10 Marvelous Noise Canceling Software [Free & Paid]

Noise Removal
1.1 Adobe Audition Remove Background Noise
1.2 Get Rid of Background Noise on Premiere
1.3 Fix Squealing Noise Coming From Audio File
1.4 Audio Enhancer Software
1.5 DFX Audio Enhancer
1.6 Remove Background Noise in Audacity
1.7 Reduce Background Noise on Microphone
1.8 Remove Background Noise From Video
1.9 Remove Background Noise From Audio
1.10 Noise Reduction Software
1.11 Adobe Voice Enhancer
1.12 Use Background Sounds on iPhone

10 Marvelous Noise Canceling Software [Free & Paid]

Background noises affect the quality of our recordings and calls, making it difficult to understand and hear the intent. That said, it may lead to misunderstanding and even lose your audiences if you are a content creator. Noise-canceling software has been improving over the past years. This post will give you the best noise cancellation tools to eliminate unwanted background noises from your recordings or calls. So without any further discussion, let's check them below!

Noise Reduction Software
  • AnyMP4 Video Converter Ultimate
  • Audacity
  • CapCut
  • iMovie
  • Krisp
  • NoiseGator
  • Lalal.ai
  • Noise Killer - Stop the Noise
  • Ocenaudio
  • Denoise
Reduce background noise Platform Pricing Audio file supported Best for Overall Ratings
Windows, Mac Starts at $29.96, with a free trial MP3, WMA, FLAC, AAC, WAV, etc. Removing background noises, editing videos, converting video and audio files, and more 9/10
Windows, Mac FREE MP3, WAV, AIFF Reducing audio noise, recording, mixing, etc. 8/10
Online Starts at $5.99, with a free trial MP3, WMA, WAV Lessen background noise and edit video 8.5/10
Mac, iPad, iOS FREE AAC, AIFF, MP3, M4A, WAV Lowering background noise and video enhancement 8.5/10
Windows, Mac Starts at $8, with a free trial MP3 Decreasing background noise and echoes 8/10
Windows, Mac FREE MP3 Removes background noise while on a conference call 8/10
Online Starts at $15, with a free trial MP3, AIFF, OGG, WAV, FLAC, AAC Minimizing background noise and separating sounds 8/10
Android 4.0 and later FREE MP3 Blocking out noises 8/10
Windows, Mac, Linux FREE MP3 Noise reduction and manipulating audio files 7/10
iOS 13.2 and later FREE, but in-app purchases MP3 Removes the background from videos and voice memos 7/10

1 AnyMP4 Video Converter Ultimate

AnyMP4 Video Converter Ultimate Noise Reduction Software

AnyMP4 Video Converter Ultimate is a versatile video and audio editing solution with over 20+ powerful tools, including the Noise Remover. Though the name implies a video converter, you can use it to remove unwanted background noises from your audio and video files.

The Noise Remover and Video Enhancer feature powered by AI technology gives you various methods to eliminate the annoying sounds of traffic, car beeping, shouting people, wind, and wind sounds.

On the other hand, you can also change background music to replace the entire background sound of your file. Besides the functionalities mentioned earlier, you can also use AnyMP4 Video Converter Ultimate to make MV, video collages, rip DVDs, and more.

Free Download For Windows

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Free Download For macOS

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2 Audacity

Audacity Noise Reduction Software

Audacity is open-source microphone noise-canceling software. Audacity is ideal for those who want to record live audio using a microphone, such as voice actors, aspiring musicians, or content creators. One of this app's best features is its noise reduction tool. You can utilize it to remove background noise from recordings by looking for it under the effects tab.

Whistles, hums, and static buzzing noises no longer appear on your recordings. To use this program, you don't need to be tech-savvy. It is user-friendly for beginners and a fantastic solution for anyone who requires a noise-filtering system but doesn't want to spend money on it.


  • Batch processing is available.
  • Featuring Audio Capture, Audio editor, and Audio Mixing.


  • Users' interface might be complicated for first-time users.

3 CapCut

CapCut Noise Reduction Software

CapCut is a video creation and editing program. With it, you can add picture-in-picture features, stabilization, keyframe animations, chroma key, and slow-motion effects to your videos. You can also access some functions of video editing software, including merging separate video clips, adding sound to videos, trimming videos, rotating them in various directions, and applying various effects. This application also has a noise remover from audio. The user-friendly interface of this software makes it simple to use. Suppose you have little experience using mobile apps for video editing. The greatest option for you might then be this.


  • Comes with video and audio editing tools.
  • Uses a timeline for an easy preview of the pre-output.


  • Requires you to sign in to your account.

4 iMovie

iMovie Noise Reduction Software

iMovie is an excellent video editing program that enables Mac, iPod, and iPhone users to edit their videos. Besides that, you can record your voice in iMovie, rather than having to upload from the other tools, and you can use your voice and music throughout the entire video.

