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Full HitFilm Express Review: A VFX and Editing Software

Full HitFilm Express Review: A VFX and Editing Software

In the competitive video editing market, a lot of newcomers continue to enter, improve, and continuously develop their offerings to their target market over time. To be distinguished from their competitors, these software invest in specialized features to make them stand out, with some of them making their programs extremely beginner-friendly, packed with advanced features, and specializing in specific effects. In this HitFilm Express review article, we will discover the features of this visual effects software and what makes it a rising contender in the market.

HitFilm Express Review

Part 1. Quick Verdict

HitFilm Express Tagline

HitFilm Express is a good option for beginners since it is simple enough but offers advanced technical tools that experienced video editors can fully utilize. FXhome found the sweet spot by making their VFX compositor and video editor easy to pick up and moderately challenging to master.

Overall Rating:

• Ease of Use:

• Built-in Tutorials:

• Advanced Features:

• VFX Library:

• System Requirement:


  • Editors of different skill levels can use it.
  • Packed with in-client tutorials for complete beginners.
  • Offers a wide library of visual effects, music, sound effects, and templates.


  • Does not run smoothly on computers with minimum requirements.
  • Requires computer display to run in 125% display scaling.

Part 2. Overview of HitFilm Express

HitFilm Express can be used as your standard video editing tool that can process videos based on the skill level of video editors. To make the software compete in the market, Fxhome, the developers of the software, found a way to highlight HItFilm by making it optimized for adding VFX in videos. To support this unique selling point, the software company added a vast library of VFX in the software’s default library that are all free to use and accessible to new users. With that, Fxhome labeled HitFilm as both a video editor and a VFX compositor.

Main Features:

  • Ultra fast processing technology.
  • Color grading and correction.
  • Motion tracking.
  • 3D camera tracker.
  • Built-in creative assets.

Part 3. Full Review of HitFilm Express

AnyMP4 Provides Verified Info by Doing the Following

  • We execute a comprehensive analysis of consumer demand and product appeal as a critical part of our selection process.
  • The AnyMP4 content team has rigorously tested the software mentioned in the article.
  • We carefully review key parameters, such as Setup Requirement, Tutorial Support, Library Menu, Editing Elements, and more.
  • Additionally, we actively seek and analyze customer feedback for the AnyMP4 program and similar products in other markets.
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HitFilm Express Editor Interface

Setup Requirement

We tested the software by giving the HitFilm Express Free Version to a beginner video editor. During the installation process, the software asked the reviewer to restart his laptop, which provided a minor inconvenience since he is using it for work-related purposes. This minor hiccup is understandable for the reviewer since he understood that video editing software is graphics processing heavy and his integrated GPU needs to adjust. After restarting his computer, HitFilm asked to rescale the display settings of his laptop to 125% marking it as the second technical requirement asked by the program. Thankfully, it was also the last.

Tutorial Support for Beginners

Starting HitFilm Express for the first time will present multiple tutorials to its users, this is a big plus for every video editing beginner interested in learning the basics of their software. This is a good gesture by HitFilm.

Intuitive Library Menu

After learning the basics of the software through their tutorials, the reviewer continued to use the program and quickly understood how to use the built-in library of HitFilm since it requires a simple drag-and-drop interface into the timeline. After editing, importing was easy to find since it is under the File toolbar.

Drag and Drop Editing Elements

As we mentioned in the previous measurement, using the library menu of HitFilm is a good experience for beginners. This was made possible by the drag-and-drop system that the editor interface uses. After downloading the asset from their online library, it can be easily added to the editing timeline by simply holding and then dragging it into the editor timeline. This makes the software truly a beginner-friendly video editor that experienced editors may still use as effectively.

Other Reviewers’ Rating

  • • HitFilm is a powerful multi-platform video editor - one of the best free video editing software for beginners. - Tech Radar
  • • Limited user support services and requires a high-end computer for advanced use. - Tom’s Guide

Part 4. HitFilm Express Alternative

AnyMP4 Video Converter Ultimate MV Editor

Typically, people interested in video editing are only equipped with basic computers or laptops that are incapable of handling advanced VFX tools. Moreover, aspiring practitioners in this skill level need to learn the fundamentals of video editing first instead of diving head-on into complex editing concepts.

Thankfully, versatile software such as AnyMP4 Video Converter Ultimate is available in the market. This platform can be used by video editing newbies thanks to its simplified MV editor tool and low system requirement perfect for practicing and more. Download the software for free to learn how.

Free Download For Windows

Secure Download

Free Download For macOS

Secure Download

Primarily built as a format converter program, AnyMP4 Video Converter Ultimate provides countless video utility tools, including a fully functional movie maker packed with basic video editing settings perfect for building video editing fundamentals such as cut, crop, orientation rotating, add watermark, edit audio track, add subtitles, and add basic effects and filter.

After learning the basics of video editing, novice editors can now explore the countless features available in AnyMP4 Video Converter Ultimate that can introduce them to the more technical side of this skill. Video formats, video encoders, frame rate, and bit rate are some of the concepts that the platform can introduce to its new users.

On the other hand, advanced users can use the software as a multimedia utility program since its Toolbox feature contains countless tools that can modify video, audio, and image files. Some of these are video and audio compressors, image converters, audio sync, video enhancers, color correction, and more.

When looking for high-value software, AnyMP4 Video Converter Ultimate is truly the ultimate choice in the market to edit videos.

Part 5. FAQs About HitFilm Express Review

Is HitFilm Express easy to use?

Yes, it is easy to use. HitFilm Express is surprisingly easy to pick up and learn the basics. Besides that, it is still capable of advanced editing use, such as integrating VFX. You can use the HitFilm Express download for free.

Does HitFilm Express have a watermark?

Yes, its free version has a watermark. The watermark will appear if you use a premium unlocked effect in their library. Thankfully, they also offer free use assets in it. HitFilm Express watermark is located in the lower right corner of videos. Get the detailed information about removing watermarks from HitFilm.

Is HitFilm Express safe?

Yes, it is safe to use. HitFilm Express is a rising video editing platform that is safe and free to download. It is starting to gain its popularity steadily. Free video editor HitFilm Express is completely safe.

How to use HitFilm Express?

HitFilm Express is easy to use. This was made possible by their click-and-drop editing system. There are also countless tutorial videos on the platform.

What is the best alternative to HitFilm Express?

AnyMP4 Video Converter Ultimate is the best HitFilm Alternative. It is both easy to use and is also a multimedia versatile tool. Moreover, it has very low system requirements.


HitFilm Express is slowly building its brand as one of the most beginner friendly video editor tools in the market. Despite that, its advanced features still make it a reliable tool for experienced video editors, making the software equipped with the best of both worlds. However, beginners looking to learn how to video edit with HitFilm Express must own a midrange computer, at least since it has a high system requirement.

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