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Ezvid Review: Pros, Cons, Features

Ezvid Review: Pros, Cons, Features

Since YouTube started its services in early 2005, the landscape of producing and editing videos has taken a drastic turn. People started producing their videos and uploading them on the website, where some lucky ones even enjoyed a prosperous career on the platform. With YouTube's rise, video editing and screen recording software optimized for beginner-friendly use also followed; one of these software was Ezvid. In this review, we will discuss Ezvid and whether it can still perform in the modern market of easy-to-use screen recording and video editing software. Along with that, we will also look into three modern Ezvid alternatives that beginner video editors may also use.

Ezvid Review

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Part 1. What is Ezvid?

Released in 2011, Ezvid anchored its services as a platform perfect for recording and producing videos easily without prior experience. During its early years, it became the primary pick of gaming content creators as a screen recording tool when producing their content. Thanks to its versatility, screen recordings may be edited directly into the software with additional tools such as a built-in voice recorder and voice synthesizer, making Ezvid a one-stop video production program.

Ezvid Main Features and Tools:

  • Extremely Fast and Small
  • Basic Screen Recorder
  • Basic Video Editor
  • Built-in-Voice Synthesizer
  • Built-in Library of Background Music

Part 2. Ezvid Review

Overall Rating:





  • Extra Tiny File Size
  • Built-in Screen Recorder and Video Editor
  • Built-it Voice Synthesizer
  • Offers a library of free background music
  • Produced Videos are Watermark-Free


  • Outdated Software
  • Modern Softwares are more practical
  • Not optimized for modern computers

When reviewing Ezvid, it is impossible to overlook its age. Despite this, it still gets the job done since the software traded its lack of modern aesthetics for its functionality. Regarding features, the most basic services that users may expect from screen recording and video editing software are still present. It can record games that capture a certain area or the entire screen, and it has a built-in audio recorder and voice synthesizer.

Extremely Fast and Small

Packed inside a 2MB program size after installation, users may mistake Ezvid as a potentially harmful program or even a high-definition PNG photo. However, the program's age made it possible to compress an entire video editor and screen recorder down to the size of a high-definition photo.

Ezvid Small

Basic Screen Recorder

Ezvid's Screen Recorder works highly similar to modern software that provides this service, except that it is old. The different options to screen record are not listed in a single interface. Instead, users still need to edit the advanced recording option to record a specific area on the screen. For modern computer users, the program requires editing the size of items in the display options to start recording a portion of the screen.

Basic Video Editor

What may be expected from an older program is that Ezvid's video editor has the basic function of video editing software. You can add text music and combine multiple video clips into one. However, it lacks the modern touch that most video editors now consider a standard. For instance, audio and media files cannot be added to a layer-style editing interface, and music files are to be modified.

Ezvid Interface

Built-in Voice Synthesizer

This voice synthesizer feature may be useful if no other options are left in the market. It gets the job done since it can be activated by simply typing phrases that the synthesizer will translate into speech. However, it still feels old, just like the features mentioned above. This feature may not be enough to consider using it over the more modern options.

Built-in Library of Background Music

A free library of music that can be accessed and added to an editing software is always good, except when it is too old to use. This is the problem that Ezvid has. It may provide a library of music from multiple genres and moods, but there are many more options for background music alone.

Ezvid Music Library

Part 3. Ezvid Alternatives

1 AnyMP4 Screen Recorder


AnyMP4 Screen Recorder features the same functions that Ezvid has but has updated it to support modern multimedia purposes. Both fully functional as a screen recorder and video editor, AnyMP4 Screen Recorder may be considered the perfect alternative when looking for a modern alternative to Ezvid.

Free Download For Windows

Secure Download

Free Download For macOS

Secure Download

Old-school video editors finding a modern alternative to Ezvid may use AnyMP4 Screen Recorder instead. With services that may be considered modernized versions of Ezvid's features, old-school users of the classic software may find AnyMP4 Screen Recorder the perfect successor for their old-school program. AnyMP4 Screen Recorder is also available for Windows and MacOS, making it a perfect option for users of these operating systems.


  • Modernized Simple Interface
  • Snapshot with Floating Window Function
  • Real-Time Drawing and Editing
  • Next-Generation Game Recorder
  • Mobile Recording and Casting


  • Free
  • User-Friendly Interface
  • Snapshot and Pin Function
  • Real-time Screen Recorder Editor
  • Built-in Audio Recorder
  • Game Recorder
  • Supports Mobile Device Casting and Recording


  • Free version has limited features

2 CamStudio

CamStudio Alternative

Another classic software mostly familiar to people who used Ezvid in its prime, CamStudio may not be considered an alternative but as an old rival of Ezvid. Released a decade before Ezvid, CamStudio is another classic screen recording software developed as an open-source program in 2001. This old-school program may be credited to the advancement seen in screen recording softwares today.

Unfortunately, CamStudio is unavailable for modern computers today since it is only available for Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7, operating systems that are all out of commission already.

3 Snagit

Snagit Alternative

Snagit is an all-in-one software that provides premium features and services. One of its features is its ability to serve as a Screen Recorder. Unlike Ezvid and AnyMP4 Screen Recorder, Snagit is a paid software. This premium software maintains a modern-looking aesthetics thanks to its minimalistic interface. (Check this article to get more alternatives to Snagit.)

Unfortunately, Snagit does not have a free version. It only has a free trial for 30 days that is free to download on its website, while its lifetime license with one-year maintenance costs $62.99.


  • Screen Recorder With Multiple Functions
  • Premium Aesthetics
  • Versatile Interface
  • Easy to Use Built-in Editing Tool
  • Direct Cloud Save Feature
  • Automated Library Organizer


  • Paid Application
  • The Main Interface is not simple and requires technical knowledge to use

Part 4. FAQs about Ezvid Review

Is Ezvid free?

Yes. Ezvid is a free-to-use software that may be downloaded on their website at Despite its age, Ezvid is a capable screen recorder and video editor.

Is Ezvid good?

Ezvid may still provide the services it was known for in its prime. However, its services failed to pass the test of time, and its age shows its signs. Modern software such as AnyMP4 Screen Recorder does Ezvid's job but with the much-needed modern touches.

Is Ezvid legit?

Yes, Ezvid is a legitimate screen recorder and video editing software. It was once considered the best free screen recording and video editing software in the early 2010s. It may still be downloaded and functional today but only supports up to the Windows 10 operating system.

Is Ezvid safe?

Yes, Ezvid is safe and free to use. Along with it, the software's file size does not even clock the 1MB size, and its installed program size is only 2MB. It is the smallest video editing and screen capture software for Windows 10.

Does Ezvid have a watermark?

No, Ezvid is watermark-free. Along with its tiny file size, another perk that people who choose Ezvid may point to is its watermark-free videos. Both screen recordings and edited videos processed in Ezvid are all watermark-free.


Ezvid may have failed to stand the test of time due to the competitive field of easy-to-use screen recording softwares. However, its footprints among modern programs are still visible up to this day. AnyMP4 Screen Recorder may attest to this statement with its main features as both a screen recording and video editing software all-in-one. For users interested in going back to the early 2010s, Ezvid is still available to download on their website and still supports Windows 10. Moreover, users finding a tiny multimedia program, with multiple functions, and watermark-free videos may still enjoy Ezvid.

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