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Top 3 Methods to Play DVD on MacBook Pro (M1 Support)

Top 3 Methods to Play DVD on MacBook Pro (M1 Support)

Play DVD on MacBook Pro

If you have just bought the new MacBook Pro, you can find the latest MacBook Pro Retina does not offer built-in DVD drive. Thus, people who need to play DVD on MacBook Pro, things will be slightly hassle than before. What should be the best methods to play DVD disc on MacBook Pro without drive? The article explains 3 frequently used methods to make it work. Just learn more detail about the solutions and select the desired one accordingly.

Part 1: Download DVD Player Software on MacBook Pro to play DVD

The most efficient and costing way to play DVD movies on a MacBook Pro is by getting a DVD player software. You do not need to carry the heavy DVD player hardware from one room to another. Moreover, DVD player software is easy to install on any MacBook Pro you possess.

Though Mac has a built-in DVD player software installed on MacBook Pro, many users choose to download other alternatives due to the poor features. Such DVD player replacements as AnyMP4 DVD Player, 5K Player, VLC, KMPlayer, MPlayer, and more can help you benefit more features that DVD player cannot bring you like below:

Free Download For Windows

Secure Download

Free Download For macOS

Secure Download

Here is how to load DVD files for playing on MacBook Pro. Just take AnyMP4 DVD Player as the DVD player for MacBook Pro.

Step 1: Download and install DVD Player

When you download and install AnyMP4 DVD Player on MacBook Pro, you can launch the DVD Player on MacBook Pro to recognize the DVD files. And then click "Open Disc" button on the main interface to load the DVD files.


Step 2: Choose the DVD source file

After that, you can choose the DVD source file from the popup window. You should make sure the external DVD drive connects with MacBook Pro. And then you can select the desired DVD source file to play with.

Choose Disc to Load

Step 3: Play DVD disc with DVD Player

Now you use the DVD player for Mac to watch DVD on MacBook Pro with an external DVD drive. And you can also choose the caption you want to enjoy the DVD files.

Menu Interface

Part 2: Play DVD on MacBook Pro with external DVD drive

As the built-in DVD drive is no longer available, you can choose some External DVD Player to play DVD files on MacBook Pro. It should be the most frequently used methods, check out the detail as below.

External DVD Drive

Step 1: Select suitable external DVD player

The price of the external DVD player, the main features, its weight and many other factors are all worthy to consider and compare. The followings are two representative external DVD players, which can serve as the optical drive.

Step 2: Connect DVD drive to MacBook Pro

Connect DVD drive to MacBook Pro with USB port instead of USB hub, and then check for the drive on the MacBook Pro. Select "Preferences" to choose "External disks" box. And then you can open the DVD drive to view its content.

Step 3: Play DVD on MacBook Pro

In order to play DVD on MacBook Pro, you have to choose the standard 120mm disc. And then setting the DVD drive to make sure everything works. Now you can enjoy the DVD on MacBook Pro now.

Notes: Before you install external DVD drive for MacBook Pro, you should backup the files first. And then go to Mac HD/Library/Preferences/SystemConfiguration/ Open the file with Text Edit or any other text editor to add mbasd=1. And then restart the MacBook Pro to find whether it works.

Part 3: Rip DVD movie for playback on MacBook Pro

Do you always take the external DVD drive on the go? It should be a frustrated issue. As for the case, it is highly recommended to rip DVD to video files, which you can play DVD videos on MacBook Pro anytime you want. AnyMP4 DVD Ripper should be the best program when you need to extract video from DVD. Here is the detail process to rip DVD to any format with AnyMP4 DVD Ripper.

Free Download For Windows

Secure Download

Free Download For macOS

Secure Download

Step 1: Load your DVD disc

Download AnyMP4 DVD Ripper on Mac, and insert the DVD into DVD drive. Hit "Load DVD" option to import DVD disc into MacBook Pro.

Load DVD

Step 2: Edit and select output video format

Use filters before ripping DVD to video or audio, to crop, trim, rotate, adjust brightness and other more video effects to add on. Later, select output format you wanna output from "Profile" drop-down list.

Choose File

Step 3: Rip DVD into videos on Mac

Hit Rip All button, to start DVD to video or audio ripping process on MacBook. After that, you can play the DVD videos on MacBook Pro anytime anywhere you want.

If you want to play DVD on Xbox 360, Wii, PS4, etc., you could select the corresponsive formats from the drop-down list.


Part 4: FAQs of playing DVD on MacBook Pro

Do Apple laptops have DVD drives?

No. Apple has discontinued the built-in CD or DVD drive, and only the 13-inch MacBook Pro remained a DVD drive.

Why won't my external DVD player work on my Mac?

If you do not follow the connection rules to connect your DVD player to Mac, it may lead to failure of DVD player. Moreover, the problematic hub will cause the plug failure into Mac. Last but not the least, just check the DVD player supported region. Not any region is supported by the DVD player in your region.

How can I play a DVD on my Mac without a DVD drive?

For playing the DVD movies on your Mac without DVD drive, you have to rip the DVD into the digital formats on another computer that has DVD drive, and then copy the ripped video files and paste in your Mac for playback without DVD drive.

Bottom Line

In spite of above methods to play DVD on MacBook Pro, you need an external DVD drive for MacBook Pro first. And then you have to download and install some DVD Player software for Mac. It is difficult to play DVD in the way. What should be the most efficient solution in order to make sure the MacBook Pro plays DVD? AnyMP4 DVD Ripper should always be the first choice. Whether you rip the DVD with External DVD drive for Mac, or use another computer to rip the DVD, you can play the DVD video on Mac freely. More questions about how to play DVD on MacBook Pro, you can feel free to share the opinion here.

If you are using the old Windows 8, jump to visit this post: How to play DVD on Windows 8.

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