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How to Cast MKV Video to Chromecast – Here is the Ultimate Solution You Should Know

How to Cast MKV Video to Chromecast – Here is the Ultimate Solution You Should Know

If you have already downloaded some files with MKV, can you cast MKV to a TV via Chromecast directly? Chromecast supports the MKV files with H.264 video codec or AAC audio codec. Why cannot always cast MKV videos to a TV via Chromecast? Just learn more about the best methods and choose the desired one according to your requirement.

Cast MKV Video to Chromecast

Part 1: Why Can't Cast MKV to A TV via Chromecast

1. MKV is a container format, which uses different video and audio codecs. But only the MKV with H.264 video codec or AAC audio codec is supported. When you have MKV with H.265 or AC3, you are not able to cast MKV video to TV via Chromecast.

2. The different generations of Chromecast support videos with the different frame rates. The 1st and 2nd generation of Chromecast supports MKV with 720P/60FPS or 1080P/30FPS. The 3rd Gen and Ultra support videos with 1080P/60FPS. The Chromecast with Google TV supports videos 4K/30FPS with high quality.

3. If you can play the MKV video on a TV with Chromecast, but the subtitles are not available, you can turn to Videostream or Plex Media Server. Of course, you can also convert the MKV to another file format with the desired subtitle.

Part 2: The Best Alternative to Play Videos on Chromecast

As mentioned above, there are some restrictions to cast MKV to Chromecast. If you need to watch the MKV files on a TV without any restriction, AnyMP4 Video Converter Ultimate should be the ultimate companion to convert the MKV files to the Chromecast compatible format, select the desired subtitles and audio tracks, or even apply the desired video filters.

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Step 1: Download and install the MKV converter, you can launch the program on your computer to choose the Converter menu. Then you can click the Add Files to select the MKV file into the program. Of course, you can simply drag and drop the MKV to load the files.

Add Files

Step 2: Click on the format icon on the right side of the video file. You can choose the MP4 or WebM as the output format. Moreover, you can also tweak the frame rate, video codec, audio codec, video quality, and more other settings for converting MKV to Chromecast.


Step 3: After that, you can select the destination folder for the MKV. If you need to merge the different MKV clips, you can check the Merge into one file option. Then you can click the Convert button to convert the desired MKV files to compatible with Chromecast.


Step 4: Make sure the computer and the Chromecast is in the same Wi-Fi environment. Then launch the Chrome web browser on your computer and click the three vertical dots in the top right-hand corner. Select the Cast option to cast the MKV to the TV with Chromecast.

Step 5: After that, you can click on the Source option to load the converted MKV files. Click on the Cast file option to cast the video from your computer that you can play the converted video in Chrome. You can play the converted MKV file on TV via the Chromecast. Tap here to get helpful M3U8 player you need.

Part 3: FAQs about Play MKV Files to Chromecast

1. How to Play MKV Videos on Chromebook?

If you want to play MKV videos on Chromebook, you can simply use the default media player or use VLC Media Player instead. Once you have installed the program, you can select the Directories option to navigate to the MKV files on your Chromebook.

2. What are Supported File Formats for Chromecast?

The default Chromecast video format is MP4, WebM, MP2T, MP3, OGG, and WAV. But you can also check the video codec for other formats, the 1st and 2nd Gen of Chromecast supports H.264 High Profile and VP8. As for the Ultra Chromecast, it also supports HEVC, VP9 and HDR files.

3. Is It Possible to Cast Corrupted MKV via Chromecast?

Yes. But you need to download some video players to repair the MKV files beforehand. Of course, you can also use the media library service, such as Plex with VLC Media player to cast the MKV to a TV via Chromecast to find whether it works.


When you need to cast MKV to a TV via Chromecast, you can learn more details from the ultimate guide. You should pay special attention to the video codec, frame rate, audio codec, subtitle, and more others. In order to watch the MKV video on your TV, AnyMP4 Video Converter Ultimate should be the ultimate Chromecast MKV solution.

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