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How to Make Sketch from Videos [Beginners Guide]

How to Make Sketch from Videos [Beginners Guide]

A Sketch video filter is similar to the typical paintings or sketch drawings we see in person; a filter is a sketch. A Sketch effect is an approach used in video editing to give a video the appearance of a drawing. It will create a pencil drawing rendition of your video clip. There are various applied types under the Sketch filter, which is commonly available to several programs with the built-in filter section. If you want your video clip to look like a piece of art, you can count on this post. This post will provide what you need to accomplish your goal of having a sketch-look video output.

Convert Video to Sketch

Part 1. How to Turn Video Into Sketch With AnyMP4 Video Converter Online

AnyMP4 Video Converter Ultimate is a simple yet rich-featured program with many powerful functionalities. AnyMP4 Video Converter Ultimate can do the job effortlessly, from video conversion to editing. This program has an MV feature enabling you to create, edit, and convert video to sketch. It has many ready-to-go filters presets, including the Sketch effect.

Besides the Sketch effect, you can also use this program to edit your sketch, like cropping the video into the desired ratio, adding titles, inserting background music, and more. On top of that, it can export your video sketch to 4K resolution for the best viewing experience. Even if you don't know about handling such a program, don't be afraid, as it was intended for beginners.

1.Beforehand, download the video to sketch converter on your available OS. This program can be downloaded to both Windows and Mac. Next, follow the installation approach and launch it on your computer afterward.

Free Download For Windows

Secure Download

Free Download For macOS

Secure Download

2.Navigate your pointer over the program’s MV tab, then click the Plus icon. To add the video clip you wish to convert into a sketch, choose your clip from a local folder file that will appear on your screen.

AnyMP4 Sketch Effect Toolbox

3.Once the video clip is uploaded to the program, click the Magic Wand icon to display the presets. Next, go to the Effects & Filter tab, and you will find the presets of the filters it offers. Click the Sketch filter to apply it to your video clip, then click OK.

AnyMP4 Sketch Effect Filter

4.Following that, go to the Export tab from the main display. This time, modify the necessary video settings as you desire. You can change the output format, resolution, quality, and frame rate. Once done, click the Start Export button to save the progress.

AnyMP4 Sketch Effect Export

Aside from turning your dull video into a sketch, you can also add background music to it. You can attain this by going to the Settings tab of the MV tab. Untick the Keep original audio track, then click the Plus icon to add your desired background music from your local folder.

Part 2. How to Turn Video Into Sketch Using Premiere Pro

Adobe Premiere Pro is a professional video editing solution that doesn't limit your creativity regarding editing. It allows you to turn your creative ideas into stunning videos. This program is capable of turning your videos into a sketch perfectly. If you want to learn how to turn video into Sketch Premiere Pro, follow the demonstration below.

1.First, drag the video into the timeline, go through the Effects panel, and search for the Color Balance HLS effect. There are two types of color balance. Pick the one with HLS effects.

Adobe Premiere Pro HLS

2.Drag the effect to your video clip and move to the Effects Control panel. Then, set the Saturation to negative 100%, and the video begins to have a sketch effect.

Adobe Premiere Pro Saturation

3.Now, go back to the Effects panel and search for the Find Edges effect; apply it to your video clip by dragging it. Set the Blend with Original to 40% or any percentage that works best with your video clip under the Fine Edges effect.

Adobe Premiere Pro Blend

4.For a quick preview, your video has something beginning from a colorful video to evade in sketch effect. Once satisfied with the sketch result, save it on your computer.

Suppose you want to create the Black effect. Move over to a few frames in your video clip and select the Invert on the left-hand side under the Fine Edges effect, and it will apply the effect automatically.

Surely, this software is professional to use, and you can also use it to make a split-screen video, crop a movie, etc., after converting video to a sketch.

Part 3. How to Turn Video Into Sketch in After Effects

Adobe After Effects can turn a video into a sketch using its Pencil Sketch effect. It allows you to turn your video clips into animated pencil drawings. With the various presets you can simulate various sketch styles, such as charcoal, colored Pencil, doodle, line drawings, rough sketch, and more. Each can be customized to get the perfect look for your video clip.

1.To begin with, preview the video once and decide where you want changes to be made. Once done, move to the Effect menu and type Pencil; you will be prompted with BCC Pencil Sketch under the BCC8 Art Looks category.

Adobe After Effects Pencil

2.Drag and drop the effect to the layer; as the effect is applied, the scene will go into a rough sketch instantly. You will be prompted with multiple circles on the preview screen, including Line Threshold, Line Width, and Line Soften. These are the configuration anchor points, which can be configured right from the preview screen.

Adobe After Effects Line

3.Next, expand the Line Soften to increase the feather look, while expanding the line width will increase the contrast for converting the image into a real sketch.

Adobe After Effects Expand

4.To configure the effect more sharply, move to the Effect Control panel and configure the effect as soften 7.1, line width 7.63, line soften 1.

Adobe After Effects Control

5.To confirm the changes made, expand the View menu and select Lines, Unmasked Lines, and Line Matte to preview. To keep the sketch more real, increase the Mix with Original value to 20. Reconfigure the Line Threshold to 0.0 and other settings from the preview monitor.

Adobe After Effects View

You have to make sure that every frame looks appropriate, so you must keep changing the effect configuration settings per the scene demand. Reconfigure the mix with the original to 10.0, and you will be done. Hit the 0 on your keys to preview.

This video editor also lets you speed up the converted sketch video, if you want to change the speed.

Part 4. FAQs about Converting Video to Sketch

Is there a video to sketch converters online?

YES! You can find an ocean of search results when you search the Internet. However, it would be best to consider offline tools like AnyMP4 Video Converter Ultimate to avoid malware and other related viruses.

What are the mobile apps that can turn video into sketches?

Google Play Store and App Store offer many video editing apps. One of the mobile apps you can use to turn your videos into sketches is Snapchat.

Does Instagram have a Sketch effect filter?

Definitely YES! Go through Instagram’s filter section, take a shot using another filter, tap the name, then proceed to the Try Effect. Afterward, search Sketch Face, and you will see the Browser Effects.


You can add and apply various filters to your video clips. You can use filters if you want to change the video to a sketch design. It will turn the whole look of the video clip if you apply a filter. This post has taught you how to accomplish the task using the tools we provided earlier. For the most convenient way of achieving the Sketch effect, you can count on AnyMP4 Video Converter Ultimate.

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