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Incredible 5 Tools to Recover Deleted Messages from Instagram

Incredible 5 Tools to Recover Deleted Messages from Instagram

With millions of users, Instagram has developed into a widely used social media platform where people may communicate. You may engage with and communicate with your followers on Instagram by sending text, images, and videos from your collection in direct messages. If you unintentionally erase a message on Instagram, don't freak out. You can recover Instagram deleted messages using the five incredible recovery tools below. Also, you can make it possible by following a few simple steps and proper ways to recover your messages. Before proceeding, ensure that your Instagram application is up to date and that your phone is sufficiently charged to recover the deleted Instagram messages. Without further requirements, let us now dig deep into the subject.

Instagram Message Recovery

Part 1. Is it Possible to Make Instagram Message Recovery?

If you use Instagram frequently, you're likely aware that once you remove a message, it's forever gone. At least, that's what we assumed. Instagram recently launched a new "Data Download" feature that allows the user to recover deleted messages. Many users will appreciate this new feature because it allows them to recover accidentally deleted messages or texts we deeply regret deleting.

This new feature, however, has some limitations. For example, you could only restore deleted messages that were deleted within the last 24 hours. So if you delete an older message, you're out of a good fortune. This feature is also only accessible for one-on-one messages, not team messages. Overall, Instagram's new feature is a useful addition but isn't perfect.

Part 2. Top 5 Instagram Message Recovery Tools

U.Fone iOS Toolkit

One of the amazing tools we can use for recovering our Instagram is U.Fone iOS Toolkit. You can use U.Fone if recovering your Instagram chat is one of your current top concerns. Instagram message recovery is possible with this app, an iOS-only data recovery tool. You mistakenly deleted text messages, photos, movies, WhatsApp conversations, and generally everything else you had saved on your iPhone might all be recovered with U.Fone. When used as an Instagram message recovery tool, it is a safe way to recover Instagram direct messages.

U.Fone IG Messages Recovery

Insta Recovery

You accidentally deleted your friend's entire discussion while looking through your Instagram Direct Messages. Let's say you seek a website to help you retrieve deleted Instagram messages. Then, during your search, you'll undoubtedly stumble across the website Insta Recovery.n Back then, Insta Recovery gave users worldwide a chance to access deleted Instagram conversations that had been recovered. They recently disclosed that they no longer provide such services, nevertheless.

Furthermore, using this Instagram message recovery application, you may now only access your direct messages effortlessly on our website from any device. Insta Recovery sends you to Instagram's official website to submit a request to extract your data for you to be able to access your IG DMs. After that, you can read your IG DMs.

Insta Recovery Messages Recovery


Another tool is DMpro. With the help of the multi-tasking Instagram DM tool DMpro, you can manage your Instagram profiles from a single dashboard. So, DMpro is your essential solution if you have lost your important DMs and are searching for the finest technique to restore Instagram direct messages. It's good to know that this Insta recovery program doesn't reset or access your Password. Thus, remain calm because your personal information is secure. With the use of DMpro, you may rapidly retrieve deleted Instagram messages using your email by connecting your DMs to it.

DMpro IG Messages Recovery


FoneLab could be another Instagram message recovery app you need for your Android smartphones. Every data you save on your Android phone can be recovered with it, in addition to recovering Instagram messages. In other words, if you mistakenly erase any contacts, documents, images, or videos, you can get them back with this program.

FoneLab IG Messages Recovery

AnyMP4 iPhone Data Recovery

Free Download For Windows

Secure Download

Free Download For macOS

Secure Download

More than that, AnyMP4 iPhone Data Recovery can restore deleted or lost data from iPhone, iPad, iPod, and iTunes/iCloud backup files, including Instagram messages, contacts, call history, calendar, notes, WhatsApp data, Kik attachments, Line attachments, Viber attachments, Viber call history, messenger attachments, WeChat attachments, and QQ attachments. The latest iPhone 15, 14, 13, 12, iPad Pro, iPad Mini, iPod, and other portable iOS devices are all supported.

Select iTunes File

Part 3. How to Recover Instagram Messages

The largest and most frequent issues that Instagram users have are certainly erased messages and vanishing direct messages. Imagine that, to your dismay, you purportedly deleted a message on Instagram and cannot locate it. The purpose of these guidelines is to cover a few potential methods for recovering deleted Instagram messages in that circumstance.

Method 1: Requesting Instagram Data

The most popular technique for retrieving deleted messages is Instagram Data. Although it sent them by email, it did not restore the deleted messages in the application. Here's how to ask Instagram for deleted message retrieval.

1. We need to open the Instagram app by clicking on the Profile avatar as we choose Your activity.

2. After that, we need to click the button to Download your data. Then, kindly enter your Password and click Request Download.

3. After you receive the email, select Download Information and head over to the Messages folder. Your recovered chats have been archived.

IG Request Data

Method 2: Using Recovery Software- AnyMP4 iPhone Data Recovery

We all know that our iCloud is a useful way to back up our data and files, like the messages from our Instagram. If you have backed up iPhone data to iCloud, and you can recover the deleted Instagram messages from iCloud. That is why let us now recover our Instagram messages from iCloud Backup via AnyMP4 Data Recovery.


  • Recover over 30 data types from iOS devices, including Instagram messages, photos, etc.
  • Preview the data before recovering the deleted Instagram data.
  • 3 modes of recovering the deleted data from an iOS device directly, iTunes backup and iCloud backup.
  • Compatible with the latest iOS models like iPhone 14/13, iPad, iPod and so on.
Free Download For Windows

Secure Download

Free Download For macOS

Secure Download

1. Kindly start the program, and choose Recover from iCloud. To access iCloud, enter your Apple ID and the Password. When you hit the Trust button on your iPhone and turn on two-factor authentication, Apple will email you a verification code for your iPhone. In this software, enter the received verification code.

Enter Verification Code

2. Choose the iCloud data type you want to restore, such as Instagram messages. To store the deleted files on your computer, hit the data you need to recover and click the Recover option.

Recover Contacts from iCloud

3. Then you can see all of your previous iCloud backups. Select one to download. When you click Download on the right, a window will remind you to choose the type of data you want to download. Select the appropriate data type and then click Next.

Choose Backup File

4. Please wait a few moments for the data to be downloaded and for the program to open automatically. You can tap the data you want to recover by clicking the Recover button.

Recover iCloud Backup Data

Part 4. FAQs about Instagram Message Recovery

1. Why did my Instagram DM conversation vanish?

Check your messages first if your Instagram DM conversation has vanished. If the conversation isn't there, it was probably deleted or archived. Another possibility is that Instagram reported and removed the conversation.

2. How Can I Save My Instagram Chat History?

You can save your Instagram conversation history. Navigate to Settings as we see Privacy and Security. From there, we shall now navigate to the Data Download option and click on Request Download. After you verify your identity, you will receive an email containing your account data and chat history.

3. How Can I Remove All of My Instagram Messages Permanently?

Select and hold down the message you want to delete, then select Unsend from the pop-up option. Your message will be removed from both ends, making it impossible for the recipient to see it.


One of the most amazing aspects of Instagram is the ability to connect with friends online and keep up with each other's lives. The most common problem is that people accidentally delete messages from their Instagram chat and want to recover them. While the application may not recover deleted messages, users can use the AnyMP4 iPhone Data Recovery tool to recover deleted Instagram messages. You can use this app to recover your Instagram messages from any device. It is also very simple and does not require technical knowledge.

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