Make Video Audio Louder

How to Increase Video Volume and Make Your Video Sound Clear

"I need to increase the volume in a video that is too low to hear clearly. Should I re-record it to a new file or just need some software?"

As a matter of fact, you more or less have video files that the audio in them sounds rather low even though you have turned the volume to the highest level. That makes you frustrated especially when the videos cannot be reproduced. This tutorial will show you the best video volume increasers including desktop software and web-based apps.

Increase Video Volume

Part 1: Easiest Way to Increase Video Volume on PC

Though people prefer to take videos with mobile devices, the computer is still the best platform to edit your MP4 and other video files. From this point, you may be looking for the easiest video volume booster for your PC. AnyMP4 Video Converter Ultimate is the best option since it provides extensive useful features, such as:

  • Adjust audio and other parameters of your videos simply.
  • Protect and optimize video and audio quality while editing.
  • Include a wide range of custom options and editing tools.
  • Support almost all video and audio formats including MP4.
  • Batch process multiple videos at the same time.

In short, it is the easiest way to increase volume of MP4 and other video files on your desktop.

How to Increase Video Volume on PC

Step 1: Get the best video volume booster

Launch AnyMP4 Video Converter Ultimate after you installed it on your PC. There is a dedicated version for Mac. Next, launch it and click the Add File button to import the videos with lower sound. Alternatively, you can drag the video files and drop them into the home interface.


Step 2: Make audio louder

Click the Edit menu on the top of the window to open the video editor window. Then go to the Effect tab and locate the Audio Effect area. Adjust the Volume option and make the MP4 louder. Hit the Apply to All button to confirm it and back to the home interface.


Step 3: Save the video results

After adjusting the volume, move to the bottom area. Click and expand the Profile dropdown menu and choose a proper output format, such as MP4. Then hit the Browse button to set the destination to save the videos. Finally, click the Convert button to export the video files.

Part 2: Make a Video Louder Online

Web-based utilities are attractive. They are convenient and portable, so you can use them on any platforms with a web browser. However, the shortcomings are obviously. They usually have file size limitation. Moreover, the output quality may be damaged. We use Video Louder as the example to show you the details.

Online volume booster

Step 1: Visit the online video volume booster in your web browser.

Step 2: Click the Browse button to show the open-file dialog, find the video you want to make it louder and click Open to upload it. The online app can handle a video up to 500MB per time.

Step 3: Make sure to select Increase volume from the drop-down menu and select the exact decibels from the next option.

Step 4: Hit the Upload File button to start processing the video file online. When it is complete, click the Download File link to get your video with louder audio.

Part 3: Increase Volume of MP4 on iPhone and Android

According to a recent survey, more and more people take videos on their iPhone and Android phone. Therefore, video volume booster apps become popular as well.

How to Make a Video Louder on iPhone

iMovie for iOS is a free video editor for iPhone users. Of course, you can use it to increase video volume on your iOS device.

Change video volume imovie iPhone

Step 1: Run your iMovie app or you can download it from the App Store for free. Create a new project and import the video file.

Step 2: Touch to select the timeline below the preview window. Then switch to the Sound tab from the bottom.

Step 3: Then you will be presented the Volume option at the bottom. Drag the slider to the right side to make the audio louder or smaller with the audio volume adjustment tool.

Step 4: Preview the video result in the preview screen to check if the volume is large enough. Then touch the Done button at the top left corner to save the video.

Note: If iMovie for iOS is not powerful enough to make a video louder, you have to use a third-party app.

How to Increase Volume of MP4 on Android

On Android, you have to find a third-party app to make your videos louder. As its name said, Video Volume Booster is such an app for Android.

Video volume booster

Step 1: Download and install the video volume increaser app to your Android phone from Play Store.

Step 2: Start the app and tap the Folder icon to import the video with lower sound from your gallery. If it is the first time to use it, permit it to access your gallery.

Step 3: Then move the slider above the video to increase original volume to the desire value. Tap the Apply button to begin processing the audio of the video. It may take a while depending on the length of your video.

Step 4: When the process is done, the original video will be replaced with the video with larger sound in your gallery on Android. Moreover, you can share the result to WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram and more by tapping the Share icon at the upper right side.


Based on the guide above, you must understand how to increase video volume on computer and mobile devices. For iPhone users, the iMovie app allows you to modify the volume of a video with gestures simply. On Android devices, several third-party apps can do it, such as Video Volume Booster. Besides, you can make audio louder with online utilities. If you are worried about video and audio quality, we suggest you to try Vidmore Video Converter. It is pretty easy to use and able to protect the output quality. More troubles? Please, leave your messages below.

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