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How to Do Photo Retouching to Enhance Images

Applying photo retouching to professional headshots is a must for services providing studio photography. As a general rule of thumb, this small adjustment is ideal when used on professional images because it is capable of making the subject brighter, cleaner, and thus more professional-looking. However, there is a common misconception that applying digital retouching is complex because of the presumed technical requirements. In this review, we will refute this claim by providing five easy-to-use software that can be used for easy photo retouching services so that you can upgrade your photos on your own.

Photo Retouching

Part 1. What Is Photo Retouching?

Image Retouching

Similar to beauty retouching using makeup, digital retouching basically borrows this concept by applying the supposed facial retouching directly to the digital file. With that, features that are commonly covered or improved by makeup may be applied digitally to a photo. Some examples of these details include but are not limited to the following: acne scars, acne breakouts, bruises, plucky pimples, scars, etc.

Aside from improving professional headshot images, photo retouching may also be ideal for social media posting since it can also make your photos more beautiful or detailed. Although commonly used in improving selfies, photo retouching may also be used to enhance non-facial details when capturing sceneries or cute animals.

Simply put, photo retouching is a procedure that can be used to upgrade multiple types of images. Similar to makeup, this service is commonly used when enhancing or covering specific facial features or when applying beautification to the subject.

Part 2. Photo Retouching Services

Photo Retouching Services

Previously, photo retouching services were only accessible when using advanced photo editors such as Adobe Photoshop. In fact, most photo studios almost exclusively use the mentioned software when editing the photos that their customers take. We can connect this fact to the Spot Healing Brush tool that is available in Photoshop since this tool is specially designed as a retouching tool for facial images. Its purpose is to remove spots and tiny details from an image with one click.

However, the drastic technological leap throughout recent years provided photoshop a run for its money when it comes to photo retouching or general enhancing services. With the latest software developed for simplicity and accessible use, Adobe’s dedicated photo editor may have started a brand new competitive market.

To prove this point, multiple software, tools, and apps have emerged to provide instant photo enhancement no matter where these programs are available. There are even smartphone photo galleries with advanced built-in photo editors.

In the next section of this article, we will explore the vast assortment of software that can be used to apply professional photo retouching and general image enhancements with some of them being free to use and can apply digital improvements in a snap.

Part 3. What Software Is Used For Retouching?

AnyMP4 Image Upscaler Online

Let’s start this recommendation section with a bang by introducing the aforementioned free software that can apply image enhancements in a snap with AnyMP4 Image Upscaler Online. Primarily built as an image upscaler tool, this software will not even treat photo retouching as a warmup because it is packed with advanced features that will put casual users and even professional photographers alike in awe.

Equipped with advanced AI technology that can enhance images by directly upgrading their resolution by up to 8×, AnyMP4 Image Upscaler Online is an optimal tool for photo retouching and general image enhancement purposes. To go along with this, photos processed by the tool will not suffer from any form of quality loss; it can restore old photos thanks to its AI support, and it can improve the image texture.

Although packed with high-performance services, all of these mentioned perks may be accessed for free with no login required, and the photos processed by the tool will be watermark-free, making it ready for professional use.

To use AnyMP4 Image Upscaler Online for photo retouching and upscaling use, follow these three simple steps:

1Upload the photo that you want to retouch by clicking the Upload Photo button on their website or by dragging the file into the Drop Box.

Upload Photo

2Wait for the AI processing to finish, and then select the Magnification option that you want to apply, whether it is , , , or . For photo retouching purposes, the 2X option is more than enough.

AnyMP4 Image Enhancer Online Magnification

3Simply click the Save button to download the image processed by the best photo retouch program for free.

AnyMP4 Image Enhancer Online Save

When looking for a tool that can provide photo retouching online free, AnyMP4 Image Upscaler Online should always be the first to come to mind. Their main features are more than enough for general image enhancement, let alone a simple AI photo retouching job. So, if you are interested in improving your professional headshots or your daily social media postings, always remember that upgrading your images is as simple as following three simple steps with AnyMP4 Image Upscaler Online.


Upscayl Interface

To continue this section, we will feature another upscaling tool that can be used for general photo retouching with Upscayl. Similar to the previously featured AnyMP4 Image Upscaler Online, this software is also available for free and can be used by its consumers without logging in. However, it requires its users to download the open-source program first since their cloud based services are still in development.

