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IObit iTop Screen Recorder Review: Your Screen Capture Solution

IObit iTop Screen Recorder Review: Your Screen Capture Solution

Imagine you’re in a scenario where you need to create a video tutorial, capture your gameplay, or record an important online meeting. In such moments, having a reliable screen recording tool can be a game-changer. IObit iTop Screen Recorder is one such software that aims to cater to these needs. In this IObit iTop Screen Recorder review, we will look closer at its features, ease of use, and performance to help you decide whether it’s the right selection for your screen recording needs. What’s more, we will also present alternatives to cater to diverse recording needs, aiming to guide you in selecting the most suitable tool.

iTop Screen Recorder Review

Part 1. What is IObit iTop Screen Recorder

IObit iTop Screen Recorder is a screen capture and recording software. It functions as a powerful tool for capturing and creating content from a computer screen. It lets users record on-screen activities in Full Screen, Region, Window, and Fixed Ratio. Also, IObit supports Webcam, Game, and Only Audio recordings.

Furthermore, it also provides screenshot functionalities, allowing users to take screenshots in Custom, Full Screen, Active Window, and Scrolling Window. Besides screen recording and screen cap functionalities, IObit also features Quick and Advanced editors. Annotation tools are also offered for adding text, lines, arrows, shapes, etc.


  • It features a voice changer effect.
  • It supports webcam overlay on recordings.
  • It includes basic and advanced video editing tools.
  • It allows recording system audio, microphone, or both.
  • It provides various screen recording and capturing tools.


  • It offers fewer export formats.
  • It consumes significant system resources.
  • Its free version includes a watermark on recordings.

Part 2. IObit iTop Screen Recorder Review

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Screen Recording

Screen Recording

The IObit free screen recorder provides a flexible screen recording feature, offering various recording modes. It allows users to capture computer screens in Full Screen, Select Region, Select Window, Lock Window, and Fixed Ratio for various platforms. Despite these features, IObit still lacks advanced recording modes for various purposes.

Audio Recording

Audio Recording

The software doesn’t just limit itself to visual content; it also caters to audio recording. IObit permits the recording of system sounds, microphone input, or a combination of both. Also, it features a voice-changing effect with various presets. However, if not configured correctly, audio sources may overlap or create unwanted noise in the recording.

Webcam Recording

Webcam Recording

One of the notable features of IObit iTop Screen Recorder is the ability to overlay your camera footage into screen recordings to record webcam. This function allows users to include a webcam feed within their screen capture. But, running screen recording and webcam overlay simultaneously can cause lags or quality issues.

Video Editing

Video Editing

IObit simplifies the post-recording editing process with video editing tools. Users can trim and cut recorded videos to remove unwanted segments or refine content. Additionally, the software allows the inclusion of annotations, texts, and shapes directly into the recordings. However, users with complex editing needs might find it lacking.

Scheduled Recording

Schedule Recording

IObit iTop Screen Recorder for PC offers a scheduled recording feature. It allows users to specify the exact start and stop times for their recordings, making it beneficial for capturing live webinars, online events, or scheduled tasks. However, it needs to run in the background during the scheduled recording, which could impact system performance.

Mouse Effects

Mouse Effects

The inclusion of mouse effects in IObit enhances the clarity and engagement of video content. It is especially advantageous when producing instructional content or tutorials, as it helps viewers follow the actions on the screen more easily. However, for extended recordings, overuse of mouse effects may result in distractions or visual clutter in the video.

Part 3. 3 IObit iTop Screen Recorder Alternatives

1 AnyMP4 Screen Recorder

AnyMP4 Screen Recorder

The best alternative to the IObit iTop Screen Recorder is the AnyMP4 Screen Recorder. It offers powerful and unique screen recording modes for different purposes, such as Video, Audio, Webcam, Window, Game, and Phone Recorder. It lets you capture computer display activities in Full, Window, or Custom with up to 4K resolution.

Free Download For Windows

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Free Download For macOS

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Moreover, it lets you record with multiple sources, like system audio, microphone input, and even overlay webcam. Additionally, it features a snapshot functionality: Screen Capture, Scrolling Window, and Popup Menu Capture. While recording screen activities, AnyMP4 Screen Recorder lets you add annotations. It is also infused with editing tools to enhance recordings.


  • It supports Task Schedule recordings.
  • It has video editing and annotation tools.
  • It doesn’t include watermarks on video recordings.
  • It provides unique recording tools for various purposes.


  • It is a paid software. However, a free trial is offered.

2 Bandicam

Bandicam Screen Recorder

Bandicam is another IObit iTop Screen Recorder for PC alternatives. It offers high-quality video recording with various features, including recording 2D/3D games with 4K UHD video and capturing external video devices. It supports real-time drawing while recording, webcam overlay, scheduled recording, and hotkeys for easy control.


  • It supports resolutions up to 4K UHD.
  • It lets users draw on the screen while recording.
  • It provides customizable hotkeys for easy control.


  • It requires a one-time purchase.
  • It embeds a watermark on recordings.

3 Loom

Loom Screen Recorder

If you don’t want to download IObit iTop Screen Recorder, Loom is your go-to solution. It is a cloud-based video recording tool that allows users to capture their screens, webcam, or both simultaneously. Also, it offers basic video editing tools like trimming, and it allows easy sharing through a cloud-based platform, making collaboration and sharing simple.


  • It provides basic editing features.
  • It is ideal for quick video messaging and sharing.
  • It allows users to capture their webcam, screen, or both.


  • It is primarily a cloud-based tool.
  • Its free version comes with many limitations.

Part 4. FAQs about IObit iTop Screen Recorder

Is the IObit iTop Screen Recorder good?

It depends on the user’s specific needs! IObit is a decent screen recording software with basic features for capturing screen activity. While it’s suitable for many users, those seeking advanced video editing and more extensive features may find other options more appealing.

Are IObit drivers safe?

NO! IObit’s driver update software has faced controversy and concerns regarding its safety and effectiveness. It’s advisable to exercise caution when using third-party driver update tools, as issues can potentially arise.

What is better than IObit?

For advanced screen recording features and functionalities, AnyMP4 Screen Recorder is a viable alternative to IObit. It offers different recording options, supports various audio sources, includes straightforward video editing and annotation tools, and more.


That’s the end of our IObit iTop Screen Recorder review journey! IObit iTop Screen Recorder stands as a competent tool, offering basic recording functionalities that cater to the needs of many users. However, for those seeking advanced features and broader functionalities, various alternatives provide a more comprehensive suite of tools. AnyMP4 Screen Recorder, Bandicam, and Loom are viable options, each offering unique strengths. Whether for educational purposes, gaming adventures, or professional presentations, the right screen recording software can significantly impact the quality and efficiency of your content creation journey.

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