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Comprehensive Upscayl Review for Editing Photos Online

There are multiple reasons why people choose to upscale digital images. It may range from more basic purposes like photos for social media postings since higher-resolution images are more visually pleasing to more advanced uses like photos meant for product placements. In the latter option, convenience may take a larger priority since professional purposes like producing commercial images value time. This review will explore one of the more popular options for digital image upscaling in Upscayl - AI Image Upscaler. We will discuss its essential information, from simple steps to use it, its main features, and whether there are good software alternatives for image upscaling.

Upscayl Review

Part 1. What is Upscayl?

Upscayl is an open-source AI-powered image upscaler that is free and available in multiple operating systems. One edge that it has over its competitors is its availability in the Linux operating system, which is uncommon for most software that is usually only available for Windows and Mac. Upscayl is the first AI-supported image upscaler that is Linux-ready. Due to the software's availability in Linux, the developers of Upscayl marketed their software towards this accessibility since it was also developed to support low-end devices, even those without powerful GPUs - a clear barrier of entry for most AI image-enhancing software. However, Upscayl's desktop program may also be used offline, making it practical and easy to use and adding an extra point for accessibility.

A brand-new Cloud platform aligned to increase their availability is under development on their website. This feature will allow Upscayl to be used online in exchange for its offline portability. Once the feature is ready, people using it online can save more time since they may use the image upscaler directly from their browsers.


  • Available to all operating systems.
  • Lightweight and faster than other AI image upscale software.
  • Available for offline use.
  • Free and developed as an open-source program.
  • Multiple image upscaling modes.

Part 2. Upscayl Review

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With the software's features now featured and explained, we can now proceed to the review proper of this article to learn more about the nature of the software from its basic pros and cons, how we would rate it in terms of the capacity of its AI, image enhancement performance, and enhance its overall quality. We will also provide a more in-depth review of the software using multiple advanced measurements to help you decide if Upscayl is efficient and worth your time.


  • It may be used even by low-end and older devices.
  • The open-source nature means that the users themselves support it.
  • Offline availability made it ideal for laptop users.
  • Versatile upscaling functions.


  • High-end devices may choose to select more advanced image upscalers.
  • The cloud-based version is still in development.

How to Use Upscayl?

Upscayl's main client simplified the software functions by highlighting four simple steps to follow and using it as an image upscaler.

Upscayl Interface

Follow these steps to start processing your image using AI technology:

1.To add an image that users wish to upgrade, select the Select an Image tab accessible on the left-hand side of the screen.


2.Next, choose among the six AI models to be applied to your image. Click on the tab under Select Model to expand the selection and choose. The six models available are the following:

  • General Photo (REAL-ESGRAN)
  • General Photo (FAST REAL-ESGRAN)
  • General Photo (REMAKRI)
  • General Photo (ULTAMIXED BALANCED)
  • General Photo (ULTRASHARP)
  • Digital Art
Upscayl Six Models

3.Select the Storage location where the photos will be saved by clicking Set Output Folder and mapping your desired location.

Upscayl Output Folder

4.Click Upscayl to start the process.

Upscayl Button Start Process

Upscayl’s biggest strength is its accessibility making it the only choice for users with low-end devices. Additionally, its open-source nature makes it the perfect software for people interested in developing computer programs. However, their lack of an online platform may leave a sour taste for most users since needing to download a software for one time use is extremely inconvenient. Fortunately, their online version is now in development and this problem will not pose as such in the future.

Seamless Interface for Convenient Photo Editing Experience

As described in the previous measurement, Upscayl is easy to use, and processing photos on it may be done by simply following four simple steps. This was supported by their clean, simple, and fast interface, making photo editing activities extremely convenient.

Upscayl Seamless Experience

Edit Photos Using AI in Computers with No GPU

One major hurdle for users interested in AI image enhancement is the restrictions set by GPU requirements. This barrier was smashed open by Upscayl since it was developed with accessibility in mind and built to function even on less powerful hardware.

Upscayl No Requirement

Developed as a Photo Editor in an Open Source Environment

Since Upscayl was developed as an open-source software, users knowledgeable in software development may easily add quality-of-life options to their program. This means the software has limitless potential as long as its users and developers support it.

Upscayl Open Source

Accessible Desktop Version to Edit Photos On-the-Go

Like dedicated photo editors, Upscayl's desktop version is accessible on the go, even on offline settings. This feature allows its users to integrate its AI enhancement capabilities to go along with their skills in digital art no matter where they go.

Upscayl Desktop

Part 3. Upscayl Alternative

A more convenient option outperforming Upscayl regarding accessibility and simplicity is also free in AnyMP4 Image Upscaler Online. This software can also enhance AI-powered image resolution, upgrade digital image quality, and enlarge image size to as high as 8X, all for free and on an online website. This platform is still under development for Upscayl.

Additionally, the online platform of AnyMP4 Image Upscaler Online was designed to prioritize functionality and ease of use since it is designed minimally for an easier experience. Even when scrolling the content of their website, the Upload Photo function will not disappear on the menu tab.

To upscale images using AnyMP4 Image Upscaler Online, follow these three simple steps:

1.Clicking the Upload Photo button or dragging files in the Drop Area. Photo uploading is easier to do in AnyMP4 Image Upscaler Online since their platform is online and is not required to be installed.

Upload Photo

2.In the menu, pick an option among the available 2X, 4X, 6X, or 8X selections. AnyMP4 Image Upscaler online is easier to use since it simplified the technical upscaling versions present in Upscayl.

Choose Magnification

3.Simply click the Save button once the process is done to download your now-enhanced image for free. Downloading the upscaled image by AnyMP4 Image Upscaler Online can be directly done in your computer’s browser.

Save Upscaled Image

By designing their website on accessibility even more focused than Upscayl, AnyMP4 Image Upscaler Online is the perfect tool to improve your images by directly improving its resolution. This is perfect for people finding a tool to enhance their images within a few clicks. It is also a big plus that processing images in AnyMP4 Image Upscaler Online only takes three simple steps.

Part 4. FAQs About Upscayl Review

Is Upscayl safe?

Yes, Upscayl is safe to use for free. Although developed as open-source software, the program was built with standard security measures. Upscayl not working problems are not connected to its safety but to its settings.

How does Upscayl work?

Upscaling images using Upscayl is as simple as following four simple steps. This step applies to multiple operating systems like Upscayl for Mac, Windows, and Linux. Their cloud version may also be developed to follow these simple steps. Adjust the software settings if there is an error making Upscayl not working.

Is Upscayl free?

Yes, Upscayl download is free. As an open-source software, the program was built to be used by everyone. Another free software for image upscaling is AnyMP4 Image Upscaler Online.

What are the system requirements for Upscayl?

Upscayl is low-end friendly. Unlike its fellow AI image enhancer software, it can run smoothly with no GPU or powerful hardware required. The software is extremely accessible. Upscale Mac also does not require their latest models.

Is there an Upscayl online platform?

At the moment, Upscayl Online is still under development. Their cloud platform is still in its beta phase. However, they are now actively looking for testers on their website.


Image upscalers became a standard among AI-powered software. However, since this software is extremely graphically heavy, it has a viability limit for less powerful computers. This restriction was controlled by Upscayl open source developers and made their software extremely accessible for all hardware and operating systems.

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