Fortunately, Upscayl’s desktop app is optimized for low-end device use since it can run its basic functions without the assistance of a dedicated graphics processing unit or GPU. This feature may be the biggest edge of this software to its competitors since most AI powered programs are graphically demanding, especially those requiring to be installed.

When looking for a tool that you can use on the go, Upscayl may be a good option for you.

Adobe Photoshop

Photoshop Interface

Next in line is the first software that started it all with Adobe Photoshop. As previously mentioned in the second part of this article, this software is the tool that pioneered photo editing programs when it was first introduced in 1988, after it was developed a year before. Unfortunately, Photoshop suffers a huge blow in accessibility since its software is extremely intimidating for complete beginners, thanks to its highly versatile toolbox. Thankfully, they made a tool specifically optimized for photo retouching with their Spot Healing Brush Tool.

The development of the Spot Healing Brush Tool jump-started the accessibility of Photoshop when it comes to photo retouching purposes. However, it is still not recommended for beginners because mishandling the tool may cause the image being edited to be altered too much or ruin it altogether. Using pre-built tools that can enhance images within a few clicks is still a far better choice when lacking photo editing experience.


Picsart Interface

Photo retouching tools are not only available for PC users since there are advanced photo editors that mobile photography enthusiasts may use, and one of them is Picsart. Developed earlier as a fun application that can create collages and wacky filters for selfies, this application has evolved to become a fully functional tool that can process advanced editing straight from their user's pockets.

In recent years, the app received multiple upgrades that made it capable of applying photo retouches. Even though the app is free to download, its free version is plagued by numerous ads and pop-ups that may turn off new users.

Gigapixel AI

Gigapixel AI Interface

Interested in finding premium paid software? Then this option may be the best for you. We will wrap up this list by featuring a premium program developed by TopazLabs in Gigapixel AI. Developed as a photo editor and image upscaler, this tool has everything you need when looking for a tool to retouch your photos. Similar to AnyMP4 Image Upscaler Online and Upscayl, Gigapixel AI, as the name suggests, is also supported by this advanced technology.

However, its advanced nature may propose the problems that Photoshop has since photo retouching using this tool may be considered overkill, especially since it is marked at a steep price tag of $99.99. Despite that, this tool is perfect for advanced AI-assisted editing, especially when partnered with a user who is well-versed in this craft. Gigapixel is a high end photo retouching program.

Part 4. What Is The Difference Between Photo Editing And Retouching?

Gigapixel AI Interface

Photo editing is the umbrella term for any form of changes applied to a photo. With that definition in hand, we can categorize Photo Retouching as a form of editing because it changes the base form of a photo by applying specific retouches that can commonly enhance the image quality of the photo’s subject.

To put it simply, photo retouching is a form of photo editing. However, photo editing may or may not involve any form of photo retouching.

Part 5. FAQs about Photo Retouching

Why is retouching controversial?

Photo retouching is useful in most instances. However, abusing this technical knowledge may lead to unwanted controversial issues such as overly enhanced raw images. This may cause unwanted scenarios such as catfishing or love scams.

Is photo retouching ethical?

When used with caution and responsibility, then yes. However, altering your image too much causes issues and unnecessary problems. Be sure that you are only applying the right amount of retouching to your images. In mobile devices there are even app that retouches photos instantly.

Do professional photographers retouch photos?

Yes, photo retouching is a basic skill for photographers. However, they know the limits of this tool since too much editing may overlap with their skills. Usually, photographers only apply minimal retouches. Wedding photo retouching services are one of the best opportunities for photographers.

How to retouch photos on iPhone?

The camera of the iPhone is popular for its high quality. With that, it only makes sense that their editor is good as well. Retouch photos app in iOS devices by simply tapping the Edit tab in an image and letting the built-in editor of the iPhone do the work. A good photo retouch app for iPhone is Picsart.

What is the best free app for retouching photos?

When it comes to accessibility and ease of use, AnyMP4 Image Upscaler Online is no contest the best app that retouches photos. This was made possible by their advanced AI and free services. Even the clearest photos can be upgraded by AnyMP4 Image Upscaler Online within a few clicks. It is the best AI photo retouch online tool.


With the rapid development of social media and technology as a whole, taking high-quality photos to capture social opportunities has never been more important. If you are lucky enough in the looks department, there are even certain opportunities that you can unlock. And to capitalize on this, photo retouching may play a huge part.

If this article helped you learn more about photo retouching, consider sharing it online to help your social media connections discover the power of image enhancement.

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