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How to Unlock a Disabled iPhone or iPad without Passcode Easily

How to Unlock a Disabled iPhone or iPad without Passcode Easily

If you forget your password and enter the wrong ones to your iPhone or iPad for too many times, you will see a message that your iPhone is disabled. How to unlock a disabled iPhone without password? In order to protect personal privacy, you might choose to make a passcode to lock iPhone. When you want to protect all of you data and settings, including the passcode, you have to bypass or reset your passcode. You can learn more details about 3 efficient methods to unlock iPhone without passcode from the article.

How to Unlock A Disabled iPad iPhone iPod

Part 1: How to Unlock iPad/iPhone without Computer

Can you unlock iPhone without a computer? The latest iPhone models offer more than one method to access iPhone, such as passcode, Touch ID and Face ID. Moreover, you can also take advantage of the bug of Siri in old iOS systems to unlock iPhone without passcode.

Method 1: How to Unlock iPhone with Touch ID

If you have already set up a Touch ID or Face ID on your iPhone, you do not have to restart your iPhone when you forgot the passcode. Just unlock your iPhone or iPad with your fingerprint or face. But, once your have restarted the iPhone, it will become invalid since iOS requests passcode to unlock iPhone after each boot up.

iPhone Touch ID Setup

Method 2: How to Unlock iPhone with Siri

Siri is the artificial intelligent assistant on iOS, which is able to bypass passcode to unlock iPhone. If you are still using the old iOS 10.3.2 with the bug, you can ask Siri to unlock your iPhone without passcode.

Step 1: Hold down the Home button of your iPhone until your find the Siri logo appears on the screen. Say Hey Siri, what time is it, SirI should start talking to you and display the clock app.

Step 2: You can also open the Control Center and tap on the Clock. After that, you can tap on the + button to add world clock. On the search box, you can type anything and tap on the Select All and choose the Share option.

Siri Unlock iPhone Clock

Step 3: After that, you can choose the Message option to share the file via a Message. You can composite a message by typing a name following the To: column, tap on the Return button. When the text changes to green, tap again.

Step 4: Locate the Create New Contact option to create a new contact. Click on the Add Photo to select a photo from your iPhone Camera Roll. Now you can tap on the Home button to unlock your iPhone without password.

Unlock iPhone Siri

Part 2: How to Unlock iPad/iPhone without Password

If you have already rebooted your iPad or iPhone with the latest iOS version, iTunes and iCloud are helpful apps to manage your iPad/iPhone, including unlock your iPad/iPhone without password, even if your iPad/iPhone is not in your hand. Just learn more details about the process as below.

Method 3: How to Unlock iPhone without Passcode via iTunes

Step 1: Connect your iPhone to your computer with a USB cable and run iTunes. Click the Device icon after iTunes discovers your iPhone.

Step 2: When prompted, sync your iPhone to iTunes. Go to the Summary tab from the left side and click the Restore iPhone button.

Step 3: Once click the Restore button on the pop-up dialog, iTunes will start restoring your iPhone to the factory status and removing your passcode.

Restore iPhone In iTunes

Method 4: How to Unlock iPhone without Password by iCloud

Step 1: If you have set up Find My iPhone and the forgot your passcode, access iCloud in your browser with your Apple ID and password. It also requires your iPhone connecting to the Internet.

Step 2: Choose the Find My iPhone option and select your iPhone from the All Devices drop-down list.

Step 3: Then you will get three options. Click Erase iPhone to start erasing all content and settings on your locked iPhone. After that, you can access to your iPhone without a password.

Unlock iPhone iCloud

Note: No matter you unlock iPhone with iTunes or iCloud, it will delete all your files along your passcode. It is recommended that you have to backup the iPhone frequently to save all the files.

Part 3: How to Unlock iPad/iPhone without iTunes

Is there a method to unlock iPhone without data loss? If you do not want to damage your files on iPhone and unlock it without password, AnyMP4 iOS System Recovery is an ultimate tool to unlock your iPhone with the original files without restoring the device. Moreover, it enables you to fix different scenarios of your iPhone.

  • 1. Fix iPhone from lock screen in a single click with the original status.
  • 2. Keep all your files and settings in the original condition without loss.
  • 3. Repair a wide range of software issues like stuck in headphone mode.
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How to Unlock iPhone without iTunes

Step 1: Connect iPhone to iOS System Recovery
Connect your iPhone into your computer via the original USB cable, when you want to unlock iPhone without iTunes. After that, install iOS System Recovery to your computer and launch the program. The program is able to detect your iPhone automatically.

Launch iOS System Recovery

Step 2: Enter into iPhone recovery mode
Select the Standard Mode as the repair mode of your iPhone. Choose the Device issues option and select the 2. iPhone disabled option before clicking the Start button to enter the Info window. Please select the different categories for the iOS device.

Connect Device

Step 3: Download the firmware to repair
The program is able to display all detected iOS systems, which you can decide to update or downgrade your iOS version by selecting the proper system. If the device info is not correct, you can reset Category, Type and Model manually.

Download Plugin

Step 4: Unlock iPhone or iPad
When you are ready, click the Download button to start download the related firmware. It will repair your iPhone automatically with a few seconds. You should keep your iPhone connected during the process. After that, disconnect your iPhone and reset your passcode.

Note: Unlike iTunes or iCloud, iOS System Recovery will not erase or delete your personal files or settings. You can find them in the original status after unlocking iPhone without password.


The article shares how to unlock iPhone or iPad without password. If you just forgot your password or are locked out due to enter wrong password too many times, you cannot access the files on your iPhone. Here are several easy methods to bypass or reset your password, such as the Touch ID or Face ID. iTunes and iCloud can help you reset your iPhone and remove your password. If you do not want to lose any data, AnyMP4 iOS System Recovery is the best choice.

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