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7 Best DVD Player Software and Hardware for MacBook Pro

DVD Player Software for MacBook Pro

What is the best DVD Player for MacBook Pro? Apple does not provide the build in the DVD driver for MacBook Pro/Air now. It should be more and more difficult to get a suitable DVD player on Mac now. If you are searching for the best program to playback DVDs, you can learn more detail about the top 5 DVD Playing programs on MacBook Pro now.

Part 1: Top 5 Free DVD Player software for MacBook Pro

When the MacBook Pro still has the DVD driver, you only need some DVD Player program to play DVD disc. Some DVD Players for MacBook Pro are the build-in program, which you do not need to install extra files. Others are the popular media players you can enjoy DVD for free.

1. QuickTime

QuickTime is the default DVD Playing software for MacBook Pro, which you can play media from a variety of source, including the DVD file. It just turns MacBook Pro into a television to enjoy movies. The latest QuickTime version also adds an H.264 codec that vastly improved the quality of the DVD files.


Step 1: Insert a DVD into DVD driver

Make sure you use the 120mm DVD, which is the only compatible DVD type for MacBook Pro. Once you insert a DVD disc, the MacBook will detect it automatically.

Step 2: Load DVD to QuickTime

Open the "Finder" to locate the icon for DVD movie under the driver letter of the DVD reader. And then click and hold the icon for DVD movie to load DVD to QuickTime.

Step 3: Play DVD on MacBookPro

And then you can use the default DVD Player for MacBook Pro to playback the DVD disc. Release the mouse button when the DVD movie file is over the QuickTime Player.

2. MplayerOSX

MplayerOSX is the open source media player. Just similar as the other DVD Player for MacBook Pro, the program is able to play any video file. It also supports many native, XAnim, and Win32 DLL codec. And then you can use the program to play CD, DVD, MWV and more other files.


Step 1: Install MplayerOSX

MplayerOSX is a binary distribution for Mplayer (Linux' Movie Player) and is native to Mac OS X. Once you download and install the program, you can play DVD with MacBook with ease

Step 2: Play DVD files on Mac

Upon installation, you can then simply use drag and drop to play your DVD files in either full screen or window modes.

3. VLC Media Player

VLC Media Player is the one of the most popular DVD Players for Mac and Windows, including MacBook Pro. VLC support a huge list of file formats, video, audio and playlists. Whether you need to play from a local or removable location, DVD, online stream or other video, it should be the versatile DVD Player for you.

VLC Media Player

Step 1: Load DVD disc to VLC Media Player

Open the "File" menu, and then choose "Open Disc" from the resultant menu item. While in the Open Disk Dialog Box, select DVD.

Step 2: Enable DVD menu

When reading the DVD you have the option to enable DVD menus through selecting DVD Disc Type from the wxWidgets Interface. You can accomplish the same by selecting Use DVD menus.

Step 3: Play DVD on MacBook Pro

Select the drive that contains the DVD disc, provides related drive letter or name of device in the Device Name input box. After that you can Click Ok to start playback.

4. Mac Media Player

Mac Media Player is the powerful DVD player for MacBook Pro/Air, which supports all media formats. It enables people to watch DVD on all MacBook series in HD format. No plugin or codex required, once you download and install Mac Media Player, then it can work as the DVD player for MacBook Pro.

Mac Media Player

Step 1: Set Mac Media Player as the default DVD player on MacBook Pro.

Choose "System Preferences" from the drop-down menu, and then hit "CDs & DVDs" option in the "Hardware" list, choose "Open Mac Media Player" on the bottom of "When you insert a video DVD" selection.

Step 2: Inset DVD disc into internal DVD drive of MacBook Pro.

Put one DVD disc into the DVD slot, and then choose "Open Disc" button, to get DVD videos play automatically.

5. 5K DVD Player

5K DVD Player is the media player, support users to encrypt and read DVD discs on MacBook in high definition. All regions of DVDs can be played, including ISO image files and other digital media files. No adware and no virus as well. It is totally free to run the free DVD player for MacBook Pro.

5K DVD Player

Step 1: Import the DVD videos on Mac.

Download 5K DVD Player, and then hit DVD option, to import DVD videos to MacBook Pro.

Step 2: Watch DVD videos on MacBook.

You can manage the Library, and do other video setting manage tasks.

Part 2: 2 Best External DVD Players for MacBook Pro

If you just bought the latest version of MacBook Pro, you might find the DVD driver is not available now. As for the case, you need some external DVD Player for MacBook first. As fro the case, you have to select the MacBook Pro suitable external DVD player. The price of the external DVD player for MacBook Pro, the main features, its weight and many other factors are all worthy to consider and compare. The followings are two representative external DVD players, which can serve as the optical drive.

6. Apple USB Super Drive

Price: $79

It is the compact USB Super Drive designed by Apple team as well. You can play and burn CDs and DVDs directly, as well as creating backup discs. Its outlook is slim, thus, it is lightweight to carry Apple USB Super Drive anywhere, with less room being taken.

Apple USB Super Drive

7. Asus Slim External Drive

Price: $33

Obviously, the Slim External Drive by Asus is half price of the above Apple product. And it runs slightly different as well. The DVD disc tray replaces the common DVD slot. You need to press the button to insert DVD into. Therefore, the Asus external DVD drive is larger and thicker in outlook.

Asus Slim External Drive


If you are still using the old version of MacBook Pro before 2016, you only need to download DVD Players on MacBook Pro in order to watch DVD movies. When you get the new version of MacBook Pro without DVD driver, the external DVD Player for MacBook Pro is also required in order to playback the DVD files. You can also share other DVD Players you favorite with us in the comments.

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