "Add or Uninstall Programs/Uninstall a program", find and select the "AnyMP4 TransMate" and click "Uninstall".


Manage Data

Whether you want to export, import or delete data for iPhone and Android, you should connect phone to computer with the USB cable. If you want to share files from one phone to another one phone, just connect both devices to computer, and enable the source phone to be showed in the device list.

Manage Data

Manage Photos

AnyMP4 TransMate is the powerful photo management software for iPhone and Android on computer. It can transfer photos from one device to another device, delete photos from albums, create a new album, and view the photo information easily on computer.

Manage Photos

① Add photos from computer to iPhone/Android

Click the add button to import one, multiple, even the folder photos from computer to your iPhone or Android phone.

Add photos

② Sync photos from one phone to another phone

For syncing images from iPhone to Android, or iPhone to iPad, you need to enable iPhone to be the source, then select the photos or albums and finally click "Export to Device" to select your phone name to start transferring the pictures from to another phone.

Sync photos

③ Export images from phone to computer

For saving the images from phone to computer, you just need to select the photos, and click "Export to PC" to complete the task.

Export images

④ Delete photos from iPhone and Android

The steps of deleting the images from your phone are also easy. Select the images and click the "Delete" button to start removing the images from your phone

Delete photos

⑤ Refresh photos on iPhone and Android

When your photos made some changes on iPhone or Android while connecting to this software, you should click "Refresh" to access the latest data from your phone in this program.

Refresh photos

⑥ Create new photo albums

Click the toolbox and select "Create Album" from the drop-down list to create a new album for managing your photos.

Create new photo albums

⑦ Move photos from one album to another one

Find the photos that you want to sync to another one album, right-click to select "Add to Album".

Move photos

Manage Music

AnyMP4 TransMate is the music organizer to import, export and delete music files from iPhone and Android on computer conveniently.

Manage Music

① Add music files from computer to iPhone/Android

Click the add button to import one, multiple, even the whole music folder from computer to your iPhone or Android phone.

Add music

② Sync songs from one phone to another phone

For copying songs from one phone to another phone, you need to enable the source to be showed firstly. Then select the songs or playlists and finally click "Export to Device" to select your target phone name to start transferring the songs from one phone to another phone.

Sync songs

③ Export audio files from phone to computer

For saving your audio files like audiobook, ringtones, etc., from phone to computer, you just need to select the audio files and click "Export to PC" to finish the transferring process.

Export audio

④ Delete audio files or playlists from iPhone and Android

For deleting the songs from iPhone or Android, you just need to select the songs and click the "Delete" button to remove the music files from your phone

The steps of deleting the music playlist, you just need to right-click the playlist name and select "Delete Playlist".

Delete audio

⑤ Refresh audio files on iPhone and Android

While connecting your phone to this software, you may change (delete or add) the audio types on your phone. At this point, you need to click "Refresh" to make the audio files up-to-date in this software.

Refresh audio

⑥ Create ringtones for iPhone and Android

For creating the ringtones for your phone, you just need to select the song and then click the bell icon to start making ringtones, where you need to set the ringtone length, volume and optionally add to device, and do not forget to click "Generate" to start creating ringtones.

Create ringtones

⑦ Create new music playlists

When you want to classify the songs into one playlist, just select the songs and then click the portfolio icon on the top and select "Create Playlist".

Create new music playlists

⑧ Export songs from one playlist to another one

Select the audio files that you want to put in another playlist, just right-click them and select "Add to Playlist"

Export songs

Manage Videos

When you have videos or movie that want to manage, AnyMP4 TransMate will help you exactly.

It is capable of adding videos, export movies, deleting the unwanted videos, and more on your computer.

Manage Videos

① Add videos from computer to iPhone/Android

Click the add button to put one, multiple, even the whole music folder from computer into your iPhone or Android phone for playback on the go.

Add videos

② Share phone videos with another phone

For moving videos from one phone to another phone, you just need to select the movies that you want to share, and click "Export to Device" to select another phone name to start copying.

Share phone videos

③ Copy movies from phone to computer

For important movie moments, you had better back up them from phone to computer. Select the videos and click the "Export to PC" icon to transfer movies from phone to computer for backup.

Copy movies

④ Delete videos from iPhone and Android

For managing the massive video files on your iPhone or Android, you can delete the unwanted videos to free up more space.

Select the videos and click the "Delete" button to get rid of the videos from your phone on computer.

Delete videos

⑤ Refresh video files on iPhone and Android

While using this software to manage your phone data, you should not change any video files on your phone. If you made some changes, you should refresh the files in this software.

Click the "Refresh" button to access the latest the video files in this software.

Refresh video

⑥ View and copy videos information to clipboard

While transferring videos from phone to another device, most of you may want to keep the original data information. TransMate is the tool that will help you definitely. Just select the video file that you want to view, and right-click to select "Video Info" and you can view the whole video information and copy to clipboard.

View and copy videos information

Manage Contacts

Contacts on iPhone or Android are very important to keep in touch with others. TransMate is the contact management tool which create new contacts, import/export/delete contacts from phone on computer easily.

