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How to Depixelate Images by AI in 3 Methods

It is a fact that when your photos are resized from their original size, the images become pixelated immediately. The pixelation of images becomes the by-product of image enlargement. However, you will always think of ways how to reverse this phenomenon. In this article, you will know how to unpixelate images effectively. Also, you will see the AI image enhancer tools to unpixelate photos online and offline.

Furthermore, you will discover the reasons and causes why some images are pixelated. Discover more about the AI upscaled tools to use in removing the pixelation. Also, know about their features, pros, and cons.

How to Unpixelate an Image

Part 1. Can You Unpixelate a Picture?

There are several reasons why images are pixelated.

The most common cause of pixelation is when pictures are resized. For instance, when you try to resize a smaller picture to a larger one, the overall look of the image will turn out to be blurry. Hence, bitmaps are automatically shown on your photos.

Another is when you try to scan an image, it may become pixelated because of the scanner quality.

In addition, image pixelation can also be to human errors and the camera settings. Lastly, pixelated images can be incompatible with some software.

Nevertheless, pixelated images can be fixed effectively. So, yes, you can unpixelate an image in many possible ways. You can check out the appropriate tools to unpixelate images online and offline.

Part 2. 3 Ways to Unpixelate Image

AnyMP4 Image Upscaler Online

AnyMP4 Image Upscaler Online is an AI photo-editing tool that can upscale and unpixelate images online for free. The tool is quite known for its speedy image processing. Similarly, it uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology to reduce the photo's noise and improve the picture's sharpness. In addition, it supports standard image formats, including JPEG, JPG, and BMP. Aside from that, it can unpixelate images effectively by selecting magnification levels that range from 2x, 4X, 6X, up to 8X times. The tool can efficiently give solutions to pixelated photos with a few clicks.

AnyMP4 Unpixelate Image

1. You can access the AnyMP4 Image Upscaler Online through its official site.

2. Start importing your photo by uploading your selected image file to unpixelate. On the application, click Upload Photo. A window will appear, showing you all the present and stored photos on your PC. Select any, then click Open.

AnyMP4 Unpixelate Image Upload Photo

3. You can start to unpixelate an image by selecting a magnification level from 2X, 4X, 6X, or 8X times. This function is located on the uppermost part of the dialog box.

AnyMP4 Unpixelate Image Select Magnification

4. You can now click Save to save and download your finalized image file at the last part.

AnyMP4 Unpixelate Image Select Save

With this tool, it takes seconds to have an unpixelated copy of your original image. You can rely on this app because of its quick navigation interface. Similarly, a few clicks can restore the bright and vibrant image with the enhancement features. Even for a simple app, it can perform well in reducing the pixelation of an image. But this image unposelated tool has a limit that the pixel can be up to 3000 px.


GNU Image Manipulation Program is a desktop-based photo-editing and graphics designing tool widely used by many professionals globally. It is an open-source application to edit images like resize a photo, enhance a picture, and more.. In addition, it is almost similar to Photoshop because of its advanced and professional features and functions. The tool can remove an image's pixelation through the use of Gaussian Blur and Unsharp Mask.

GIMP Unpixelate Image

1. Download and install GIMP on your PC.

2. You can import your photo on the tool by clicking File. Then select Open. Select any image file you want to unpixelate.

GIMP Unpixelate Image Open File

3. On the Filters menu, select Blur. Then select Gaussian Blur as the filter. This feature will reduce the contrast of the image.

GIMP Unpixelate Image Select Gaussian Blur

4. Adjust the settings on Gaussian Blur. You can set specific values on the X and Y tab. Select OK to finalize.

GIMP Unpixelate Image Gaussian Blur

5. Next, go back to Filters. Then select Enhance, then click Sharpen (Unsharp Mask)

GIMP Unpixelate Image Select Sharpen

6. A dialog box will show on the interface. You can set specific values for the radius, amount, and threshold. If you are satisfied with the finished image, click OK.

GIMP Unpixelate Image Unsharp Mask

The tool is reliable for those professionals who seek advanced functions and additional features to enhance their images. However, there are some disadvantages to this tool. It has a complex user interface that beginners will have difficulty navigating. Additionally, since it is open-source software, significant changes can occur in particular functions that users usually utilize. Moreover, there is no selective unpixelating on images. You cannot pinpoint a specific part to unpixelate.


Let's is an online AI photo-editing tool focusing mainly on enhancing images by increasing resolution without losing quality. The tool can unpixelate images online for free. Additionally, the tool has many features like presets and customization features. Furthermore, you can choose what type of photo enhancement you like to apply to your photo.

Lets Enhance Unpixelate Image

1. Start by visiting the official site of Let's online.

2. Upload your chosen photo to unpixelate by selecting the folder icon, or you can drag and drop your File.

Lets Enhance Unpixelate Image Upload Image

3. To start the image processing, click the Start Processing tab on the lower right of the screen. This function will unpixelate the image within seconds. In addition, you can also choose the type of enhancement you want to apply to your photo.

Lets Enhance Unpixelate Image Start Processing

4. You can see the processed images on the lower left part for the final step. You can download the newly processed image by simply clicking the arrow button on the image.

Lets Enhance Unpixelate Image Download

The tool is accessible online, and it is free to use as well. The image processing is quick to finish. However, the app lets you use ten credits which means the app has its limitations in allowing you to upload and unpixelate. In addition, the tool requires you to log in to an account before using it, which is a little hassle for a user. Lastly, it adds a watermark to the finished image.

Part 3. FAQs on How to Unpixelate an Image

1. What is Pixelation?

Pixelation is a state wherein each pixel is visible to the viewers. It is represented as the blurriness or the haziness of the image. Moreover, pixelation is defined as colored and square elements.

2. How to unpixelate an image on Photoshop?

You can start unpixelating by clicking the Filter and Sharpen option. You can click Unsharp Mask. After that, you can adjust the Unsharp Mask until you are satisfied with the result of your image. In addition, you can also add some distortions to the layer of pixelation. Check the full guide to sharpening an image on Photoshop.

3. Is pixelated the same as blurry?

Technically, they are different in some ways. Pixelated is caused by resizing a low-quality image. The images' pixels are emphasized. On the other hand, blurry photos can be caused by sudden camera movements or low shutter speed.


To conclude, there are several reasons why pixelation happens. Fortunately, there are some ways to unpixelate images online and offline. Furthermore, there are extra features that a photo-editor app can do aside from removing pixelation on photos. Some online and offline apps do not have the specific tool to remove the pixelation of the image directly, but certainly there are ways to fix and lessen it. Now that you have learned to unpixelate an image effectively, you can try it yourself.

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