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DVD+R Vs. DVD-R: Know Their Difference

DVD+R Vs. DVD-R: Know Their Difference

When buying a blank DVD for burning, we should know the correct DVD format. When you search online, you will see many DVD formats, including DVD-R, DVD+R, DVD-RW, DVD+RW, and more. The meaning of DVD R is technically recordable; it can be written once. On the other hand, the DVD RW means rewritable. In this type of format, you can erase or rewrite many times.

Do you need clarification? What exactly are these? What’s the difference between DVD-R and DVD+R? Which format should I use? By reading this article up to the end, you will get more answers to your concern. So without any further discussion, let’s begin!


Part 1. What are DVD-R and DVD+R


Digital Versatile Disc Recordable, also known as DVD-R, is a recordable DVD format like a regular DVD. However, it is used to write data once and can read it multiple times. DVD R formats are compatible with all recordable DVD formats. You can store a maximum of 4.7GB of data or media files in a single-layer disc. In comparison, a maximum of 8.5GB using a dual-layer disc. Remember that you can only use the disc once. You cannot use it for re-recording once you eject it from the drive.

Sample of DVD-R


This DVD format was released way back in 2002 and was pronounced as DVD Plus R. Like the previous format, it was also a recordable DVD format, though it doesn't hold the DVD logo. This format has better playback compatibility with most DVD players. It uses an ADIP system which is barely more expensive than its DVD-R counterparts.

Sample of DVD+R

Part 2. Difference Between DVD-R and DVD+R

DVD-R Versus DVD+R
  • Pronounce
  • Release date
  • Drag and drop feature
  • Price
  • Error checking
  • Record data and format
  • Risk in error interference
  • Write
  • Layer
  • Supported DVD player
  • Storage capacity
  • Backed by



Pronounced as DVD Dash R Pronounced as DVD Plus R.
They were first released in 1997. They were first released in 2002.
Drag and drop feature is not supported. Drag and drop feature is supported.
It is less expensive. It is more expensive.
During recording, there is no error checking. During recording, there is error checking.
Users cannot record data and format them together. Users can record data and format it together.
More risk of error and interference. Less risk of error and interference.
Write-once. Write many times.
Single and dual-layer. Single-single layer only. (Dual layers were available sooner.)
Almost all DVD players are capable of playing DVD-R content. Almost all DVD players are capable of playing DVD+R content.
• 8.5GB for dual-layer discs.
• 488 MB for single-layer discs.
• 8.5GB for dual-layer discs.
• 4488 MB for single-layer discs.
DVD Forum. DVD+RW Alliance.

Technical Standard

The DVD Forum, an organization established by Time and Warner, Mitsubishi, Sony, Hitachi, and Panasonic, has formally certified the DVD-R format created by Pioneer. With the help of their DVD+RW Alliance, Sony and Philips created DVD+R.

The standard technical difference mainly concerns how a file is encoded and written and how the two DVD formats locate the laser beam on the disc. The tiny markings that run down the grooves in the DVD-R discs determine where the laser will be located. However, when the laser processes the disc outside, DVD+R monitors the wobbling frequency.


Nearly all DVD players are capable of playing both formats. Since DVD-R/RW was created before DVD+R/W, it is more compatible, especially with older DVD players. On the other hand, DVD+R has embraced more cutting-edge technology while pursuing stability, making DVD+R more adept at handling recently-emerging issues.

However, due to the built-in default management, native formatting, and writing mechanism of DVD recorders, the distinctions between DVD+R vs. DVD-R are clear regarding DVD recorders

Burning Quality

When backing up a DVD, although some technical differences between DVD-R vs. DVD+R may need to be clarified, +R performs better than -R in several ways. For instance, DVD+R/RW outperforms DVD-R/RW in terms of recording quality and speed. You can burn DVDs on Windows and other operating systems more correctly at faster rates because the technology utilized by the +R format for tracking and speed control is less prone to interference and error. Also, the error-management mechanism on DVD+R/RW is more potent than on DVD-R/RW.


There is little pricing difference between DVD+R and DVD-R these days; DVD-R discs are often less expensive than DVD+R ones. Both formats support the dual-layer, there are fewer dual-layer DVD-R discs on the market than DVD, and even if there is enough storage capacity, you cannot burn more data onto them. The DVD+R format, on the other hand, makes it simple to burn DVDs in bulk. If you don't finish the burning process, you may burn the DVDs later as long as there's sufficient storage space.

Even though DVD-R and DVD+R were developed by different organizations and used various technologies and methods, the distinction between the two needs to be revised as technology advances. Most DVD players now accommodate both DVD-R and DVD+R discs and are hybrid. However, before purchasing a DVD-R or DVD+R disc, you should ensure that your DVD recorder can play that format.

Part 3. How to Change Between DVD-R and DVD+R

After learning the difference between DVD-R and DVD+R, you can use the leading DVD creator program to change DVD-R and DVD+R formats.

AnyMP4 DVD Creator can burn downloaded and recorded videos from your computer and transfer them to various types, including DVD-R, DVD+R, DVD-5, DVD-9, DVD-DL, etc. Then, play them on a DVD player. Also, with this program, you can create menu templates and customize them as you desire. What's best about this program is that it enables users to add audio tracks, chapters, and subtitles to DVDs.

1. Click the DVD disc as your disc type. Then, click the Add Media Files button to import the video file you want to write on the blank disc.

Free Download For Windows

Secure Download

Free Download For macOS

Secure Download

2. Click the DVD disc as your disc type. Then, click the Add Media Files button to import the video file you want to write on the blank disc.

Add Media on the DVD Creator

3. After loading the file, you can modify each file by clicking the Power Tools button. You can edit video, audio, subtitle, trim, merge, etc.

Select the Power Tools on the DVD Creator

4. Afterward, Click the Next button to continue. Click the Menu Template tab to select your desired template. Also, you can customize your own by going to the Custom Template.

Choose A Menu Template on the DVD Creator

5. Next, click the Burn button to proceed. In this section, click the Start button to start writing the files to your blank DVD R.

Choose A Menu Template on the DVD Creator

Note: DVD-R and DVD+R are write-once formats, while DVD-RW and DVD+RW are rewritable. Yet, AnyMP4 DVD Creator cannot erase the content of the discs. It only supports replacing with writing new content.

Part 4: FAQs about DVD-R and DVD+R

1. Can a DVD R play music?

Absolutely NO! You cannot use the DVD-R and DVD+R discs for music. Otherwise, use CD-R or CD+R for music.

2. What is the size of a DVD-R?

The DVD-R capacity is 4.7GB, a write-once recording format that allows compatibility with computer DVD-ROM and stand-alone DVD players.

3. Can I put more than 120 minutes on DVD-R?

It depends on the video compression you use and the quality of the video. Suppose you want higher qualities and need more than that. It is suggested to use a DVD disc. Even if your DVD disc is not enough in the capacity of storing the movies, you can compress videos first, and then burn DVDs.


In this post, we introduced the DVD-R vs. DVD+R. Before you transfer files from them, it is best to learn the distinctions and comparisons between them. No matter if you want to create a DVD+R, a DVD-R, a DVD+RW, or a DVD-RW, you will need a reliable program, such as AnyMP4 DVD Creator. For any related topic, leave a comment below.

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