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Top 10 DVD Player Software for PC/Mac (Free Ones incl.)

Top 10 DVD Player Software for PC/Mac (Free Ones incl.)

Almost all computers have embedded DVD drives. And people increasingly prefer to enjoy DVD on PCs. To enjoy high original picture quality of DVD on PCs, you not only need a good DVD drive, but also should install an appropriate DVD player software. There are many DVD players on the market. If you search for DVD playing software in Google search engine, you will get a long list. It is impossible to test every program to find out the best. We will introduce the Top 10 best DVD players for both PC and Mac in this article. You can choose the appropriate one according to your requirements.

DVD Player

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Part 1. Best DVD Players for Both PC and Mac

1AnyMP4 Blu-ray DVD Player

AnyMP4 Blu-ray Player is a professional Blu-ray player program. Apart from playing Blu-ray files, it is capable of opening DVD disc, folder, and ISO files. As an all-region DVD player, AnyMP4 Blu-ray Player allows you to play DVD movies in various types like DVD-ROM, DVD-R, DVD+R, DVD-RW, DVD+RW, DVD-RAM, DVD-DL, etc.

  • • Play DVD disc, folder, and ISO file from any region.
  • • Customize DVD titles, chapters, and other playback settings as you wish.
  • • Play HD DVD and 3D DVD movies on computer.
  • • Play Blu-ray files, 4K/8K videos, and various video and audio on PC and Mac.
Free Download For Windows

Secure Download

Free Download For macOS

Secure Download

Now, let’s check how to use this DVD player to open DVD files on computer.

1 Download DVD player

Free download this DVD player software on your PC or Mac. Install it by following the on-screen instructions, and run it immediately.

Put your DVD disc into your DVD drive, and plug the DVD drive into this PC or Mac.

Open Disc

2 Play DVD movies

Click “Open Disc” to select the DVD disc detected, or open the DVD folder or ISO file from the pop-up option.

Then you just need to select the DVD title or chapter to start playing it.

Play DVD on PC

2VLC Media Player

VLC Media Player is a free DVD player software. Apart from the built-in free DVD player on Windows 7 computer, which plays DVD files on Windows computer directly, VLC should be your first free option. (Check it here to play DVD files on Windows 10 computer.)

VLC is one of the most popular open source media players. It could run on Windows, Mac OS, and Lunix.

VLC Media Player
  • • Besides standard DVDs playback on Windows 8/7/10, VLC media player also supports blu ray DVDs and other disc formats.
  • • This region-free media player has the capacity to play encrypted discs.
  • • The pictures quality and audio experiences are excellent when you play DVDs with VLC.

VLC won't play DVD videos on computer? Get the solutions here.


UMPlayer is another free open source DVD player that is available to Windows, macOS and Linux.

  • • UMPlayer could play almost all disc formats, including standard DVDs, blu ray DVDs and HD videos.
  • • It has built in ShoutCast application, so you can enjoy online radio.
  • • Another attractive function is to play HD video streams directly.
  • • Ordinary users could playback DVDs with the basic functions on its interface. For advanced users, extensive options are in video and audio menus.

4Haihaisoft Universal Player

Haihaisoft Universal Player is a simple media player that supports to playback DVDs and other type discs.

  • • It is totally a freeware without ads, spyware or malware.
  • • It has an intuitive interface and is easy to navigate.
  • • Its capacity to jump from media type to media type quickly and seamlessly is impressive.
  • • Besides discs, Haihaisoft Universal Player could read most media formats, like ASF, WMS, DVD, VCD, SVCD, MOV, RM, RMVB, AVI, MPEG, WMV, 3GP, FLV, SWF, MP3, AMR, M4A, ACC, OGG and more.


QuickTime is a well-known default media player for Mac computers, so it is one of the best choices for Mac users. Moreover, its version of 7.7.9 also supports Windows users. QuickTime not only charges freely, but also supports all DVD formats.

