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Merge MKV Files

How to Merge MKV Videos and Combine SRT Files with MKV with Ease

How to merge MKV videos? If you just downloaded some MKV files online, how to combine the different video clips without re-coding, edit the MKV files, or combine MKV and SRT files with ease? The article shares an ultimate MKV merger that combines different video clips into MKV, or even add subtitles to MKV. Just learn more details about the process from the article.

Merge MKV Files

Merge MKV Files

Part 1: How to Merge Different MKV Clips

When you want to combine different MKV clips, trim the desired part, add subtitles into MKV video, and even merge different videos into an MKV file, AnyMP4 Video Convert Ultimate is a versatile MKV merger you should take into consideration. It also provides advanced video editing features, adjust the video and audio settings, or even apply video filters with clicks.

Free Download For Windows

Secure Download

Free Download For macOS

Secure Download

Step 1: Download and install the MKV merger, you can launch the program on your computer. Go to the Converter menu, click the Add Files option and select the Add Files option to load the MKV video clips from your computer to merge the MKV files.

Add file

Step 2: When you want to combine different video clips, you can go to the format icon on the right side of the video file. After that, you can choose the MKV as the output format. Moreover, you can tweak the video and audio settings for the MKV files.


Step 3: To merge the videos, you can arrange the order for the videos. And then you can check the Merge into one file option to combine different MKV clips. Click the Convert All button to convert the videos into a single MKV file on your computer.

Convert All

Note: Moreover, you can also click the Edit icon and choose the start and end time for your clip. You can drag the clipper or enter the time directly. After that, you can cut out the desired part of video before combining MKV files. (Find video cutter here)

Part 2: How to Combine SRT Files with MKV

If you need to combine SRT files with MKV video, AnyMP4 Video Convert Ultimate also enables you to add subtitle, audio track, watermark and more other file into the MKV files. Just make sure you have downloaded the SRT subtitle or create a desired one beforehand.

Free Download For Windows

Secure Download

Free Download For macOS

Secure Download

Step 1: When you launch the program and load the MKV file you want to add subtitle into the program accordingly, you can click the Edit icon and choose the Subtitle tab.

Add file

Step 2: Click + to import the downloaded SRT subtitle file from your computer. After that, you can adjust the position, font, color, transparency, delay time, outline and more others.

Cut video

Step 3: One you have combined the SRT files with MKV, you can preview the video within the program. Click the OK button and export the MKV video into your computer or share to social media.

Add subtitle

Part 3: FAQs about HOW TO Merge MKV Files

1. What is MKV?

MKV stands for Matroska Video Stream, which support a variety of audio and video codecs. It is a media container that combines several multimedia files into one single file. You can add and merge subtitle, audio track and more formation to the MKV video file.

2. What are SRT Files?

SRT is short for SubRip Subtitle files, which are plain-text files that contain subtitle information. The files include start and stop times next to the subtitle text, position, color and more others that ensure the files will be displayed at exactly the right moment in your video. When you merge MKV files with SRT files, you have to adjust the parameters.

3. How to Sync The SRT Subtitle to MKV Directly within A Media Player?

When you need to add SRT subtitle to MKV, you can copy the SRT file to the same video library folder as the video you are watching. For example, if your video is in the Videos folder, the SRT file must be located there as well. Make sure that the SRT name matches the name of the video.


When you need to merge the MKV file, or combine subtitle into MKV file, you can learn more about the best method from the article. Moreover, you can also get the tips and tricks about merging MKV files from the article.

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