Review of Kapwing Resizer and 3 Best Kapwing Alternatives

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Review of Kapwing Resizer and 3 Best Kapwing Alternatives

When you Google how to crop video or resize video aspect ratio on the internet, you may be recommended with the Kapwing resizer. You will be guided to a Resize Video page of Kapwing to directly crop video or resize video online.

What is Kapwing resizer and how to use it to get a video or the whole picture to fit in?

Kapwing Crop Video

Kapwing Crop Video

This post like to give you a detailed Kapwing resizer review. You can learn its main features, including Kapwing video resizer and photo resizer, pros and cons. Moreover, we will introduce you with 3 best Kapwing alternatives to free resize video for Instagram/TikTok/Facebook/YouTube, and crop image for different social media platforms.

Part 1. Kapwing Resizer Review

Kapwing is a very popular online image and video editor that mainly designed for creating and editing media files. It offers an online studio for you to directly edit a video or an image file. As an all-featured editor, Kapwing allows you to make video and picture collages, edit videos and images, add and custom subtitles, audio tracks, elements, and more.

Kapwing Site

Kapwing provides you with many useful tools including Video Editor, Resize Video, Trim Video, Convert Video, Crop Video, Crop GIF, Resize Video, Resize GIF, Resize Image, and many more. You can easily access them under the Tools menu of the Kapwing official site. This part will mainly talk about the Kapwing resizer tools, including Resize Video and Resize Image.

Kapwing Resizer Tools

In fact, whether you want to resize video or crop image with Kapwing resizer, you will be taken to the same studio page. Here you are allowed to add a video or picture from local hard drive, Google Drive, Google Photos, or online file through its URL.

Kapwing Resizer Studio

Kapwing Resize/Crop Video

You can click Add Media to upload your video file. Any popular video formats like MP4, MOV, AVI, FLV, and more are supported. After that, you need to click on the video clip and then choose Crop Video feature on the right edit window. Then you can freely crop video on Kapwing.

Kapwing Crop Video Online

If you want to trim video using Kapwing, you can click on Timing and set a right Start and End time. After the Kapwing video cropping, just click on the Export Video button on the top right, and then select a suitable option to save the resized video on your computer. You are resigned to sign in to proceed your operation.

Kapwing Export Video

Kapwing Resize Image

When you want to crop or resize a picture on Kapwing, you should also click on the Add Media to load your image file. Click and select the added picture, and then select the Crop feature on the right.

Kapwing Crop Image

You are offered with many crop options like Instagram Post, YouTube, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and more. You can also manually crop the picture. After that, click on Down Cropping button. You are asked to sign in to remove watermark.

Kapwing Crop Image for Instagram YouTube

Kapwing Resizer Pros

Both Kapwing video resizer and photo resizer are free to use.

Kapwing offers easy-to-use and powerful cropping and editing features.

Support all commonly-used video and image formats.

Your personal files are safe with Kapwing and all data will be removed from its platform.

Kapwing gives an easy file downloading and sharing service.

Kapwing Resizer Cons

The free Kapwing resizer has some limits. For instance, the file uploading limits to 250MB, and video exporting is limited to 7 minutes long, publish is limited to 3 hours per month, and more.

All Kapwing functions are gathered on one same page. It’s complex for new user to quickly use them.

Kapwing doesn’t offer some specific resizing options like resolution, frame rate, bitrate, and more.

All edited videos and images will be added with a watermark. You need to sign in your account to remove it.

Kapwing takes a really long time to upload video and image files.

Part 2. Top 3 Alternatives to Kapwing Resizer

If you are not satisfied with the Kapwing resizing feature, you can try the recommended Kapwing resizer alternatives below.

Video Converter Ultimate - Kapwing video resizer alternative

Video Converter Ultimate can be the best Kapwing video resizer alternative that can help you crop or resize video while maintain high quality. It supports all popular video formats. Better than Kapwing resizer, it allows you to cut video, crop video, and adjust aspect ratio, set new video resolution, frame rate, and do color settings, and so on. This Kapwing resizer alternative is compatible with both Windows 10/8/7 PC and Mac.

To cut and resize a video, you add your video file and then click on the Cut icon.

Cut Video

To crop video, you can click Edit icon under the imported video, click the Rotate & Crop tab, and then use crop feature to remove some unwanted region.

Rotate Crop

If you want to resize video and custom video resolution, frame rate, and other options. You can click on the output format, and then select a right format from the left panel. Click on the Custom Profile icon to resize video according to your need.

Edit Video Profile for Instagram

Image Compressor - Kapwing photo resizer alternative

Image Compressor is a free online image compressing tool that mainly designed for reducing the file size of images. When you want to resize image, you can give it a try. It supports frequently-used image formats like JPEG, PNG, SVG, and GIF. As an image resizer, it can automatically shrink image file size from MB to KB. With the adoption of the advanced algorithms, this Image Compressor can balance the best optimization and lossy compression to resize photo.

Clideo Video Resizer Online

Clideo Video Resizer Online can be a great alternative to Kapwing video resizer. It allows you to resize a video clip from computer, Dropbox, Google Drive, and online video through its URL. It is specially designed for resizing video for Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms.

Clideo Video Resizer

Clideo Video Resizer Online offers many prepared presets for all possible posts and ad types. You can set video size, output format, landscape, and more. Also, you can use its crop feature to resize video with ease.

Part 3. FAQs of Kapwing Resizer

Is Kapwing resizer free?

Yes. All features of Kapwing can be accessed and used free, including the resizing feature.

Can I use Kapwing to resize video for Instagram?

You can rely on the video cropping function in Kapwing to resize a video for Instagram. For more information, you can check how to resize video for Instagram.

Does Kapwing support multiple videos resizing?

Kapwing allows you to add and edit one or several files at a time. When you want to resize video using Kapwing, you add them and then edit them one by one.


After reading this post, you can learn more useful information of Kapwing resizer. You can know its key features, pros, cons, and how to use Kapwing to crop or resize video. In addition, you are introduced with 3 great Kapwing resizer alternatives to better resize your media files.

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