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How to Play DVD on Nintendo Wii/Wii mini/Wii U

How to Play DVD on Nintendo Wii/Wii mini/Wii U

If you raise the question that can Wii play DVD, the answer may be No.

But it does not mean that there are no solutions, to play DVD on Wii.

The frequently used methods are using DVD ripper to convert DVD videos to Wii supported, or to use Homebrew Channel to play DVDs on the glowing blue drive as well.

Which one is better?

Now, let's break down the exact process, and you make the decision.

How to Play DVD on Wii

Part 1. Does Wii play DVDs?


Let's explain the reasons now.

The Wii is the home video game console developed by Nintendo, and becomes the competitor with Xbox 360, PlayStation.

Whether you are suing Wii, Wii mini or Wii U, you will find it run the games supplied on Wii optical discs from its internal storage system.

Besides, it also accepts external storage devices from Buffalo, Seagate, Western Digital (WD) and Toshiba, but only some version with video file is AVI or MOV files (QuickTime), and the video size is up to 848×480.

So you cannot play DVD on Wii?

Not exactly.

Keep reading, and we shall show you the best 2 solutions to play DVD on Wii.

Part 2. Play DVD on Wii by with the DVD converter

From the above words, you should notice that Wii does not play DVD directly. However, if you want to play an AVI or MOV file on Wii, it is OK.

Then the solution is easy, and you just need to convert DVD to Wii accepted AVI or MOV.

AnyMP4 DVD Ripper is the tool, to convert DVD to Wii supported file format, like MP4, MOV, AVI and etc. And there are built-in filters, to edit converted DVD videos with powerful filters. The 6X conversion speed enables people to have super fast speed to rip DVD to play on Wii.

1. Rip DVD to over 160 output video and audio output formats, in zero limitations.

The DVD to Wii ripper software supports users to rip DVD to almost all popular video formats, and then extract audio tracks with large amounts of selectable audio formats as well.

2. Comprehensive filters to merge videos and add video and audio effects.

Trim, crop, rotate, add watermark, adjust video aspect ratio and parameters, choose audio track and subtitles and more.

3. Fastest conversion speed.

The latest accelerating technology enables users to rip DVD to MP4 or else videos 6 times faster than common DVD rippers.

Free Download For Windows

Secure Download

Free Download For macOS

Secure Download

How to pip DVD to play on Wii with converter

1. Load the DVD disc on computer.

Download and install AnyMP4 DVD Ripper on computer. Register with your email address. Launch it and hit "Load DVD" option after inserting DVD into the DVD drive.

Load the DVD

2. Set the output video format to rip DVD to videos.

Click "Profile" menu, and then select the "Wii" AVI or MOV as output video format. Browse Destination to save ripped videos into, and you can click "Settings" button, to do further editing tasks.


3. Tap Convert to rip DVD to Wii supported format.

There is the huge button for you to Convert DVD disc to video files, click it to start DVD ripping.
If you need to edit DVD videos, to change video settings or add additional video effects, finish all those tasks before DVD ripping. At last, you can play DVD as Wii format with fast speed as well.


When DVD cannot play PS4, Xbox, etc., you can also use this DVD ripper to extract the DVD files for easy playback on your computer.

Part 3. Play DVD on Wii with the Homebrew Channel

Another one way to play DVD on Wii is using Homebrew Channel. I know it is a piece of old new, however, for those who always want their drive could play games as well as movies, it's exactly the solution.

The steps are a little complicated, and you should keep patience.

The whole process to play DVD on Wii by Homebrew Channel can be divided into three main steps, to install the Homebrew Channel, and then DVD player, later let Wii play DVD movies directly. The key step is to install Homebrew Channel, which is also the most difficult part of the whole DVD playing process on Wii.

Something to Prepare

  • Nintendo Wii
  • One SD card in FAT/FAT 32 format
  • One SD card reader/ writer
  • The Legend of Zelda
  • The Twilight Hack
  • Homebrew Channel Installer

Homebrew Channel

Watch DVDs on Wii with Homebrew Channel

1. Put your SD card into the reader, and then copy the Private directory of the Twilight Hack into it.

2. Insert the SD card into THE Wii, and then find out Zelda save file to delete, in Wii File Manager.

3. Choose the suitable Zelda version to insert. For instance, RVL-RZDE-OA-O is highly compatible with TwilightHack0. And the left ones are easy to find out its regular.

4. copy the correct version of the hack, after you switch to SD view under File Manager.

5. Insert the Zelda game disk, start and save the game. Copy the same operations on Homebrew Channel installer.

At this period, Homebrew Channel has been installed successfully, install any DVD player to play DVD on Wii using Homebrew Channel. Install it and open with the certain title to watch DVDs with Wii. In addition, WinX DVD Player will be the nice program, to read and play DVD videos on Wii.

Part 4. FAQs of Playing DVDs on Nintendo Wii/Wii mini/Wii U

Can I connect my phone to my Wii to watch movies?

No. Wii is not compatible with Android, iOS, or other smartphones, and you cannot connect a phone to watch movies with Wii.

What video formats does the Photo Channel of Wii support?

The Photo Channel of Wii supports MOV and AVI files that are encoded with MJPEG. Remember the video resolution should be lower than 848×480.

How can I play DVDs on Wii without homebrew?

Download AnyMP4 DVD Ripper and rip the DVDs to Wii-supported formats, such as MOV or AVI. Next, use the Photos Channel of Wii to play the video via an SD card.


Using DVD ripper software to convert DVDs to videos is easy to operate, and no extra damage will occur. In another word, the DVD ripper offers DVD to Wii conversion directly. And the 6 times faster speed enables every user to rip DVD to Wii supported video format as fast as riding the rocket. As for the cons of using DVD ripper for Wii playing DVD movies, it is not obvious to find out.

As for installing Homebrew Channel to watch a DVD with Wii, you are able to access DVD videos in the Wii directly. However, there is also the risk you need to take during the whole period of installing Homebrew on Wii. Once you do something wrong, it will cause corresponding damage of your Wii device. And you still need to install third-party software, to play DVD videos with.

Therefore, using DVD ripper is safer and easier to operate. With the wide range of game console supported, DVD ripper is also the first choice, to rip DVDs to PSP, PSP GO, PSP 3000, PS3, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and most digital devices covered.

The latter method to enable DVD played on Wii has certain risk. Therefore, using DVD ripper software to watch DVDs on Wii is more recommend.

The above two Wii DVD movies playing methods are both useful, you can refer to above overviews, steps and comparisons, to decide which method to prefer finally.

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