Suppose you have recorded a voiceover that comes with annoying background noises. You can use iMovie as a free noise-canceling software. You also edit each clip closely, fix shaky video, adjust the audio over a video clip, add background music and certain visual effects, quickly add text, create credits, and fade in audio in iMovie.


  • Offers preset Equalizer.
  • Reduce background noise.


  • No Windows version is available.

5 Krisp

Krisp Noise Reduction Software

Krisp background noise canceling software is a program to assist you in eliminating undesirable noise in your audible environment. It automatically detects and filters out background noises. This program can help you enhance your listening experience.

Whether you want to block out the traffic sound outside the window of your car or drown out the sound of the winds, it can make the audio experience more comfy and relaxing. In addition, it is also ideal to use in conjunction with headphones or speakers. With it, you can enjoy an audio track or a movie without thinking about its background noises.


  • AI-powered noise removal tool.
  • Compatible with over 800 communication and streaming apps.


  • Only allow speech signals to go through the microphone.

6 NoiseGator


NoiseGator is a free background noise remover you can use during Skype calls. It can reduce background noise from your speakers or microphone. However, you must first configure the input and output devices. The program sets the threshold to filter any sound above it by analyzing the background noise audio level and volume.

If the intermediate level falls below the set threshold, the gate is closed to all sounds. A virtual wire setup will function as a gate for either an input or output device. The developers highly recommend installing a VB-cable driver is necessary if you use Windows OS to use NoiseGator.


  • Filter out sounds under a particular db level.
  • Blocks out noises during audio/video calls and recordings.


  • Installing additional VB-cable drivers is required.

7 Lalal.ai

Lalal Noise Reduction Software

Lalal.ai is a web-based noise reduction software that can help you clear up audio recordings. It is a top-quality sound separation and noise removal powered by AI technology. You can also divide audio files from video files. But you'll need to know the best form of stem separation. Before choosing whether to download the files, you can preview the stems. The first 10 minutes of audio or video content on Lalal.ai are free. The noise from files longer than the first 10 minutes can be separated or filtered, but you'll have to pay.


  • Noise reduction tool powered by AI.
  • Batch upload is supported in the premium version.


  • Limited features for the free version.

8 Noise Killer - Stop the Noise

Noise Killer Noise Reduction Software

Noise Killer is an Android noise-canceling app. It reduces noise in crowded streets, airports, and other public places. The app starts noise cancellation as soon as you launch it. Depending on the background noise, Noise Killer can also adjust the audio volume automatically. In this mode, background noise is completely blocked out rather than just canceled.

Even better, it will conserve battery life by automatically reducing volume when background noise is reduced. It contains a shake feature that lets you change the level in response to the phone's movement. The geolocation feature is also useful for using your phone to play music in the car.


  • Works even when the phone screen is idle.
  • Shake function and geolocation is available.


  • The app may crash sometimes.

9 Ocenaudio

OceanAudio Noise Reduction Software

Ocenaudio is your go-to program if you are looking for a simple audio editor. It has a noise remover feature, which can be helpful to manipulate and edit background noises from your audio files. In addition, you can also use Ocenaudio when recording sound directly from your microphone. To sum up, it is an excellent tool for managing and editing audio files.


  • Remove unnecessary echoe residue.
  • Isolate and remove background noises using the Spectrogram feature.


  • Doesn't allow multiple edits of complicated audio files.

10 Denoise

Denoise Noise Reduction Software

Denoise is an application intended for iOS devices that allows you to erase noises from audio and video files. It is ideal for editors who want to produce professional output, as it is an iOS extension. In other words, you can eliminate background noises immediately after shooting footage.


  • Eliminates background noises from videos and voice memos.
  • Functions as an iOS extension..


  • Unreasonable price.

Part 11. FAQs about Removing Background Noise from Audio

What is the best way to avoid unwanted background noise?

You can use a noise-cancellation microphone to avoid background noises on your recordings. On the other hand, go to your house's most noisy room or area.

Does the iPhone have a built-in background noise remover free?

Many iOS users overlooked the iPhone's noise cancellation feature. The iPhone comes with a built-in noise-cancellation tool. To use the feature, go to Settings, then look for the Noise Cancellation under the Sounds menu.

Does VLC Media Player support background noise cancellation?

Definitely YES! You can click Tool in the top menu bar and select Effects and Filters, or you can pick Show extended settings at the bottom of the VLC Media Player. Put a tick in the Enable box after switching to the Equalizer tab. The decibel level and frequency band are adjustable.


Picking a tool can be tricky and daunting, mainly if you have no prior expertise with audio editing. Each of the tools discussed above has pros and cons. You should pick the noise-removal tools based on your requirements and experience level. Among the recommended apps and software above, AnyMP4 Video Converter Ultimate is the best audio noise reduction software and the most reasonable program for beginners and professionals.

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