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Instant Ways to Unblock Someone on Facebook using iPhone and Android Devices

Our digital world is now getting massive, communication is getting more instant, and services are now possible online. That is possible because many social media platforms exist nowadays. One of these is Facebook. It is one of the most infamous social media in the whole world. The platform is from Mark Zuckerberg and aims to make communication easier with our friends and family. We can post about our lifestyle and communicate through Messenger through this platform. All of this information will be public. There will be a moment when we do not want anyone to access this information, and the best solution is to block them.

This article will tackle the best way to unblock someone on Facebook on iPhone, Android, and Messenger. Let us see the proper ways to make it as you continue to discover. Without further discussion, we shall now see the steps for it.

Unblock Someone on Facebook

Part 1: How to Unblock Users on Facebook on iPhone

The Facebook site is a universal social media platform famous as blogging sites. Indeed, Facebook is compatible with our iPhone from iPhone 5/6/6s/6 Plus/7/8/10/11/12/13. If you are using an iPhone user who wants to unblock someone on Facebook, you must check this post to know the steps in making it possible.

1.Open the Facebook app on your iPhone. Navigate the application by finding the Menu icon on the lower part of the interface. Please scroll down until you see the Setting and Privacy icon.

iPhone FB Menu Tab

2.Then, tap the Setting icon on the drop-list under the Setting and Privacy. It will lead you to another tab where you can see a set of information. Scroll down again and locate the Audience and Visibility. Under that option, find the icon for Blocking.

3.You will now have a new tab that shows your blocking list. You will see some names that you blocked. Please select the name of the person you want to unblock. Click the button for Unblock on the right side of the Facebook user.

iPhone FB Unblock

4.Check the timeline of the Facebook user to verify that it is completely unblocked.

That is an instant and smooth process of unblocking someone on Facebook using your iPhone device. That process applies to any iOS device. Please follow the instructions and be mindful of every detail we need to make the process successful.

However, if you lost the messages on FB due to the unblock, then you can read this post to recover the deleted Facebook messages on iPhone.

Part 2: How to Unblock Someone on Facebook on Android

On the other hand, there are many users of Android phones too. As we all know, Facebook applications are also very compatible with Android. That is why we also need to show you the steps on how to unblock someone on Facebook using your Android devices. Unblocking someone on Facebook using your iPhone is similar to Android. However, it is a bit different because of the interface. The difference we can make is associated with the placements of each icon. But, to ease your problem, here are the steps you should take to make the process successful.

1.From your Android devices, please open the application of Facebook. Please see its clean interface and direct yourself by tapping the Menu tab. You will see the icon on the top right side of the interface. Then, you are now seeing different options and information about your Account. Please scroll down and see the Setting and Privacy. It will now show you another set of data; under it, click the Setting to proceed.

Android FB Menu Tab

2.You are now leading to a new tab where we can see different options and icons. Please scroll down as you go to the Audience and Visibility potion. Under this corner, find and click the icon for the Blocking option.

3.You can now see the list of the Facebook users you blocked on your screen. Please find the person you want to unblock and click the Unblock button, which we can see in the right corner of the tab.

Android FB Unblock User

4.Now, please search for the person you unblocked and see its timeline. If you access the account, then your process is successful.

There you go, the simple way for you to unblock someone on Facebook. We can see that it is also easy to make the process with our Android devices. Follow each step and do not miss a thing to prevent interruption within the process.

Note: Once you have already unblocked the person, you cannot block it again immediately. It would be best if you waited for a few days before you could block the person again.

This way is also working on blocking someone’s phone number on a phone.

Part 3: How To Unblock Someone using Messenger App

We all know that Facebook has different partnerships like Instagram and Messenger. In line with that, we know that Messenger is the official singing medium of Facebook. Many people are asking if it is possible to block someone on Facebook via Messenger? The answer is yes, and in this part, we will see the steps we need to follow to make it possible. Please see the instructions below to begin.

1.Access your messenger application on your mobile devices like Android or iOS. Then click the small icon of your Display Picture on the top left corner.

2.Seeing different options for your Account, please scroll down to the bottom and see the Account Setting under the choice of Account. Then, it will lead you to a website where you will see another set of options. Locate the Blocking and click it.

Messenger Blocking

3.Next, find the user you want to unblock and see the button on its right. Click Unblock to finish the process.

Messenger Unblock

See, unblocking someone on Facebook using your Messenger is possible. We can see how easy the process is too. As long as you bear in mind every detail, you will not have complications within the process.

Part 4: Why Cannot I Unblock Someone on Facebook?

There are various reasons why you cannot unblock someone on Facebook. The reasons you may experience will depend on the situation you are in. However, we will show you two of the most common and possible reasons we can unblock a Facebook user in this portion. First, on the list, be aware that Facebook's conditions and agreements include rules. One of these rules is the waiting period after you block them. That means the content blocking experience will not enable you to do it again immediately.

The following possible reason behind your problem is the issue with your internet connectivity. As we all know, a slow internet connection can bring tremendous problems in connecting with different social media sites. Therefore, we need to ensure that our internet connection is stable before doing something within your account. Robust internet connectivity is better. Those are the two common reasons you cannot unblock someone on Facebook.

Part 5: FAQs about How to Unblock Someone on Facebook

How much time will it take to unblock a user on Facebook?

Unblocking someone on Facebook will only take at least a second or a minute to process just ensure your connection is stable and your devices are excellent. The time process will depend on the issue of occurrences you may be facing.

Can I use my browser to unblock someone on Facebook?

Yes. Your browser also supports the Facebook site. Despite the type of browser you have. We only need to access the Facebook site within your browser, then log in to your account as we make it possible. From there, you are now seeing the web design of Facebook through a mobile website. It is similar to the mobile Facebook application, yet less intuitive. On the interface, locate the Menu, and go to the Settings. After that, find the Audience and Privacy to see the Blocking icon. Please see the user and click Unblock .

Does unblocking someone will enable them to send me a message?

Yes. Unblocking these users means you allow them once again to access your Facebook information and even communicate with you. Therefore, they can now react and comment on your post, send you messages, or call you through messenger.


Those are the simple and effective processes of unblocking someone on Facebook using different devices. Above this is the information that tells how flexible and practical the Facebook application is in instant communication. However, we must remember the reminder that we need to maintain healthy contact. This process is an essential aspect of preventing blocking users due to different reasons. We are hoping that the article helps you in alleviating your problem. Also, to understand more the functions of Facebook in terms of blocking aspects. Please share this article if you know more users who need to unblock someone on Facebook.

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