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Top 10 External DVD Player for Mac/Windows PC

External DVD Player

There are two main situations people will install external DVD player and get one DVD ripper on laptop – no internal DVD drives, or get 70012 error in OS X.

The current trend of personal computer releasing is to offer users thinner and lighter product. As more and more people prefer to bring laptop around them, and deal with business or personal cases everywhere. The demand of getting easy-to-take personal computers has been top factors of purchasing. As a result, the CD/ DVD drive is removed, which seems to eliminate one important function of Mac and PC. To solve the problem, getting one external DVD player has been the best solution at present.

As for MacBook users, whose computer has DVD slot, the notification of error-70012 is the bad news for all Apple users. The internal DVD drive fail to find the valid DVD. The common approaches are changing a new internal DVD drive, or to use external DVD player for laptop. Obviously, the latter solution is easy to achieve, with less dollars you need to pay.

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You can get cheaper and reliable external DVD player for MacBook and Windows on Amazon and other huge online shopping sites, instead of repairing $80 on Apple's model.

Part 1: Top 5 External DVD Player for Mac

Top 1: USB Super Drive ($79)

The USB Super Drive is the product released from Apple. The simple and technology outlook is similar with your MacBook and other versions. Moreover, the external DVD Player for MacBook Pro does a good job to be as the external DVD drive, just similar with other Apple digital devices.

External DVD Player

Top 2: Slim Blu Ray Drive by Samsung ($79)

For people who owns large amount of Blu-ray discs, the Slim Blu Ray Drive released from Samsung is more suitable. Compares with other external DVD players on MacBook, it costs less power. The black and Samsung-style outlook may attract you.

External DVD Player Blu Ray Drive

Top 3: Ultra Slim Portable Drive by LG ($33)

The Ultra Slim Portable Drive of LG only costs half price of the Apple USB Super Drive, if you do not have enough spare money, then it will be your good external Mac DVD player. Moreover, the external drive supports M-Discs, which will be the leading format, and replace the traditional discs. But M-Disc is not supported by all DVD drives yet.

External DVD Player Ultra Slim Portable Drive

Top 4: Slim External Drive by Asus ($33)

Asus Slim External Drive has one specific design, you need to put DVD into the disc tray instead of common disc slot. And then press the button to insert it. Definitely, it will be a little larger in the appearance.

External DVD Player Slim External Drive by Asus

Top 5: Ultra Slim DVD Drive by Samsung ($25)

Ultra Slim DVD Drive is the slimmest DVD player at present, with 14mm thickness. Thus, it is easy to take out, and play DVD on MacBook. And the external DVD drive on Mac is cheap to get.

External DVD Player Ultra Slim DVD Drive

Part 2: Best 3 External DVD Player for Windows

Top 1: Slim External DVD Drive by Samsung ($79)

The Slim External DVD Drive for PC by Samsung runs fast, and you can play Blu-ray movies as well. Though there is the disc tray built-in, it is still 12.7 mm thickness. But the appearance of the external DVD drive for Windows seems not to be fashionable.

Slim External DVD Drive by Samsung

Top 2: External DVD Drive by Asus ($65)

Burn DVD and Blu-ray in fast speed, and get the slim outlook as well. External DVD Drive designed by Asus offers high quality service as well.

External DVD Drive by Asus

Top 3: External DVD Drive by Dell ($30)

This External DVD Drive is slim and lightweight, with only 14 mm thickness and 200 grams. Moreover, it is the power-saving external DVD player for Windows, and loaded with CyberLink Media Player.

External DVD Drive by Dell

Top 4: Super Multi Drive by LG ($24)

This DVD Drive has a unique curved design and is very beautiful. This is very compact and weighs only 380 grams. This DVD Drive is also consumes a lot less power than the other drives and has a USB 2.0 interface.

Super Multi Drive by LG

Top 5: External DVD CD Drive by MiluoTech ($32)

This DVD Drive is perfect super thin and light, the CD/DVD drive is easy to use and carry. The exquisite and durable CD/DVD drive is a perfect gift for your family and friends.It is easy to plug and play; the drive can do without softwares and it is easy to charge when plugged into the USB port. USB 3.0 provides more stable performance, meanwhile being compatible with USB 2.0.

External DVD CD Drive by MiluoTech

Part 3: FAQs of External DVD Player

What is an external DVD player?

An external DVD player, also named as a hardware DVD player, is a device that plays DVD video and DVD audio. It needs you to be connected with your TV or PC with wireless or cables to make a smooth playback.

Can you watch movies on an external DVD drive?

Yes, though most external hardware DVD player only supports the DVD playback, still some DVD players can play digital media types like MP4, MP3, etc., with a USB port connection.

Can I use an external DVD drive to play PC games?

It all depends. If your external hardware DVD player supports USB post connection, then it can play PC games by putting the PC games in the USB flash drive.

More Reding: Best DVD Player Software for Windows and Mac

The above description mainly talks about the external hardware DVD player for your computers. However, heavy hardware may trouble you a lot. Actually, such DVD player software as AnyMP4 DVD Player can play DVD from any regions conveniently.

It is an easy-to-use DVD player program for Windows and Mac computer. Supporting DVDs from any region, you can even watch the encrypted DVDs in the market.

Free Download For Windows

Secure Download

Free Download For macOS

Secure Download

Read this post to know how to play a DVD on PC or Mac.

Bottom Line

If you are fail to receive one external DVD player as soon as possible, and you are eager to watch the specific DVD movies, turn to your friends for help, with the flash drive bring, to save the video files from your friends. No brand limitation and just leave enough room for storing DVD videos. It is just the method aims for emergency cases. If you are the fan of DVD discs, operate two steps above, and then you just get the lifelong solution, to play DVD movies, through external DVD player and DVD ripper software.

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