Manage contacts

① Create new contacts

For adding new contacts into your phone, it comes to be easier on computer than that on phone. Just click the plus icon on the top-left. Then it will show you an information list on the right of the new contact. You need to fill in the information, like name, phone number, email address, photo, etc. Then click "Save" to create a new contact.

Create new contacts

② Import contacts from computer to phone

If you have ever saved the contact backup on your computer as the CSV or vCard format, then you can directly import the backup directly.

Just click the icon next to plus icon, and select the contacts backup format and choose it to import the contacts from computer to phone.

Import contacts

③ Sync contacts from one phone to another phone

Similarly, you can use this software to transfer contacts from the old phone to new phone. Just make the source phone show firstly in the device list, and then select the contacts that you want to share with the other phone, and click "Export to Device" to select your target phone name to start transferring the contacts.

Sync contacts

④ Export contacts from phone to computer

It is a good habit to backup contacts to computer for avoiding contacts loss. TransMate is the software that does it exactly. Select the contacts on your phone, and click "Export to PC" to move the contacts backup to computer easily.

Export contacts

⑤ Delete contacts

When some contacts are not valid, you should delete them to manage your phone efficiently. Unlike phone settings, TransMate is the intelligent way to help you delete one, multiple, even all the contacts from phone.

Just checkmark the contacts you do not want to keep, and click the delete icon at the menu to remove the contacts from your phone.

Delete contacts

⑥ Refresh contacts in this software

When using this software to manage your contacts, you may also make some changes on your phone. For loading the latest contacts information, you should click the refresh icon.

Refresh contacts

⑦ Find contact duplicates and merge them

Duplicated contacts on phone are very common, when you made the backup restore. For those stuttered contacts on phone, you need to remove them.

Click the double squares icon on the top, and this software will scan the contact duplicates.

Wait for seconds, you will see all the duplicates, you can select the duplicates and click "Merge Selected" to de-duplicate the contacts.

Find contact duplicates

⑧ Create/rename/delete group contacts and remove/add contacts to group

When you have many contacts, putting the contacts into different group is the good solution.

Click the portfolio icon on the top and you will see various options, New Group, Rename Group, Delete Group, Add to Group, Remove from Group, etc.

Select the option you need to manage your group contacts.

Create/rename/ delete group contacts

Alternatively, you are able to right-click the blank on the left bar to rename, create new or delete group directly.

⑨ Edit contact information

When your contacts information change, you should update them timely. Select the contact that you want to edit, and click "Edit" on the top-right-corner to edit the contact information like creating a new contact.

Edit contact information

⑩ Backup selected contacts and restore

If you do not want to backup all the contacts at one time, just try TransMate to help you backup selected contacts and restore.

Click the portfolio icon on the top and select "Backup" to start to backup the selected contacts from phone to computer.

For restoring it, you just follow the similar steps to select "Restore".

Backup selected contacts and restore

Manage Messages

Messages on your iPhone and Android are also the important moments. To backup the messages and attachments from phone to computer is the necessity.

① Export messages to computer

Go to "Messages" tab, and you can see all the messages from your phone. Select the messages that you want to export, and click "Export to PC" to save the messages from phone to computer as CSV, HTML or TXT.

Export messages

② Search and view messages on computer

Cannot find the message from the big message library? Just use the search feature of TransMate.

Input the words that are included into the messages, and click the search icon to find the messages that you need.

Search and view messages


Apart from the basic management functions from TransMate, it also offers the toolbox, which helps you to dig more features from this software.

Contacts Backup & Restore

Contacts Backup will help you to backup all the contacts from phone to computer, and you can only restore the contacts to your phone with this software.

After connecting your phone to computer, click "Toolbox" and select "Contacts Backup" and this software will start backing up all the contacts to computer.

Contacts Backup & Restore

For contacts restore, you just need to click "Contacts Restore" and this software will detect all the backups on this computer with the program, select the contacts backup you need, and click "Restore" to restore the contacts to your computer.

Contacts Restore

Ringtones Maker

Ringtone Maker is the way of creating your favourite ringtones from any music you possess on computer or phone.

Step 1 Click "Ringtone Maker" from the toolbox. And choose the source of music from your phone or PC.

Ringtone Maker

Step 2 Set the Starting point and Ending point, adjust the volume of your ringtone, and then tick the box before "Add to device" optionally to click "Generate" finally to start to make the ringtone for phone.


the length time is not less than 40 seconds for iPhone iPad and iPod.

HEIC Converter

HEIC or HEIF is the image format created from iPhone or iPad. It is compressed efficiently with high quality. However, the format is not compatible with Windows compute and some Android phones. For reading and opening the HEIC images easily, you should convert HEIC to JPEG or PNG.

That's what TransMate can do for you.

Step 1 Click "HEIC Converter" under the toolbox. And select the HEIC files from your phone or PC.

HEIC Converter

Step 2 Select the format from JPEG or PNG, adjust the image quality, set the location to save the converted images and optionally decide to keep Exif data. Click "Convert" to start converting HEIC images to PNG or JPEG on your computer.