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How to Play DVD on Xbox 360

Play DVD on Xbox 360

Microsoft Xbox is far more than a video game console. Many people prefer to play DVD on Xbox 360. You can learn the best ways to enjoy DVDs on Xbox 360 here. Xbox 360 is one of popular video game consoles on the market. Although Microsoft has released a successor, Xbox One, there are still many game enthusiasts prefer to Xbox 360. Many users are wondering: how to play DVD on Xbox 360? Can Xbox 360 play DVD as Xbox One? Xbox 360 is far more than a simple game console. Microsoft has equipped DVD drive into Xbox 360, so users could watch movies and videos on this game console, even though you can not treat Xbox 360 as a primary DVD player. When it comes to how to play DVD on Xbox 360, it is a little different with Xbox One. And we will share the ways to enjoy movies on Xbox 360 below.

1. Play DVD on Xbox 360 directly

The process to playback disc on Xbox 360 is rather straightforward. You do not need extra software or hardware at all. Unlike Xbox One, Xbox 360 has the capacity to detect the movie on DVD and load it automatically.

Play DVD on Xbox 360

Step 1: Insert the DVD into the disc drive of Xbox 360. If the DVD is readable, Xbox 360 will load the movie.

Step 2: In Dashboard, you should choose the Play DVD option rather than play game.

Step 3: Then the menu screen of the movie shows up. Press arrow keys and OK button on remote controller to playback the movie.

To prevent from illegal copy, DVDs are usually encrypted or region code protected. If your Xbox 360 cannot read a DVD, partly because the DVD's region code is not compatible with your game console. Furthermore, Xbox 360 cannot be used as a blu ray player, for it does not have blu ray drive.

2. Xbox 360 HD DVD Player

Considering the technology developing and HD DVDs are increasingly popular, Microsoft has released Xbox 360 HD DVD Player. It is an accessory for Xbox 360 console. With Xbox 360 HD DVD Player, the video resolution could upscale to 720p or 1080p.

Xbox 360 HD DVD Player

Step 1: When you want to play HD DVD on Xbox 360, you can connect Xbox 360 HD DVD Player to Xbox 360 via USB cable.

Step 2: Insert the HD DVD into Xbox 360 HD DVD Player instead of Xbox 360.

Step 3: Then you can play the HD DVD as play DVD on Xbox 360.

There are some tips when you use Xbox 360 HD DVD Player. Firstly, 1080p HD DVD playback is only available via HDMI or VGA cords, otherwise, the 1080p movie will be downscaled to lower solution. Although Xbox 360 HD DVD Player allows users to enjoy HD movies, it still does not support blu rays.

Alternative solutions

Since Xbox 360 more focus on video games, you should not treat it as a primary DVD player. If you are a console game enthusiast and want to enjoy high quality movies, there are two alternative solutions to meet your demands: rip blu ray movies to Xbox 360, or upgrade to Xbox One S.

3. Rip DVD movies to Xbox 360

AnyMP4 DVD Ripper is a professional DVD ripper for portable devices, such as Xbox 360. The reasons that you should use DVD Ripper to play DVD on Xbox 360 include:

1. You can use DVD Ripper to rip DVD to Xbox 360 compatible videos. After ripping, you can play DVD movie on Xbox 360 via USB flash drive. That is a good way to prevent DVDs from damage.

2. DVD Ripper has the capacity to remove region code and other encryption code.

3. Besides regular DVDs, AnyMP4 DVD Ripper could rip DVD to Xbox 360.

4. It has embedded an advanced algorithm to achieve DVD ripping without quality loss.

5. This application could help you to simplify the process to transform DVD discs to Xbox 360 readable movies.

How to rip DVD to Xbox 360

Step 1: This DVD Ripper has one version for Windows and Mac respectively. You can download and install the right version on your PC. Launch DVD Ripper and insert the blu ray disc to rip into your computer.

Step 2: Press Load Disc button on top ribbon to import media files from DVD disc.


Step 3: Pick a video format that Xbox 360 readable in the list of Profile. Choose the movies to rip on the left panel. If you are not sure, you can play the movie in Preview panel before ripping. Other customized parameters related to video quality are in Settings menu.

Step 4: Set a Destination in the field to store the output.

Step 5: When you are ready, click on the Convert button, DVD Ripper will do all the work and save the output automatically.

After ripped, you can copy the compatible video files to USB flash drive and play movies on Xbox 360 without any problem.

4. Upgrade to Xbox One S

Xbox One S was released by Microsoft last year. And this latest version of Xbox console has equipped a DVD drive. Unlike playing DVD on Xbox 360, Microsoft has developed a dedicated DVD player app for Xbox One S. So, you can enjoy DVD movies on Xbox One S smoothly.

How to play DVDs on Xbox One S

Step 1: Power on Xbox One S and go to Store from Xbox home screen.

Step 2: Choose the Apps on the Categories area and then choose Search apps from the list of option.

Step 3: Search for DVD in the search bar and choose the DVD disc app on the result page.

Step 4: On the app details page, click on Install to install player app on your Xbox console.

Step 5: Insert the DVD disc into Xbox One S and play the movies with DVD Player app.

Xbox One S has integrated voice assistant technology. You can call the voice assistant to install player app and play the movie as well.


Although Xbox 360 has the ability to play DVD, it is not a good idea to use it as a primary DVD player. If just want to watch movies on Xbox 360 occasionally, we introduced multiple ways to play DVDs on Xbox 360. Of course, you can play DVD on Xbox 360 directly. And Xbox 360 HD DVD Player is an accessory for Xbox 360 to lay HD DVDs. Microsoft has released successor of Xbox 360: Xbox One S. The new game console is more excellent on DVD playback. If you have enough budgets, you should consider upgrade to Xbox One S. Finally, we recommend an all-in-one solution, AnyMP4 DVD Ripper. This application could convert blu ray discs, ultra HD blu ray DVDs to Xbox 360 readable videos without quality loss. At the same time, it is able to wipe region code and decrypt the movies.

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