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Best Facebook Video Editor

There is no shortage of great video editors and free video editing software for Windows and Mac. It does not matter whether you are a beginner or an expert, you will discover something that meets your demands. However, what about editing videos specifically for social media? The features you need from the video editor are considerably different from those you might want if you are editing a video for sharing on Facebook or other social media. Therefore, we are going to identify the best Facebook video editor. Plus, we show you everything you need to know about editing videos for Facebook.

Facebook Video Editor

Part 1: Best Facebook video editor

AnyMP4 Video Editor is not only a professional video editor, but also able to help you simplify the video editing process before sharing on Facebook. In addition to basic video editing tools, it enjoys some unique benefits, such as:

In a word, the Facebook video editor could meet all your demands. Moreover, the user-friendly interface allows you to grasp it quickly no matter you are a beginner or tech savvy.

Part 2: How to edit Facebook video with the easiest video editor

Before sharing a video on Facebook, you can follow the guide below to edit it easily.

Step 1: Install the best Facebook video editor

AnyMP4 Video Editor is a desktop program, so you need to download and install it on your computer. Then launch it and click the Add photos and videos here button to import the video you want to share on Facebook. It also supports the drag-and-drop command.

Free Download For Windows

Secure Download


Step 2: Edit video for Facebook

After the video loaded on the storyboard, click on the Edit menu to open the video editor window. Here you can find the basic video editing tools, like Crop, Rotate, and Flip. Plus, you can adjust Contrast, Saturation, Brightness, Hue and Volume on right side. The preview panel will show you the result on left side. Click the OKbutton to confirm the changes and back to the home interface.


Advanced video editing tools can be found on the right hand column, including Themes, Text, Transitions, Filters and Elements. To set background music with your favorite song, go to the bottom, hit the Plus icon and import the song. If you need to edit the song, hit the Edit Audio menu to open the audio editor window.

Add Background Music

Step 3: Output video for sharing on Facebook

When video editing is done, click on the Export button to switch to the export interface. Go to the Video tab and select a proper video format. Here we suggest you to choose MP4. There are four resolutions, 4K, HD, 720p and SD. The higher the resolution, the larger the video file is. Then drop the video name and location to store the video. After setting, click the Convert button to export the video to your hard drive.


Part 3: How to upload videos to Facebook

The last step is to upload the video to your Facebook account. There are two ways to achieve the task.


Way 1: Share a video to Facebook on computer

Step 1: Visit the Facebook website in your browser and sign in your account.

Step 2: Select Add Photo/Video in the Sharing box at top of the home page. Then click Upload Photos/Video and open the video that you polished with the Facebook video editor.

Step 3: There are some optional boxes need to fill in. Say Something About This Video is the explanation or comment of your video.

Step 4: Then expand the Privacy menu and you will be presented four options, Public, Friends Except Acquaintances, Friends, Only Me, and a Custom group of people. It decides who can see this video.

Step 5: Finally, click on the Post button, which will trigger a blue progress bar at the bottom of the post. When it is ready, you will get a notification.

Way 2: Post a video on Facebook from mobile device

Step 1: Transfer the video to your smartphone after modifying it with Facebook video editor.

Step 2: Run the Facebook app from your home screen and tap the Photo option at top of the mobile News Feed screen.

Step 3: When prompted, touch the video you wish to post. If you want to preview the video, tap the blue pencil in Box icon. Here you can add a comment, tags, a location and set privacy.

Step 4: When you are complete, tap Post at upper right corner of the screen. Then all you need to do is to wait the process to finish.

Note:It may take a while to upload a video to Facebook depending on the length of your video and the condition of Wi-Fi network. According to our research, fixed broadband and Wi-Fi network are better than cellular.


Now, you should learn the entire process of editing video and sharing it on Facebook. AnyMP4 Video Editor is the best Facebook video editor you can find on market. It is not only easy to learn, but also able to process videos for Facebook quickly. If you want to attract attention using your videos, it is a good option to turn your idea into real videos. To help you achieve the task simply, we also shared the step-by-step guide. If you have more questions related to Facebook video editing, please feel free to leave messages below.

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