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Before you start ripping your DVD movie, please download AnyMP4 DVD Ripper for Mac first. Then install the program on your Mac. After installing successfully, you can add this ripper to the Application folder on Mac. Launch it and take the next step.


You need to register AnyMp4 DVD Ripper for Mac if you want to enjoy full features without any limitations. The Comparison window should show up automatically after you launch the program. Click the Register button to go to the Activate window. You can also wake this window by clicking the Key icon on the top-right corner or selecting the Register... option from the Help menu.

In the Activate window, you need to enter your Email Address and Registration Code that you received after purchasing this product. Click Activate to enjoy all features.

Activate Program

Note: During the registration process, please make sure that your computer is connected to a valid internet.


To improve the performances and fix bugs, AnyMP4 offers registered users free updates. You can upgrade the program to get the latest and best user experience.

Method 1: If you want to update this software manually, just open the Help menu and select the Check Update... option. It will detect if there’s a new update. If so, you can download and install it immediately.

Check Update

Method 2: If you don’t like to check for updates manually, you can go to Preferences and enable the Check for Updates Automatically setting. Then we will notify you every time an update is available.

Check for Update Automatically

Method 3: The official product page always offers the latest version of the software. So, you can download the program there directly.


To open the Preferences window, please click the program name on the top left of the screen. It will open a dropdown menu where you can find the Preferences... option. Click it and you can change the program settings as you like.

Select Preferences

Here you can change the default language for subtitle and audio track. You can also adjust the destination folder to save those output files and snapshots. AnyMP4 even makes it possible for you to accelerate the converting process with the advanced GPU Acceleration technology.

Preferences Windows


AnyMP4 DVD Ripper for Mac is designed for ripping DVD freely and conveniently. You can rip your DVD files to video/audio, DVD folder, and DVD ISO file.

Step 1 Load DVD

Click Load DVD at the top-left of the interface. Choose your DVD resource from the menu popping up, including Load DVD Disc, Load DVD ISO, Load DVD Folder, Load AVCHD Disc, and Load AVCHD Folder. It is worth mentioning that you must insert a DVD into the DVD drive on your computer if you want to choose Load DVD Disc. In addition, you can also drag your DVD file into the ripper.

Load DVD

After the DVD disc is inserted successfully, you can see the main title. Click Full Title List and you’ll see all the titles of your DVD file.

Full Title List

Select the titles you want to add and click OK.

Select Titles

Step 2 Select Output Format

You can rip your DVD file to video/audio, DVD folder, or DVD ISO folder according to your need.

(1) Rip to Video/Audio

Click the inverted triangle on the right of the interface and choose Rip to Video/Audio.

Rip to Video Audio

You can choose the format by clicking the inverted triangle next to Rip All to. We recommend MPG Lossless for that you can rip your DVD file with original quality. Of course, you can select other common formats like MP4 for video and MP3 for audio as you like.

Select Other Format

In addition, you can also choose different formats for each title. For example, you can select MP4 for Title 10, MKV for Title 11, and MP3 for Title 12.

Select Formats Seperately

(2) Rip to DVD Folder

Click the inverted triangle and choose Rip to DVD Folder.

Rip to DVD Folder

(3) Rip to DVD ISO File

Click the inverted triangle and choose Rip to DVD ISO File.

Rip to DVD iOS File

Step 3 Start Ripping

Click Rip All and you’ll get the ripped file. In addition, by clicking the folder image at the bottom of the interface, you can change the folder in which you want to put the ripped file.

Rip All

Edit DVD Titles

AnyMP4 DVD Ripper provides you with multiple choices to edit your file before the final ripping (except for the format of MPG Lossless). Click the star or scissor image and you’ll enter the edit window.

Edit DVD

Trim & Split Video

Click the scissor image and you’ll see the cut window. You can split a long video into several segments. Click Add Segment and then cut the video in two ways, including adjusting the rectangle under the video or changing the time in Set Start, Duration and Set End. After all that, click Save.

