6 Best Video Aspect Ratio Converter Applications on Desktop and Online

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6 Best Video Aspect Ratio Converter Applications on Desktop and Online

Video aspect ratio is one of the significant concept when it comes to digital video creative. There are some reasons why you need a video aspect ratio converter. Before posting on social media, there is recommended aspect ratio in most cases. If you do not want to distort your video, you have to alter it accordingly. Plus, it is also important to display your videos on various devices properly. This article shares top 6 best tools to meet your need.

Aspect Ratio Converter

Aspect Ratio Converter

Part 1: Top 4 Aspect Ratio Converters on Desktop

Top 1: AnyMP4 Video Converter Ultimate

AnyMP4 Video Converter Ultimate is a well-known video editor as well as video aspect ratio converter for PC and Mac. It provides two ways to alter the aspect ratio of your videos in various situations.



How to Change Video Aspect Ratio on PC

Step 1. Open videos

Run the best video aspect ratio converter once you install it on your PC. There is another version for Mac. Click the Add Files menu at upper left side and select Add Files or Add Folder to import the target videos that you want to edit. The former adds specific videos and the latter is used to open all videos in a single folder.

Add File

Step 2. Change aspect ratio

After video loading, you will see the videos in the main interface. Click the Edit icon under the first title to open it in the video editor window. Move to the Crop section, pull down the Aspect Ratio, and select a proper one. If you wish to change video aspect ratio manually, just move the crop box until you are satisfied. To use the same aspect ratio to all videos, click Apply to All. Hit OK button to confirm it.

Rotate Crop

Step 3. Save videos

When you go back to the main interface, set a destination folder in the Save to field. You can also convert the video format with the Convert All to option at upper right side. Finally, click on the Convert All button to save the videos with the proper aspect ratio.

Convert All

Top 2: Media Coder

Media Coder

Media Coder is not a video editor but a media code changer as well as aspect ratio converter. You can open several videos in popular formats and resize or change the aspect ratio easily.



Top 3: Openshot

Openshot Video Aspect Ratio

Openshot is an open-source video editor, so everyone can get the full features without paying a penny. In addition to video making and editing, it also allows you to change aspect ratios, frame rate, audio and more.



Top 4: iMovie

iMovie Aspect Ratio

iMovie is the video aspect ratio converter for Mac. As the built-in video editor on Mac, it is the easiest way to alter the aspect ratio without installing or payment. Plus, it provides basic video editing features.



Part 2: Top 2 Aspect Ratio Converters Online

Top 1: FileConverto


FileConverto is an online video aspect ratio converter. It offers a variety of presets for social media, like YouTube, Instagram and more. That makes it a good option to retouch your videos before posting.



Top 2: Clideo


Clideo is an online video editor and aspect ratio converter. It lets you upload a video and change the aspect ratio online. When it is done, you can download the new video or share to social media directly.




Best Video Crop Editor

How to Crop a Video

Part 3: FAQs about Aspect Ratio Converter

Is changing aspect ratio the same of changing dimensions of a video?

No, aspect ratio is the ratio between width and height. Once you change video aspect ratio, the dimensions may be various accordingly or not.

What is the best aspect ratio?

Sometimes, it is the composition that dictates the aspect ratio. If you are shooting a landscape in horizontal orientation, then 3:2 aspect ratio is the best choice.

What is the aspect ratio of DVD?

There are two aspect ratios supported by DVD, 4:3 also called Normal or Full Size and 16:9 also called Wide Screen. Both aspect ratios use the same picture size; however, the image is horizontally compressed on DVD and then stretched by the DVD player for 16:9.


Although video editing is not easy, you can change aspect ratio with the converters we shared in this article. Some of them are free to use, like iMovie, while others ask some kind of payment. If you have a lot of videos or need to change aspect ratio regular, AnyMP4 Video Converter Ultimate is the best choice. More questions involved with this topic? Please write a message down below this post.

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