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Step-by-step Guide on Ripping Blu-ray Discs to Digital Videos

Step-by-step Guide on Ripping Blu-ray Discs to Digital Videos

Today, we have more approaches and contents to enjoy in leisure time than ever before. However, what about getting your favorite movie that already contained on your Blu-ray disc. Of course, you have the choices other than paying for another copy of the movie.

There are plenty methods to convert Blu-ray to MP4, MKV or other video formats. In this tutorial, we will round up the best approaches to rip 4K Blu-ray discs to your computer without losing any quality. If you have a collection of Blu-ray movies, you should read this article carefully and follow the guides to rip Blu-ray movies to digital video files.

How to Rip Blu-ray Discs

How to Rip Blu-ray Discs

Part 1: How to Rip Blu-ray to MP4 or MKV Professionally

The biggest benefit of Blu-ray is the video quality, so people worry about quality downgrade when converting Blu-ray or 4K Blu-ray to MP4, MKV and more. That is why we recommend AnyMP4 Blu-ray Ripper.

In short, it is the best way to rip Blu-ray to MP4 or MKV on Mac OS 12/11/X and Windows 10/8.1/8/7.

How to rip 4K Blu-ray to MP4 or MKV without quality loss

Step 1: Get the best Blu-ray ripping software

Download and install the best Blu-ray ripping software to your PC. There is another version for MacBook Pro/Air/iMac. Insert the 4K Blu-ray disc into your computer and launch the program. Once click the Load Blu-ray button at the top ribbon, the software will detect and add the media files to the library area.

Load Disc

Step 2: Edit Blu-ray videos

Sometimes, you may want to modify the video files on the Blu-ray disc. Select one video in the library area and click the Edit button to open it in the video editor window. Here you can crop, rotate, flip the video or add effect and watermark on it. The video clip tool can be found on top of the home interface. When video editing is done, click the OK button to confirm the changes and go back to the home interface.


Step 3: Convert 4K Blu-ray to MP4 or MKV

Check the boxes next to the 4K Blu-ray movies you’d like to convert to MP4 or MKV and locate the bottom area. Unfold the Profile dropdown, go to the 4K Video tab and select MP4 or MKV as the output format. Then click the Save to button and choose a folder to save the digital files. Other custom options, such as frame rate and more, can be found in the Profile Settings dialog, and you can hit the Settings button to open it.

Finally, click the Rip All button to start ripping 4K Blu-ray to MP4 or MKV. According to our research, it only takes a few minutes to rip an entire 4K Blu-ray disc. However, the real time depends on your hardware.

After ripping Blu-ray files into the digital formats, you can burn the Blu-ray files into DVD easily.


Part 2: How to Rip Blu-ray to MKV for Free

There are several open-source Blu-ray rippers on market, but only a few of them are able to process 4K Blu-ray discs. Plus, the biggest downside of free Blu-ray rippers is quality loss. Is there any way to rip Blu-ray to digital videos for free without damaging quality? You should try MakeMKV and HandBrake. Before that, you should d understand some factors:

How to rip Blu-ray to MKV with MakeMKV and HandBrake

Step 1: Run MakeMKV after installing it on your computer. It is free to download on the official website.

Step 2: Put your 4K Blu-ray disc into an internal or external Blu-ray drive. After the free Blu-ray to MKV ripper detects your disc, select your Blu-ray drive from the Source list.


Step 3: Then click the Blu-ray button in the middle of the screen to start scanning the disc.

Step 4: When scanning is complete, set the destination in the Output Folder box.

Step 5: Next, click the MakeMKV button to begin ripping Blu-ray to MKV. An average Blu-ray disc usually spends at least 30 minutes to process.

Step 6: Open HandBrake after Blu-ray ripping, click Open Source > File and import the MKV file that MakeMKV produced. Adjust the location in the Destination area or keep it by default.


Step 7: Expand the Format dropdown list and select your favorite video format. Then go the Preset section on the right side and select a proper resolution.

Step 8: For tech savvy, you can modify other custom options in the Video, Audio, Subtitles and Chapters tabs under Format. Next, click the Start button on the top ribbon to start processing your videos.


Based on our tutorial above, you should understand how to rip 4K Blu-ray to MP4, MKV or other video formats without damaging quality. First of all, MakeMKV allows you to rip Blu-ray to MKV without paying a penny for 30 days. Then you can convert the output to another format using HandBrake. If you are looking for a professional approach to convert Blu-ray discs to digital video files, AnyMP4 Blu-ray Ripper should be your primary choice.

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