DFX Audio Enhancer Reviews and Alternatives to Upscale Audio

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DFX Audio Enhancer Reviews and Alternatives to Upscale Audio

DFX Audio Enhancement tool is one of the best audio programs you can download on your Windows PC. With it, you can adjust the audio parameters temporarily while playing your tracks. This post makes a DFX Audio Enhancer review to give you further ideas on how the program works and its features. In addition, we also include a more improved audio enhancer tool available on Windows and macOS. So, if you want to learn more about these incredible tools, continue reading this post!

DFX Audio Enhancer

Part 1. What is DFX Audio Enhancer

What is DFX Audio Enhancer? It is a desktop program you can use to improve your audio file/recording into something exceptional. This program is dedicated to Windows users and has adjustable parameters to enhance and modify your audio file. It allows you to manage features like Parametric EQ, Boost Sound Quality, Keyboard Shortcuts, Customizable Effects and Presets, and more. With the features mentioned, you might think the program’s user interface is confusing and not intended for beginners. But the program’s user interface made it simpler for first-time users. Simply put, it is the best option if you are looking for a program that works well on audio files.

DFX Audio Enhancer for Windows

Part 2. DFX Audio Enhancer Review

In this section, we will discuss the DFX Audio Enhancer reviews. Here, we will outline the program’s every essential feature that is free to use. However, some features aren’t free, and the free version is only available for a limited time. Afterward, you must purchase the program. But before doing so, you must read all of the available features.

Boost Sound Quality

The Boost Sound Quality feature lets you improve your sound quality. You can manually use it to improve the audio ambiance, fidelity, and dynamic boost. Then you can use it to fix squealing noise coming from audio file.


You will be able to see the levels of the frequency sounds emulated while it is being improved through this program. All of the signals you can see are actual, not just designs.

Parametric EQ

The Parametric EQ feature gives you far more precise control over the kHz and wavelength of the audio track on your computer. You can manually increase the audio’s low and high frequencies inside this EQ.

Pre-made Audio Presets

The tracks you use are automatically adjusted by the presets. Here, you can choose from various presets to enhance the sound quality of Windows. However, The free version does not offer all of these features.

Playback Device

Here, you can select between playing the audio on speakers or headphones. It implies that you can connect two gadgets to create noises that can be heard outside.


Besides improving the audio quality, you can select from various skins here, including Universal, Charcoal, Classic Blue, and Classic Red. Select the option with the word mini in front of it if you want the minimized version. The program’s free skins can be chosen based on whatever you believe best.

Boost Bass

The program has a Hyper Bass feature that makes your bass have a boom factor. You can upgrade the level of the bass up to the maximum level by sliding it to control the audio volume. By doing so, it will highlight the audio track’s bass algorithm.

The Good

The program can be used without any prior knowledge. You must only modify the sound-boosting components’ volume settings to be ready. There are several settings available, and users can also build more. Presets can be updated automatically based on the music being played.

The Bad

The demo release is rather constrained and prevents the user from thoroughly testing it. There are no additional parameters that would enable greater preset customization.

The Truth

In terms of the system’s overall sound, even as a demo, DFX Audio Enhancer does make a difference. The processing is quick, and the outcomes are outstanding.

Part 3. DFX Audio Enhancer Not Working

Some users experience that DFX Audio Enhancer is not working for some reason. A common problem that a user may encounter is when runtime errors occur. The runtime is quite self-explanatory; In other words, EXE errors are triggered when DFX.exe tries to load when the program is starting or running. In many cases, DFX.exe runtime errors occur when the program runs, resulting in the program terminating abnormally. Most DFX.exe error messages mean that the program could not find the startup file or that the file is otherwise corrupted, resulting in an early aborted startup process. Usually, the program cannot be run without resolving the errors.

Here are some of the common DFX.exe errors:

  • 1. Cannot find DFX.exe.
  • 2. DFX.exe - Bad Image.
  • 3. DFX.exe is not running.
  • 4. DFX.exe Application Error.
  • 5. DFX.exe could not be found.
  • 6. DFX.exe could not be started.
  • 7. DFX.exe could not be installed.
  • 8. Error starting program: DFX.exe.
  • 9. Windows failed to start - DFX.exe.
  • 10. DFX.exe failed to initialize properly.
  • 11. Faulting Application Path: DFX.exe.
  • 12. The file DFX.exe is missing or corrupt.
  • 13. DFX.exe is not a valid Win32 application.
  • 14. DFX.exe could not be launched. Class not registered.
  • 15. DFX.exe has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience.

Finding the source of the error is crucial for you to resolve these errors. It might occur because of poor programming of the program, conflicts with other third-party apps/plug-ins, or caused by outdated/damaged hardware. In addition, it can occur when the program is accidentally deleted, moved, or corrupted by malicious software. So it is necessary that you have an anti-virus and keep them updated and scan them regularly.

Part 4. DFX Audio Enhancer Alternatives

With the DFX Audio Enhancement tool, you can modify the effect and wavelength of sounds on your computer. However, it is just temporary, and you may experience errors frequently. To avoid experiencing the errors mentioned earlier and wish to save the adjustments permanently, it is recommended to use a DFX Audio Enhancer alternative called AnyMP4 Video Converter Ultimate.

AnyMP4 VCU DFX Audio Enhancer

Though the program’s name suggests it is a video converter, it features powerful tools you can use to enhance your audio files. By using it, you can smoothly edit and enhance your audio files permanently by compressing them to the file size you need, removing unnecessary background noises, adjusting the volume of your audio, converting it into a lossless format, and more.

Unlike professional programs, you can merge single audio into multiple audios without any trouble, and much simpler. Whenever you wish to change the audio settings and format to use elsewhere, AnyMP4 Video Converter covers.

Free Download For Windows

Secure Download

Free Download For macOS

Secure Download


  • It incredibly boosts low bass and sounds on the audio.
  • The process of editing the audio is ultra-fast compared to similar programs.
  • Widely supports most universal audio file formats for converting and editing.
  • Reduces the file size of the audio seamlessly without compromising the quality.
  • Turns the noisy audio into a clear and clean sound with the help of Artificial Intelligence.

Part 5. FAQs about DFX Audio Enhancer

Is DFX Audio Enhancer safe?

To give an honest review, it is safe to use. This program is safe for playing music and adjusting frequencies to enhance your audio file. But as mentioned earlier, you cannot save the edits and enhancements you made using this program. That said, you can use AnyMP4 Video Converter Ultimate to permanently save your edits and enhancements.

What is the best DFX Audio Enhancer alternative for Macs?

Unfortunately, the program is intended for Windows users only and doesn’t have a Mac version yet. So if you are looking for the best alternative program, you can use AnyMP4 Video Converter Ultimate as it works not only on Windows PC but also on macOS.

Is there an available DFX Audio Enhancer for Android users?

The program has no available mobile app yet. However, you can find many similar apps on Google Play Store when you search for them.


DFX Audio Enhancer is a program you can use to improve the quality of your audio while playing sound on your computer. However, the changes you applied to the adjustments will not be saved as permanent. We include AnyMP4 Video Converter Ultimate in this review so you can permanently edit, enhance, boost, compress, and convert your audio files into high-quality sounds.

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