Trim Split

Rotate & Crop

Click the star image and you’ll see the interface of Rotate & Crop first. There are four types of Rotation for your need, including Left Rotate, Right Rotate, Horizontal Flip, and Vertical Flip. In terms of cropping, you can change the Crop Area value or drag the yellow rectangle in the left window. You can also change Aspect Ratio and Zoom Mode.

Rotate Crop

Effect & Filter

Click Effect & Filter at the top of the interface. You can adjust Basic Effect like contrast, saturation, brightness and hue. Choose the filter you like to make your video more attractive.

Effect Filter

Add Watermark

Click Watermark at the top of the interface. Check Text and input the text you want to add. You can also add an image as the watermark. You can choose the font and color of the text. You can change the size of your text by changing the size value or dragging the rectangle in the video. Opacity and other settings are also changeable.

Add Watermark

Change Audio Track

Click Audio at the top of the interface. You can change the audio track, add audio track, or silence the video. If the audio and video don’t synchronize, you can adjust Delay to make them normal.

Change Audio Track

Adjust Subtitle

Click Subtitle at the top of the interface. You can change the subtitle, add external subtitle, or turn it off. You can change the position, font, opacity, etc. of the subtitle.

Adjust Subtitle

Merge Video Clips

If you add multiple videos into the interface, you can check Merge into one file to merge them all.

Merge Clips


Besides ripping DVD movies, AnyMP4 also offers you various practical tools to help you edit your video files, such as Media Metadata Editor, Video Compressor, GIF Maker, 3D Maker and Video Enhancer.


Media Metadata Editor

It is quite easy to edit the media information with this metadata editor.

Step 1 Add a Video File

Navigate to the Toolbox tab. Select Media Metadata Editor from the toolbox. Click Plus icon in the middle of the current interface and select the video file you want to edit.

Step 2 Edit Media Metadata

Here you can add an attractive cover to your video. Even if you don’t have a suitable picture, the tool enables you to take a snapshot from the video. Besides, it allows you to change the metadata of the video file. You are able to rename the file and edit the media information easily.

Media Metadata Editor

Video Compressor

This tool helps you compress a video when you want to share it on social media or your USB flash drive doesn’t have enough space.

Step 1 Add a Video File

Choose Video Compressor in Toolbox. Click the Plus icon in the rectangle to add your video file to the ripper.

Step 2 Compress the Source File

You can change the name, size, format, resolution, and bitrate of the video. Before compression, you can also change the folder in which the compressed video is stored by clicking Open Folder (a folder image). Then click Compress to start compressing.

Video Compressor

GIF Maker

If you want to extract and make a funny GIF image from a video for sharing, then this GIF maker is the one you can count on.

Step 1 Add a Video File

Open the tool named GIF Maker. Click the Plus icon on the screen. Then add the source video file you want to use.

Step 2 Adjust the Image

After loading the file that you chose, the GIF maker will display the preview on the screen. You can play, edit and cut the selected video before converting according to your need. You can decide what size and frame rate this GIF image should be. You are even capable of changing the image to a loop animation.

GIF Maker

Step 3 Generate the Image

Once you finish the adjustment, you can preview the effect by clicking the Preview button. Find a folder to store the output image file. Then click Generate GIF to start the conversion.

3D Maker

This tool enables you to make your video more impressive.

Step 1 Add A Video File

Select 3D Maker in Toolbox. Click the Plus icon in the rectangle to add your video file to the ripper.

Step 2 Make A 3D Video

In the Edit window, you can change the Anaglyph, choose to Split the screen, and adjust Depth. Then you can change the format and quality. Before generation, you can also change the stored folder. Then click Generate 3D to get your 3D video.

3D Maker

Video Enhancer

This tool is designed for enhancing the quality of your video to provide better experience.

Step 1 Add A Video File

Choose the tool named Video Enhancer. Click the Plus icon in the rectangle to add your video file to the ripper.

Step 2 Enhance the Video Quality

Here you can Upscale Resolution, Optimize Brightness and Contrast, Remove Video Noise, and Reduce Video Shaking by checking them correspondingly. Then you can choose output format and resolution. Click Preview to preview the enhanced video. Then click Enhance to export the video.

Vidoe Enhancer