  • • It has a concise interface and is easy to use.
  • • Users could record video or audio during playback DVDs within QuickTime.
  • • QuickTime also provides some basic editing and streaming functions.
  • • Although it integrates many useful features, the speed to load and play DVDs is fast.

Part 2. Best DVD Players for Only PC


KMPlayer is an open source media player, as well as a DVD movie player for PC users.

  • • It is compatible with most Windows operating systems, including Windows 10 and the touch screen of Windows 8.
  • • KMPlayer only dominates a little CPU, so you can enjoy movie with it and do other tasks on your PC simultaneously.
  • • Unlike some media players, KMPlayer could provide smooth movie experiences.
  • • The built-in internal codecs feature makes KMPlayer one of the most stable DVD players.


PowerDVD is one of high quality DVD player software. It could meet all the demands related to DVD playback, although the price is a little higher to ordinary people.

  • • It is a dedicated DVD player for Windows users to play DVD.
  • • You can find all necessary functions on the concise interface.
  • • If you are an advanced user, you can adjust the configurations and control DVD playback.
  • • In addition to standard DVDs, It is able to play blu ray discs and other disc formats.

3SuperDVD Player 5

SuperDVD Player 5 is a DVD player for Windows users with unique design. The player, playlist and controller are separated. When you playback your favorite DVD, you can hide the control and playlist. And the interface is more like a DVD player firmware.

SuperDVD Player 5
  • • Besides standard DVDs, SuperDVD Player 5 could read VCDs, SVCDs, and DVDs.
  • • It provides all necessary functions related to DVD playback.
  • • You can create screenshots with SuperDVD Player 5.
  • • Although it does not support HD movies, the embedded five-channel surround could give you wonderful audio experience.


BlazeDVD is a totally free DVD player software to enjoy DVD videos on Windows 10. It is a well-designed player and provides multiple customized capacities.

  • • It not only plays discs, but also plays a wide range of video formats, like WMV and DivX.
  • • During video playback, you can add bookmarks or set parental controls.
  • • BlazeDVD allows users to adjust color, resolution and other parameters about the video.
  • • The player and the controller are seperated, so you can layout the windows as you wish.

Part 3. Best DVD Players for Only Mac

Apple DVD Player is the default DVD player in macOS. And it is also one of easy-to-use Mac DVD players.

Apple DVD Player
  • • It could detect the DVD automatically after you insert it into CD-ROM drive.
  • • DVD Player has a concise and well-designed interface.
  • • And you can find all control touch points on the interface easily.
  • • Apple DVD Player does not integrate extensive features, so it runs faster and plays movies smoothly.
  • • Another benefit of Apple DVD Player is free to charge to all Mac computers.

Part 4. FAQs of DVD Player

What does a DVD player do?

As its name replies, a DVD player is the device or the software that plays DVD disc, DVD folder or DVD ISO files from any region.

Does DVD Player work on Blu-ray?

Generally speaking, DVD player does not play Blu-ray files, but the Blu-ray player can support DVD playback, e.g. AnyMP4 Blu-ray Player.

Can HandBrake rip or copy protected DVDs?

No, HandBrake does not rip or copy the protected. Only if you install libdvdcss, can this software remove the DRM to rip a DVD disc. For more details about ripping DVD with HandBrake, you can refer to this post.


In this article, we have introduced top 10 best DVD players. You can choose an appropriate one as your default one depending on your situation. If you prefer to freeware and have a Windows computer, you can try KMPlayer and Haihaisoft Universal Player. Apple DVD Player and QuickTime are dedicated for Mac users. If you need a cross-platform, VLC Media Player and UMPlayer could meet your requirements. AnyMP4 Blu-ray Player is the recommended PC and Mac DVD player. Some people prefer well-designed media players; then BlazeDVD and SuperDVD Player 5 seem a better choice. PowerDVD is a high-end DVD player.

Moreover, if you want to play DVD on Xbox 360, Wii, PS4, etc., you will find there are no such DVD players. For playing the DVD files on those devices, you should get the DVD rippers to convert the DVD into the compatible formats first.

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